Best Alternative to Refog Keylogger

What is the finest Alternative to Refog Keylogger

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Do you know what is Refog Keylogger? If not then let me tell you about it! Refog Keylogger is the monitoring or spying software which can keep track of the text typed, pasted or selected on a phone or PC. People make use of this software to know what the activities are done on mobile by their child. But since the competitors have developed other spying apps which are far better than Refog Keylogger its use at present has declined. One such new spying software is TheTruthSpy which is used widely these days. It is the best alternative to Refog Keylogger and offers the user several fantastic spying features.

What is the finest Alternative to Refog Keylogger
What is the finest Alternative to Refog Keylogger

In my article, I have discussed what TheTruthSpy is and how it works to offer professional spying experience. First, let’s know what is TheTruthSpy? TheTruthSpy is the spying software or parental control software which is currently used in different parts of the world so as to spy on kids, spouse or employees by parents, and employers. This spyware is rated very high and it has a number of positive reviews which had made it best monitoring software worldwide.

How to monitor using TheTruthSpy

How to monitor using TheTruthSpy
How to monitor using TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is known and popular for its easy functions. There is no complex or tough steps involved to use this software. Also, hacking or spying on anyone’s phone is much easier and takes only a few minutes. To use this spyware to hack someone phone you will need to go to the link- From there you need to select on download option for downloading this spyware on your mobile. Once you download and install this spyware after this there will be an option of login or sign up will appear, you need to sign up to TheTruthSpy for using the control panel and spying the target phone.

When you will sign up you will be asked to create the username and the password and enter the email ID. You have to fill the information and remember the entered details. You can log in anytime using the user ID and the password you created. If in case you forget the password just go on the forget password option. When you will log in to the control panel then you will be recorded and control the activities of the children or target mobile.

In the control panel you will get several features some of which are discussed below, please read-

See the location of the phone

This feature is also known as the GPS tracker with the use of this feature user is able to get the real-time location of the target mobile. When you will locate the target mobile on the map then you will get to know where the person present is and what he is doing and where he is traveling next. When the target mobile move from one place to another then this information will be easily seen on the map.

Live Call recording

This is a fantastic feature which is offered in the limited spyware. This feature is used by the user if they want to record the call from a particular number. You can set live call recording feature for the numbers and when the call is received or made to that number you will be notified and then recording will be made which will be uploaded to your control panel as soon as the call ends. You can hear the conversation clearly between the unknown person as well as the target person.

Ambient listening

This is one of the most unique as well as a useful feature offered by TheTruthSpy spyware. One can use this feature whenever the conversation of the victim is taking place inside the room which is locked. To use this feature you need to make the hidden call on the target device using the ambient listening feature and the cal will be auto received on target mobile. Thus, you will be able to hear the conversation occurring inside the locked room.

Browser history spy

Whenever the target person browses something on his/her mobile then you will be notified and the list of the browser history will be uploaded to your control panel. You can see the recently deleted, viewed or visited links/ websites. Also, the bookmarks, favorites and saved pages will be shown to you. You can also get the download history.

Application blocking feature

Parents who are disturbed by the child’s cell phone usage can use this feature to block those apps on kids mobile which are used recently or excessively. These apps can be the gaming app or the messaging apps. You can go in the control panel and first check which apps are used most then select on those apps which apps which you want to block and click on the block option to restrict its usage. Even if the child uninstalls and tries to use it again then also, he/she will never be able to use it until you allow them.

WhatsApp Spy

Spying on WhatsApp which is something which all the parents want to do, isn’t it? This feature of TheTruthSpy is excellent if you are interested in watching the WhatsApp content of the target mobile. WhatsApp number, entire chat, deleted ones too and the people with whom chat is done are some of the details which you will come to know by using the WhatsApp spy feature.


I hope that you have now, decided to use this alternative to Refog Keylogger. The Truthspy is the best not only because of this feature but also because it really works and sorts out all the problems, doubts, and fights. It is a real life saver for your kids and family. So, if you are interested in saving and giving little more care to your child then make use of this spyware. It lets you get amazing spy experience and make you aware of each little activities of your child do on his/ her smartphone. So, start using it today!


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