6 Ways to Hack WiFi Password on Android

Get the best 6 Ways to Hack someone’s WiFi Password on Android

In the past few years, there has been the greatest advancement taken place in the technology that has made the work of human easier than before. One such invention was the internet that helps users to easily get the information about anything or anyone. Today, everyone needs internet for different purposes and if those who do not have internet takes the help of WiFi. It is an amazing thing that helps internet users https://app.thetruthspy.comto freely and easily use the internet. But, sometimes people who have WiFi connection in their home use passwords so that no other person or third party can use it.

Get the best 6 Ways to Hack someone's WiFi Password on Android
Get the best 6 Ways to Hack someone’s WiFi Password on Android

Luckily, where on one hand technology has introduced internet, there on another hand new ways and applications are invented that allows one to easily hack someone’s WiFi password without them knowing. These ways and applications or software is used by hackers or even common people to hack the WiFi password and use internet easily as they can. If you are also interested to know about those ways, then continue reading this article and know the best 6 ways to hack someone’s WiFi password on android.

Top 6 easy yet important ways to hack someone’s WiFi password:

1# TheTruthSpy

1# TheTruthSpy
1# TheTruthSpy

A highly efficient and innovative application that helps users to easily hack WiFi password is TheTruthSpy. With this amazing application spying, someone’s password becomes easier. It is easy to use and offer its users various amazing benefits and features. Furthermore, it is widely used by parents and spouse to track the details of their children and partners that they perform using their android phone. With this application tracking and monitoring, someone’s activities become simple and its keylogging feature helps you to crack and hack the WiFi password.

To use this application, you have to follow the below-given steps that are:

  1. Download and install this application- to use this application you first have to download this from its official website that is https://app.thetruthspy.com here you will get all the necessary details about this application. Now when the downloading process is completed you can start the installation process which merely takes a few minutes.
  2. Set up the app- now, you have to set this application on the target person’s phone. While setting up this application you have to create an account that required an email address and password. The same process is followed when you download and install it on your device.
  3. Login and start hacking– when the above two processes are completed you can log in to your newly created account and choose the device that you wish to track. Now, you can choose the information that you want to hack. With its, keylogger feature you can hack the WiFi password of the target person.

So, these were the few steps that you have to follow to get the application working and hack someone’s WiFi password without target person knowing about it. It is an amazing application that offers its users amazing benefits while hacking the password that is:

  • Monitor calls details– with the help of this application you can easily monitor the activities of your children like with whom they are talking with. It helps you to monitor both incoming and outgoing calls with accurate date and time. Hence, you will be able to identify with whom your children or spouse is talking with.
  • Monitor the browsing history– being a concerned parent; it becomes important to provide our children with good morale and knowledge. But, what if in your absence your children are seeing malicious sites, then to make this thing clear you can use this spying application and monitor their browsing history and check whether they are using those sites or not.
  • Read messages and SMS– when your spouse is cheating and talking to someone else, it becomes important to know with whom they talk. If you are added to your spouse on different social networking sites they will use text messages to talk to someone else. If you want to read those messages and SMS then it is best to use this spying application. Thus, you will be able to read all the messages, chats and SMS.
  • Track the real-time location– this feature is widely used by parents and spouse to track the real-time location of their partners and children. When your children are out and you want to know where they are and with whom then it is best to use GPS location tracker as this will help you get the exact location of your children.
  • Record calls– if your spouse is cheating and you don’t have any proof to prove him/her wrong then start using this application. With it, you can easily record all the calls and voice messages that are sent and received by the spouse to someone else.
  • Listen to voice messages and calls– voices messages that are sent through different social media applications like hike, whatsapp and Snapchat are now audible to the third party with the help of this application. Yes, you can now listen to all the calls and voice messages that are sent and received by the victim.
  • Keylogger- the keylogging feature available on this application will help you to hack the password on any user’s phone. Nowadays, people who do not want that any other person should see their photos, messages and videos use security password. If you want to know what your children or spouse is hiding from you, you can crack their security password and fetch all the details from it.

With all these features tracking someone’s activity becomes easier than before.

2# WiFi password hack prank

This is another best way that can easily help you hack the WiFi password freely. It is easily available on Google play and it easily displays the WiFi password to family and friends. However, on the android phone, you can easily choose the WiFi network and then choose the hotspot or WiFi tethering. While you press the setting button, you can choose the WPA2, WPA, WEP etc. If you are android users, then it is important for you to select the WiFi WLAN mode so as to begin the approach so that you can easily hack the password. It merely takes 15 minutes for you to hack the WiFi password to be displayed on your screen.

3# WiFi password (Root)

This application is basically meant for the Android system that easily memorizes the WiFi password in the settings. However, it is not meant to distribute the password, but it works and easily displays the WiFi password on androids with discretion. The best and easiest way to use this application is to search the password and voluntarily share it with others. Whenever the password gets changed it is displayed on the application. Hence, we can say that it is an amazing application to hack the WiFi password on android.

4# Hack WiFi joker

It is an online hacking tool that basically scans the password and generates the wireless passwords. This application has enough capability to scan any of the nearby WiFi passwords that are available around the users. You can even choose a specific WiFi network that you want to hack. It is even meant for users to initiate a prank and sometimes not used as a hacking tool.

5# WiFi Chua

It is a hacking tool that was launched in the year 2016 as the upgraded version of Android WiFi temple. It consists of several amazing features that are added to it including 2 million Vietnam locations. You can use its off-line features so as to download things 24/7 free of cost. You can even find the free WiFi without using 2G or 4G. This application works within 63 Vietnam provinces, therefore, it is useful for local communities. Furthermore, it consists of powerful features that are better than the previous version.

6# Hacking WiFi prank

It is a new released WiFi password hacking tool released in 2016 that works with the same fundamentals and is meant for hacking the WiFi password. It is a security-free tool that will generate free WiFi password. You have to set this application and it will search for the nearby WiFi networks. However, Android users have the choice to choose a specific network and this application will hack the WiFi password and generate it on their device screen.


So, these were some of the most interesting yet useful WiFi password hacking ways that you can use to hack someone’s WiFi password without them knowing. However, you want to choose the best application out the top 6 ways then we would recommend you choose TheTruthSpy only. It is an amazing application that not only allows users to hack someone’s WiFi password but it even helps one to fetch all the details of the target person without them knowing. The application is easy to use and takes a few minutes to get downloaded. You can even use this application for different purposes and to hack other details as well.

So, start using TheTruthSpy now and enjoy the amazing features that are mentioned in the above-given article.


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