5 Ways To Hack A Mobile Phone Without Any Software

In today’s time, most people are using smartphones. There are hardly any people who don’t own a smartphone.

Kids as well as adults use this technology for day to communication as well as using the internet. As most of the kids are attending online schools, they use mobile phones.

It helps them to attend online lectures, complete projects, and assignments. It also helps them to give tests and exams.

Adults use a smartphone for communication and entertainment. Nowadays, you can do almost anything on the phone. You can use social media, make calls, send messages, watch movies, take pictures, etc.

As most people are using smartphones, the number of online crimes is increasing. Cybercriminals are targeting people who are using phones.

Because of this reason, you need to hack phones. If your kids are using smartphones, you need to hack their phones.

There are many different ways by which you can easily hack a phone. The most common method is using hacking software. But if you don’t want to use hacking software, you can use other methods of hacking as well.

Hack A Phone
Hack A Phone

Five Ways to Hack A Phone

You will find different ways to hack a smartphone. It will help you to monitor your kids as well as your partner. You can either use hacking software or traditional hacking methods. If you don’t want to use any software, you can still use various methods to hack a phone. Here are some of the methods by which you can easily hack a phone.

#1. Hacking App

Hacking App
Hacking App

You can also use this method to hack a phone. This is by far the best method for hacking any type of phone. Most people use this app such as TheTruthSpy Hacking App for hacking. In this method, you need to use the hacking software. It is specially developed for hacking phones. You can use it with any type of phone. This app helps you to hack calls, messages, location, media, browsing history, social media, emails, etc.

3 Easy Steps to Hack A Phone

  • Step 1: To use this method, you need to set up a connection as well. You need to connect the app with the phone at android.thetruthspy.com.
  • Step 2: Apart from that, you need to register your account.
  • Step 3: Once it is done, you can easily hack the phone.

#2. Brute Force Attack

Brute Force Attack
Brute Force Attack

This is the best and the easiest method you can use to hack a phone. You don’t need to use any software in this method. It is an offline hacking method. When there was no hacking apps and software, people used to rely on this method. In this method, you don’t need to use any tool. It is the simplest hacking method. Before you try any other method, you need to use this one. You don’t need any skills or experience to use this method. In this hacking method, you need to guess the phone lock password and secretly open the phone. As there are different lock options, this method is hardly successful.

If a person is using a face lock, you can easily unlock the phone. You can also open the lock with their fingerprint when they are sleeping. If someone is using a pattern, pin, or password, you need secretly keep an eye on them when they enter the password. Once they enter it, you can use it for hacking. Although it is an effective hacking method, you will get limited time to check the phone.

You can learn more about “How to unlock on Android phone” at:

#3. Google Account

Google Account
Google Account

This is another method you can use to hack a phone. In this method, you don’t have to use any software or tool. It is an online hacking method in which you need to take advantage of the Google Account. This method is only applicable for android phones and tablets. You can use it for hacking any other type of phone. It is a free hacking method. As all the android phones need to be linked to a Google Account to use the services, you can use it for hacking. If you know the credentials of the Google Account, you can easily hack the android phone. Once you know the account credentials, you can use your desktop and open Google Account. You need to enter the password to log in. Now, you can hack many phone activities.

You can check the contacts, phone location, emails, multimedia, etc. You can also use it for hacking social media. If the phone is not linked to any Google Account, this method will not work.

You can learn more about ” Backup or Restore Data from Google Account” at https://support.google.com/android/answer/2819582?hl=en.

#4. iCloud Account

iCloud Account
iCloud Account

You can also use this method for hacking a phone. This method works only for iPhone and iPad. You cannot hack any other type of phone with this method. You don’t have to use any software with this method. This is the easiest and simplest method of hacking. If you want to hack an iPhone without software, this method is perfect. This method is free to use. You don’t have to pay any charges to use it. The only thing you need is the person’s iCloud credentials. If you don’t know the password, you cannot use this method. To use this method, you just need to access iCloud from your tablet or desktop at icloud.com.

After that, you need to enter the iCloud credentials. As the iPhone is linked with the account, you can hack all the activities like call logs, contacts, location, emails, multimedia, browsing history, messages, social media, etc. If the phone is not linked with the cloud account, this method will not work.

#5. Malicious Link

Malicious Link
Malicious Link

It is one of the most underrated hacking methods. With this method, you can easily hack a phone without the software. Instead, you have to use a malicious link (example: https://github.com/topics/malicious-url) to hack the phone. You can hack any type of phone with this method. You just need to send a malicious link on the phone via SMS or email. When the person clicks on the link, it will automatically download an app on the phone. The person will not come to know about it. Now, you can use the app as a Trojan horse to retrieve all the information from the phone.


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