Facebook Hacker: 10 Ways to Free Hack Facebook from Other PC & Mobile

Facebook Hacker: Get the best 10 Ways to Free Hack Facebook from Other PC and Mobile

Do you wish to hack someone’s Facebook account but do not know the exact procedure to do so? If yes, then don’t get worried and tense yourself, as nowadays there are thousands of hacking tools and apps available online. This article solely focuses on Facebook Hacker: 10 Ways to Free Hack Facebook from Other PC and Mobile, and gives you a broader view so that you too can hack a suspicious person Facebook account. The modern day technology provides numerous benefits to the customers and you too can have the same on your plate, just keep reading this valuable article.

Facebook Hacker: Get the best 10 Ways to Free Hack Facebook from Other PC and Mobile
Facebook Hacker: Get the best 10 Ways to Free Hack Facebook from Other PC and Mobile

The technology has developed rapidly and is increasing daily along with it amazing and cool social networking applications come into existence. These different sorts of social media profile seem to be helpful when one wishes to stay connected with friends and relative and family members. Using these applications, you can share videos, images, text even important documents with your friends and other personnel around the globe. Out there, millions of people who deliberately want to hack or spy on someone Facebook without any knowledge of it, remain in search of a good and precise hacking tool.

Therefore, you get to know about all of the relevant information regarding Facebook hacker tools from this article. Before you leap onto it, have you ever imagined on whom all you can use the hacking tool? Surely not, you can use it to on your kid, lovely spouse who ensure you that she/he loves you the most as well as on employees who can secretly pass company information to the rivals underneath your nose. The spying app enables you to get precise evidence on which you can see whether your prior doubt on your kid, employee or spouse is correct or not.

10 Ways to Free Hack Facebook from Other PC and Mobile

If you ever thought of monitoring your friends, kids, dear ones even employees, who chat regularly not only in your presence but also in absence, you can use apps that are available online. Monitoring on suspect becomes easy and simple using the hacking tools and apps even if do not have any knowledge about hacking. It is a fact that the entire spying Facebook app may have different pros, features, requirements, characteristics, and installation process. That is why you do not get stuck with it; the article entails ten ways to hack someone Facebook account from a mobile phone or other PC.

Using these apps you will be able to monitor all the activities which get performed by the employee or kid on their iPad or iPhone or other IOS device. Being a parent you will never stop worrying about your child online existence on the internet or social media but after using the app you can minimize some of them.



Way 1: TheTruthSpy

Way 1: TheTruthSpy
Way 1: TheTruthSpy

If you wish to hack someone Facebook account remotely, then TheTruthSpy is one of the most reliable and recommended spying app. It is well known as an advanced featured spying app in the market that is used to hack Facebook text messages. You can even use the app to trace messages of WhatsApp, calls, etc. One of the best features of it is the GPS current location tracking feature. The targeted person will never be able to identify that someone is hacking their Facebook text messages it makes use of versatile dashboard. You can use this best protector app on your Kid Facebook account to protect the relationship from awful and inappropriate content and internet crimes.


  • Not only Facebook any of the social media apps can be easily hacked like the Viber, WhatsApp, etc
  • You will be able to trace the outgoing and incoming calls including messages of the targeted person with time duration and name
  • You will be able to check search engine browser history and see the website that has been visited by the targeted person
  • Tracking of the current location of the targeted person is also possible

Way 2: GuestSpy

Way 2: GuestSpy
Way 2: GuestSpy

Website: https://guestspy.com/facebook-hack/

One of the awesome hacking business app available on the internet is the GuestSpy app. You can hack Facebook password easily using the app. The app is all easy to download and install on the suspect mobile phone or iPad or any other device.


  • The app performs extremely fast
  • You can download and install the app on PC
  • It can be used on Android devices, PC, windows, IOS
  • The results offered by the keylogger app are accurate

Way 3: NetSpy

Way 3: NetSpy
Way 3: NetSpy

Website: https://www.netspy.net

NetSpy is used worldwide for a number of reasons to hack Facebook account which are precisely been mentioned below-

Control panel- the parental control option allows the parents to secure their adolescent kid from awful and inappropriate content available on the internet.

Employee monitoring– In the world of spying, NetSpy is considered a leading employee monitoring app.

Catch cheating spouse- The app is considered one of the finest and best-catching spouse app as it has lots of innovate features which makes working with it easier.


The biggest advantage of this app is that it not only allows you to hack someone Facebook password but also enables tracing of calls, monitor internet activities, GPS tracking location, Key logger, remotely control, record apps usage, record SMS message, and support options.

Way 4: PhoneSpying

Website: https://www.phonespying.com

The PhoneSpying hacking app is one among the popular spying app that has already satisfied many of the users. All you need to do is register yourself on the app by confirming login details.


  • You will be able to trace not only the Facebook text message but also other social media posts in real time
  • Key logger feature in this app is also available

Way 5: Free Phone Tracker

Website: https://phonetracking.net

Free Phone Tracker is a renowned Facebook hacking app that has similar characteristics and features just like the other hacking app but with a little difference. You get some additional features along with it. All you need to do is install after downloading the Free Phone Tracker mobile app, then log in to the account by selecting the Facebook option and start spying on messages of the suspect.


  • You will be able to track social media sites like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, etc
  • It is highly compatible with iOS device and Android device
  • You can also make use of the GPS tracking feature

Way 6: Facebook Password Finder

Website: https://www.faceaccess.net

A popular and famous hacking tool to fetch all the text messages on the suspect Facebook account is known as the Facebook Password Finder. Just download it simply and install the app on targeted person PC, allow the downloading process to get executed


  • The dashboard and control panel of the Facebook Password Finder are all user-friendly and it serves you best after you have downloaded and installed it
  • You can even hack suspect Facebook account if the suspect email address is known

Way 7: Mobile Spy

Website: http://www.mobile-spy.com

You will get amazing and cool features in this hacker application that enables recording and tracking of the calls of suspect easier. You can manage suspect incoming as well as outgoing calls along with the internet usage. Recording and tracking of the Facebook and SMS text messages using this app are also possible. You can use it on android device and iPhone device easily.


  • All social media profile accounts can be hacked precisely with accurate results
  • GPS location tracking option enables you to get the current location of the suspect
  • Recording of messages and calls is possible using the app

Way 8: Facebook account hacker

Website: https://facebookhacken.de/fb-hack.php

Fetching someone personal details along with Facebook text messages now can be done using the Facebook account hacker. You can download and install hacker app on mobile and other PC to track suspect activities.


  • Easy to use and fast
  • Facebook account hacker just need username of the suspect
  • The user interface and dashboard is very simple

Way 9: Android monitor app

Website: https://www.androidmonitor.com

A user-friendly app that is all easy to install and download on the PC is AndroidMonitor app. The device on which it gets operated must be an Android operating system to target suspect.


  • Facebook account hacking require few steps
  • Easy to install and use

Way 10: Appmia Hacking tool

Website: https://appmia.com

If you wish to hack social media account along with the Facebook account of the suspect, then you should make use of the Appmia Hacking tool app. The feature and interface provided in this app allow the user to use it with no internet connection.


  • Easy and simple steps so as to hack social media account
  • You can use it if you do not have an internet connection too


The following article has accurately mentioned the top ten hacking apps that make spying on the Facebook text messages, post, and other activities simpler. The pros will enable you to select a good and precise hacking app as per your requirement and need but TheTruthSpy App is one of the most recommended apps. Just visit the official website of the hacking app and download TheTruthSpy app on the PC or mobile.


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