5 Ways to Track Lost Android Phone

Today uncountable tools have been introduced that are used by the potential hacker to do spy on their aimed person phone for own personal reasons. Not only that the people are using the cell phone for tracking own device if in case it is lost or stolen. Of course, losing the phone is the worst nightmare for one and it doesn’t matter whether it is android or iOS, many ways are there available for you.

5 Proven Vays to track a lost Android device
5 Proven Vays to track a lost Android device

5 Proven Vays to track a lost Android device

The tools available are providing the discreet way of monitoring the cell phone of others. Many circumstances have leaded people to depend upon such tools and use in their daily routine life. If you are in search of the best online ways to track lost android phone then you must read this post as it will cover the top 5 tracking tools for android. So, let us start with it.

1- TheTruthSpy app

1- TheTruthSpy app
1- TheTruthSpy app

This application is an internet-based application that is used for tracking a cell phone location and also for spying on all cellular actions. This app is designed for keeping parents updated with the children’s activities remotely. The app is showing greater companionability with all Smartphone that is running in Android and iOS. To get access to this app a user has to install the app into the target person’s phone and get full access to the monitored phone. With the location tracking service, one can easily do the tracking of the lost device easily. If one makes a call on the aimed device then you can easily access the call history with calling details. The app isn’t limited to the location tracking; there are many more amazing features it is offering that is making it a trustworthy and a right to use option. Parents can use the app to read out normal SMS, IM apps chat, hear live voice call recording and many more. Just get the app now and begin with the tracking process. Let us learn how to use it.

Follow the steps to use it for phone tracking

Setting up the user’s account- You have to step into the TheTruthSpy application homepage using URL address (https://my.thetruthspy.comand set up the user account. A user has to create the account using valid details like Username and password. You have to remember the sign-up details as it will help you in getting into the setup user account.

Download the appNow you have to download and install the app into own device at first and for that, you must undergo doing some sort of setting. Get into the setting part of your device and from there toggle on the option named unknown sources. Once done with that simply install it. Follow the same process into the target phone addition to hiding the app icon.

Provide target details- Now you have to provide the details of the target such as name, OS, number, etc to develop a very strong connection.

Log in and start tracking the android phone- Log in using the same details that you had used for creating and user account and get into the app online dashboard. There you will find the option named GPS location tracker, use that to track the location of the lost phone. If the phone is turned off you will get the last location of it.

Features that you can use

TheTruthSpy app is providing many amazing features that you can use remotely for monitoring any phone. Those features will work effectively at the device background and in the hidden mode you can do spy as long as you want. In fact, the target person will not get the idea of being traced. So let us see in detail all about the offered spy tool features.

GPS location tracker This is the best feature that you will get. It will provide you the details of location movements in the original time. You will get the location of the movements on the map that will help you to know all about the person’s and phone’s location accurately. A user can know where his or her target person is now and where was he/she earlier. Additionally, if you have misplaced or lost the phone or it has got stolen, the app will find it easily.

SMS spy SMS that you daily receive daily on your phone from various sources can be seen fully with all its details mainly the content and sender’s details.

Calls spyThe calls that are made or received from the target person’s phone will be spied in addition to doing the live call recording. You will get the details of all information of calls like the type of call, duration & frequency and most importantly callers’ details. Even if you find a call from an unwanted person, you can simply block it easily.

Live call recording With access to this, the live call recording can be done possibly. Even if you missed hearing the live call, don’t worry the call will be recorded and the file will be available at the app online dashboard. This is the best way of easily clearing the doubt if having on anybody.

Ambient voice recording This feature is used for getting the surrounding voice. You will easily come to know all that is happening at the surrounding of the target person’s phone.

Social media apps monitoring- It is designed and added to allow you to keep a full eye on the social media apps activities conducted by the target. The activities are done on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc will be spied fully. Thus the parents, the spouse will get the fair idea of their respective one’s behavior herein.

Reasons for using it

Compatible solution- The app is designed in such a way that it works on all leading operating systems like iPhone, android, blueberry, etc.

Works in hidden mode- The app functions highly effectively in hidden mode so that the target doesn’t get the idea of being spied by his hacker. Thus it is safer to use applications for all hackers.

2- FoneTracker

2- FoneTracker
2- FoneTracker

This is another best solution available for you to find the lost android phone. It helps you to easily track the location of it when stolen and moving continually. If you want to get the phone as soon as possible you can surely access FoneTracker app. All details of the phone location you will get on the app online dashboard. It is also having many spying features like call-messages spying, browser history spying, media files viewing, etc.

3- FreePhoneSpy

3- FreePhoneSpy
3- FreePhoneSpy

It is another trusted spyware that is widely used by android users to track the lost phone. The application is well known for its reliability and trustworthiness. In addition to the location tracking, you will get access to the whole cell phone by using the offered spying features. The app will work in the hidden mode for you and will collect all the details for you accurately.

4- XySpy

This application works perfectly and will provide you the details of the location of the android phone correctly. The application is working silently at the device background and will spy on all the activities done by the target as well. You will get many things to do from the app that will allow you to have a better user experience.

5- SpyZee

This is the last tool that also works in a better way to track the location of the lost device. In addition to that, you will get access to the target person calls, SMS, IM app chat, media files, etc. The app is having an online dashboard from where you can get all details.


So start using the spying tool and find out your lost phone soon.


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