Best Spy Voice Recorder

Which is the Best Spy Voice Recorder for spying

People come and go from our life but few of them stay with us and we get into a relationship with them. But sometimes those few also try to cheat on us or plans to have extra affair with many other people. In those times you have to take some desperate measures because no matter how much we love someone but if they do not love or worst cheat us. Then it is our time to take desperate measures by spying on them. If you are also planning to spy on someone for any of the reason be it mentioned above or not we want you to introduce you to the best spy voice recorder.

Which is the Best Spy Voice Recorder for spying
Which is the Best Spy Voice Recorder for spying

The best spy voice recorder in the market is TheTruthSpy which is used widely all around the globe. There are several advantages of monitoring or spying on your families or close one’s phone, some of which are given below to read-

Protect them if they are in danger

Sometimes your kids or loved ones misbehave with you, this is something which you will take easily and consider that the other person is not loyal or hate you! But the reality is something different which you even don’t know if you do not make use of the spyware. This hidden truth could be that your kid/ love are asked to misbehave you. Yes, it is true blackmailing is something which will make a person do anything they desire.

Your kids/love may have the fear to lose you or your family members so they will try to avoid you by misbehaving you so that the blackmailer does not harm you. If something like this is happening between you and your kid then you can get an answer and solve the mystery by using TheTruthSpy. This will help you to protect your child from a blackmailer and again you and your family will be able to live happily.

The best Best Spy Voice Recorder TheTruthSpy App

The best Best Spy Voice Recorder TheTruthSpy App
The best Best Spy Voice Recorder TheTruthSpy App

In the workplace, you have both loyal and cheaters but who is a cheater and who is faithful to how will you get to know? The answer is to use TheTruthSpy! Yes, make a recording of the calls made by your employees outside the office. They may cheat you and talk to your competitors and share important information about your company. This leakage of your company’s important project may cause great harm as your competitors will throw you out of the league.

By using TheTruthSpy you will be able to know which employee is cheating on you and helping competitors. When you come to know the truth you can take necessary or strict action towards that particular employee and save the future of your company.

So, did you get it that how useful is the TheTruthSpy? Now, that you had understood the benefits of TheTruthSpy let me introduce you its amazing features.

  • Voice call recording the target mobile phone whenever makes a voice call through his/ her mobile recording of the conversation will take automatically start and it will be uploaded to your user panel. This voice call recording can be heard by you from your user panel once you log in. this recording can be further saved if you want.
  • GPS tracking when the target mobile user moves from one place to another then you will be notified and his activities will be noted and all the information will be delivered to your user panel. You can view the motion of the user on the map and know where he is at present. The date, as well as timestamp, will also be displayed on the map. The GPS tracker will record all the activities and send it to your phone.
  • Ambient listening this feature is available only in TheTruthSpy. When the target person is inside his/ her room and you are somewhere out at that time you can hear the voices of the surrounding of the target phone. To make use of the feature ambient listen it is necessary for you to have an internet connection. You can make the hidden call on victim phone and the call is received automatically. After which you will get to know is happening in the room.
  • Spy on social sites- social media accounts like the Facebook accounts, Instagram accounts and many more will be hacked by you using TheTruthSpy. When you hack the account of target person then you will get the entire chat history, chat messages as well as other activities information to view on your user panel. Recording of the person’s activity on social media will be sent to you.
  • Spy on multimedia when a person records a video or clicks the photography it is notified to you and you are given the copy of those multimedia files to view in your panel. The date and time stamp size of the pictures and collection or file name in which it is present will be displayed in your user panel. Also, the deleted multimedia files can be viewed by you using TheTruthSpy.
  • Spy on app usage- what are the most as well as least used apps on the target phone can be known using this feature. This feature lets you know when a particular app was used last time. If you see certain apps which are useless or addictive are used by your kids or loved ones then stop them from using it. Now, you may ask how? You can stop them from wasting time on those apps by blocking them.

There are many more features like spying on SMS, messengers and browser history in TheTruthSpy. You can get information about each feature on Also, you can download this spyware from the link given. You are not asked to pay charges or fees while download and it is free of cost. It is safe for your device too as it does not have the virus. Spyware also allows you to take a free trial so that you can know how it functions and what does it offers! So, let your relationship become stronger with TheTruthSpy.


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