8 Best Free Parental Control Apps for Android

Eight known Best Free Parental Control Apps for Android in 2019

It is a fact that kids access digital platform frequently compared to people of other generation in the past few years. Whether it is television, laptop, tablet, computer or Smartphone, kids and teenagers are the only ones that are addicted to it. Today, everyone is exposed to digital technology and familiar with the benefits of it, that’s why you can see even a two-year-old boy/girl knows how to operate Smartphone’s well. An average man could hardly think of operating it due to a busy schedule. This is where kids and teenagers ace devices.

Eight known Best Free Parental Control Apps for Android in 2019
Eight known Best Free Parental Control Apps for Android in 2019

You as a responsible parent need to take care of your kid so as to protect him or her from awful activities and hackers too. How you will do that? You need to read the article that permits you to know eight best and free parental control apps for Android in 2019. Social media is full of platforms that not only offers reliable services but also has a numerous number of benefits. All the social media applications are made and created for good of people, but now most of the people are using it to fulfill their illegal needs.

People do abusive things such as sex-texting, watching porn videos and blackmailing people for a huge sum of money. So, it is best to get a parental control tracking application so as to safeguard your kid before anything worse happens to them. A lot of parents worry regarding kids career when they get to see their kid chat and talk to their friends without bothering about the time. This raises certain issues and parents think in a different way.

This gives rise to a list of tracking applications so as to support parents via parental control application. Today, the article enlists top 8 parental control apps specially designed for Android 2019.

What is parental control?

Parental control applications are similar to a normal application but with a slight difference, they are specially meant for child care. No matter whether your kid own computer, iPhone or android, the parental control applications offers the remote accessing option to the users. This implies you will be able to manage all the features, control kid’s device, and block other sites too. This ensures kids safety in this digital world.

What kind of tracking applications parents may use depends on the features offered by the respective application! However, you will be able to pick up the right tracking applications, by going through a variety of features offered by the spying apps. Still confused! For example, TheTruthSpy App enables you to monitor internet activity on kid’s device. The features will dig information from browser history, websites visited and downloading of the history.

Certain application present on the kid device can be blocked using professional service providers. The professional app allows you to set up a customized timing that decides what amount of time the kid will spend on that site. Accessing of awful and inappropriate apps can be limited or banned forever by the parents.

Is there anything special about the parental control app? Yes! You will be able to monitor the GPS location of the suspect in real time; with the accurate location you will be able to view the suspect favorite location. Moreover, you can clarify your doubt whether your kid is playing card games with their friends instead of studying for the next exam. The geo-fencing feature allows you to set up powerful grids that send a notification when anything awful happens with your kid.

With some of the added abilities, you will be able to monitor phone calls, social media messages, saved contacts, text messages, using parental control option in this modern age.

8 best and free parental control apps for Android in 2019-

In order to go with the correct tools, you need to analysis the parental control apps that are mentioned here. All the features are mentioned here, so as to get a reliable service.

1#- TheTruthSpy

1#- TheTruthSpy
1#- TheTruthSpy

This application is used not only to monitor kid’s activities but also to manage them in case-parent find something awful. Getting engaged with this application is easier and the reward system makes it a highly useful app among the users. Download it:

For Android: https://app.thetruthspy.com

For iPhone: https://thetruthspy.com/installation-guide-idevice-iphone-ipad-ipod-touch-os/


  • The installation process takes five minutes
  • Setting up of custom schedules
  • Remote accessing of the messages and features

2#- AppSpy parental control

2#- AppSpy parental control
2#- AppSpy parental control

Website: https://appspy.net/parental-control-software/

The most famous and renowned control application is known as AppSpy parental control application. The developer solely emphasizes on offering a clear interface for easy tracking. You can straightaway pick up all the activities of your kids. In addition to this, powerful features for effective monitoring is possible. Accessing the comprehensive system is absolutely possible.


  • Restrict screen time and easy monitoring
  • Track SMS messages and calls
  • Monitor entire social media activities
  • Real-time tracking of location is possible using the panic button
  • Blocking of all the inappropriate online activities is possible automatically
  • It supports iOS, Android, Mac OS, window other than android

3#- FamiSafe kid control app

3#- FamiSafe kid control app
3#- FamiSafe kid control app

Website: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wondershare.famisafe&hl=en

It is the best and reliable parental control app which is at the peak of the industry. It is best known as a recent newcomer. The whole market is waving due to its powerful service offerings. You can get a free trial version of this app with a full range of features and services. It also promises to keep all of its services without breaking any norms and policies. It is the only parental control app that can solve all of your problems at your fingertip without going for any other app.


  • Screen time control
  • Web filtering and app blocker
  • Geo-fencing and location tracking
  • Web filtering
  • Setting up of smart parental control option
  • It supports both androids as well as its devices.

4#- Kaspersky safe kids

A tracking application that is the leader of the entire tracking app is Kaspersky safe kids. Safe kid version is preinstalled into the app so as to monitor all of the digital platform activities. The powerful features allow users to monitor well via a comprehensive report system.


  • Track SMS messages and all the calls
  • Restrict screen timing and monitoring
  • All social media happening gets monitored
  • Using the panic button GPS location tracking is possible in real time
  • Inappropriate and awful material present on the internet can be automatically blocked
  • Other than Android, it supports iOS, Mac OS, and nook as well

5#- GuestSpy android control

When it comes to offering an “ultimate parental control application”, GuestSpy is at the topmost position. GuestSpy take pride in offering innovative and interesting features to their users. Once the application gets preinstalled on your device, it provides outstanding and groundbreaking customer service for easy monitoring. Your child activities get tracked regardless of the fact where they wander around the streets. The application is easy to handle and the powerful software makes the daunting task easier.


  • You will be able to view the entire contact list, SMS messages and all the calls on your device.
  • Viewing of all the messages remotely is possible
  • You will be able to monitor all the photos, videos and music shared on the social video
  • Geo-fencing capabilities make the real-time tracking possible
  • The price of GuestSpy is low and it works awesomely on android, iOS, and mac

6#- Net Nanny

Are you in search of popular control application that is solely designed for the parents? Then Net nanny is the best and topmost app present in front of you. Since the software developed by professional is powerful and reliable; the internet management is easier with responsible feature offering. It would be worth noting that clients, who invest in this application, allow choosing separate packages as per their choice. Not only android device but Windows, Mac OS, and ios work well with it.


  • Customer notifications and alert
  • Control the suspect device remotely
  • Complete internet filter
  • App time management and screen restriction is possible
  • Online content blocking is possible automatically

7#- Norton parental control

One of the leading and famous brands in the spying industry till date is Norton parental control application. It is also known as the family of all multi-device apps. You will be provided with tools that makes spying or tracking of suspect cell phone easier. If you wish to know why it is so famous and leading in the industry then you need to visit the official website.


  • Setting up of an online search keyword is possible
  • You will be able to absorb data from social media sites
  • Protection of all the personal information related to the kid is possible
  • Track all the messages and calls held from suspect device
  • Online web time supervision is allowed

8#- Screen time limit kidCrono

If you are seeking for a parental control application that got a build or developed especially for Android users, then screen time limit kidCrono is for you. The app teaches you how you can monitor kid’s activities easily without acquiring any knowledge online. The limit screen option is provided so as to put a barrier on the sites that got visited by the kid mostly.


  • You can stay off devices
  • Complete screen control starting from the swap, pause, start, and schedule option is available
  • Feature editing warning is given to the users


These are the eight best and free parental control application specially designed for Android in 2019.


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