5 Ways to Hack iPhone and Bypass Passcode Lock Screen
5 Ways to Hack iPhone and Bypass Passcode Lock Screen

Five Ways to hack on someone’s iPhone and Bypass Passcode Lock Screen

One of the latest and stylish smartphones launched by Apple recently is iPhone  before the remarkable and groundbreaking come up of iPhone X. however; there are lots of people out who wish to have an edge over some of the other cell phone. It is possible to hack iPhone  just by bypassing the screen lock so as to spy friends and family members. Yes, this article is a detailed sum up of all those questions. Here, I have shared five ways through which one can hack the iPhone. You can make use of the methods in order to unlock the iPhone  and have complete access over the suspect data or information.

Five Ways to hack on someone's iPhone and Bypass Passcode Lock Screen
Five Ways to hack on someone’s iPhone and Bypass Passcode Lock Screen

Why you need it

In order to explain this in detail, I have presented a guide below that assist you in knowing about why it becomes essential to hacking iPhone. Have a look over it-

  • Parents are your kid talking to a stranger you might don’t know about it? Is he or she constantly online? Then this sure signs he or she is hiding something. You can know it easily by the assistance of spying tool. The tool is designed and created in such a way that it can hack the suspect device within minutes. Parents can know all the whereabouts of the kid.
  • Partners is your spouse out? Do you with whom he or she is? If your answer is no, then you got to take the aid of spying tool and know all the truth. This way you can easily see what he or she actually do in your absence. Your spouse might cheat anytime so in order to figure it out, you gotta stand up and exercise the services of the hacking tool. The tool will bring out all the crucial information.
  • Employer the employer might don’t know employees feel relief in their absence; this can decrease productivity as they busy gossiping all around when they should be doing their work. have you ever experienced a decrease in profit? If yes then get the reason by it is so through the help of a hacking tool.

Out of the three categories, there could be other reasons to hack on iPhone as well. You can have your reason even if it didn’t match the above three. No matter what reason you have, you can fluently hack on the device.

Part 1: without any passcode, hack on iPhone

What does it mean to hack on someone’s cell phone? It basically means to have full control or access over someone’s device even in the locked state. It can easily capture data through the bypassing of the Passcode. It could be a risky task when it comes to doing that without any third party assistance. You can make use of a special and powerful hacking tool known as TheTruthSpy in order to monitor all device activities of the suspect.

Why TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is the best hacking tool that helps you in finding all online activities of the suspect iPhone . You can access this tool to hack on device activities of the suspect such as web browsing history, photos, text messages, call logs, videos. It will automatically get stored on the control panel. You were thus able to extract information from WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc in one touch, but make use you have a powerful internet connection.

How to get it

  • Step 1-you at first, have to land on authentic site of the TheTruthSpy. Hit the try now button. Now enter the password and valid address to signup of the page.
  • Step 2-the next step is to offer details of the suspect like his or her age, address, and phone number.
  • Step 3-the third step is to verify the account and connecting it
  • Step 4- you can successfully set up an account through linking the devices

Download TheTruthSpy for hacking iPhone at: https://thetruthspy.com/installation-guide-idevice-iphone-ipad-ipod-touch-os/

Part 2: use an emergency call to bypass iPhone passcode

Another iPhone hacking technique you need to be familiar with is using the emergency call technique. You can make use of this easiest method for hacking iPhone passcode. It allows you to bypass iPhone lock screen with n restoration of the device. Just follow given below steps-

  • Steps 1- go to lock screen after waking up the device
  • Step 2- hit the “emergency” option
  • Step 3- now type any of the random numbers and click on the call button
  • Step 4- now re-enter that number that you have typed before again and tap on cancel instead of calling
  • Step 5- now long press the home button

Part 3: use iTunes so as to reset the password

Another easiest method that can be exercised is the use of iTunes. One can utilize iTunes in order to bypass the code of suspect iPhone. It will clean up all the data. Follow the steps below to do that-

  • Step 1- first of all launch iTunes on your phone and hit the home button now connect the phone with USB cable
  • Step 2- let the itune to detect as well as recognize the phone and hit the restore iPhone button
  • Step 3- a confirmation message will pop up and hit the restore so as to revert iPhone to the default settings

Part 4: use iCloud in order to bypass device passcode

The individual can make use of iCloud in order to bypass device passcode and enable Find My iPhone button. You will be able to track lost data. The user can even erase the data from the device. just like the iTunes, you can delete device data even it is locked. Follow the steps below-

  • Step 1- open a browser and hit the official iCloud site
  • Step 2- now you are required to sign for the iCloud account
  • Step 3- sign up and hit the “all device” option on the browser
  • Step 4- you can use iCloud ID and pick the device type
  • Step 5- finally you gotta hit the “erase iPhone” button that would wipe all data

Part 5: use Siri to hack iPhone

The apple cell phone has a personal assistant known as Siri. It helps an individual to bypass code and hack the iPhone easily. this method can be particularly used so as to bypass code without the need to risk losing data or restoring data. Follow the steps below-

  • Step 1- home button must be pressed so as to activate Siri
  • Step 2- you will be displayed with Siri and just say “what’s the time”
  • Step 3- you now have to hit “+” icon present on the right corner
  • Step 4- now enter any of the characters
  • Step 5- copy the characters and share them through the sharing option
  • Step 6- now hit the “message” and then open it up
  • Step 7- paste the character and hit the “To”
  • Step – wait for seconds and hit the home button again and bypass the lock screen of the device


These are the five ways through which you can easily hack iPhone and you can easily bypass the lock screen. You don’t have to acquire any of the computer skill so as to hack on the iPhone device of your kid, spouse or employee. You can first try the basic version of the application and then get the premium version. This way you will have a long-lasting and enjoyable experience of the hacking tool. Don’t forget to use the greatest and biggest spying tool TheTruthSpy and have all the data from the suspect device at your fingertips. The data will be on your dashboard or control panel through which you can easily access it.


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