5 Ways to Spy on Text Messages Free Online

5 methods to spy Text Messages online for free

What is an SMS and phone spy app? Basically, it’s a question that most of the users use to ask when they come to know about this term. Well, it is a mobile spying tool or website or software which has features that allow you to spy on or track on different-different activities of the victim’s phone. This application simply collect or monitor the data of the victim’s phone. With that, it also relays all information directly to your devices and this you can do when you create an account on its platform. At present when you look at the online platform there you will get the numerous apps that offer spying services but it is not important that every platform perform the same activities as the first one do.

5 methods to spy Text Messages online for free
5 methods to spy Text Messages online for free

Every app has its one special feature which becomes the reason for its popularity. Some of the applications can easily keep the records of the calls and messages, emails and many another file of the target phone. In many of the applications, you will get the feature of tracking location not only that it ever show you the history of the locations where the target has visited. In shorts, these apps provide you effective and right way through which you can spy on the target text messages and can surveillance just like a boss do.

What can all apps do

Today, these spy apps not only do the text messages spying but with that, it can also do much more things at a time. The apps can now track out the location of the victim of present and of past too. With that, it can also block those calls which are not good. There is so many feature that these apps can do at a single time.

Benefits that a user get by using the mobile spy apps

There are numerous reasons because of which you’d want to spy on the working of someone’s phone. To understand it well let’s see some major reasons that gives birth to the spying:

Many concerned parents who need to know everything about their children they can make use of it and check out their child Smartphone activities. As you know today parenting become a complex task, it is not easy to do so, in fact, it becomes too hard when you have the teenager at home and for a job you have to stay away from your home. There you can come to know with whom they are talking and what kind of conversation takes places between them. Here with that help of this software, you can keep your eyes on your child activities.

The mobile spying apps are even beneficial for the employers these days. Here with this help, an employer can easily spy on the employee’s activities that they suppose to perform at the office hours. As you know many of the employee’s only use to past their time at the office instead of doing official work they use to text others and do many another working. Here you can also check who is the culprit that transferring the official data to other competitors of the market. These apps easily detect the leakage of the confidential data of the company.

If your suspect is your spouse here, then with these apps you could come to know whether your doubts are correct or just a myth of yours. The app tracks its messages and other calls details by going through you can easily get to know with whom they use to talk for long and what chat had taken place within past few days. Not only that, with the help of the GPS location you can easily track the location of the victim too.

These are possible reasons for which people make use of the spying tools.

Now we are going to show you some of the best spying apps that help you spying someone’s text messages free on cell phone:

#1 TheTruthSpy

#1 TheTruthSpy
#1 TheTruthSpy

As you know today the spying apps are in demand due to which several new companies have launched their spying platform. But it is not necessary that every site is best in its features and provide a better working platform to their users. For the best one you have to do search, at present when you look there you will get a name on the top that is TheTruthSpy App. this app contains numerous features that allow you not only to spy the text message but with that you can also spy the other activities of the Smartphone and get it recorded on the control panel.

Here when you make use of this app once then you can get every detail of the target phone text messages. Here what all you can do let’s see:

For free monitor on the mobile text messages

With the help of this application, a user can simply track the text message of someone’s for free and just by following simple steps of spying. Here you don’t have to pay a single sum for doing so. At the time of trail you can make use of it and in this period you can make use of this app for free up to 48 hours. Here if you are comforted with the trail section then you can look towards the packages.

Spy on the conversation or chat message

Through this app, you can easily get to know what messages sent or received by the victim phone. You will get the detail of every message on your control panel for free that you have created on the software at the time of beginning. On this platform, you will get the messages with appropriate date and time stamp which here you don’t need to peep into target phone just for seeing with whom they use of chat with for long.

Access to the whole conversation at the online text messages or SMS

With the help this app you can even read to the whole conversation by the help proper internet connection. Remember one thing the stable connection is really important for the proper working of this app. it gives an alert of every working that victim use to do in their smartphone.

Not only that, it also offers many more features like GEO fencing alert, spy text messages, Spying on messages and calls etc. its numerous features becomes the reason behind its growth in the market.

You can download TheTruthSpy:

– For Android: https://app.thetruthspy.com

– For iPhone: https://thetruthspy.com/installation-guide-idevice-iphone-ipad-ipod-touch-os/

#2 GuestSpy

#2 GuestSpy
#2 GuestSpy

Website: https://guestspy.com

This app is among the most famous app that uses to cut the edges of the utility apps. It is one of the simple and powerful apps, today it becomes the choice of almost every user. Thousands of users are using it for spying the text messages. Here this app doesn’t have any monthly fees. It features are also effective and useful to all.

#3 PhoneSpying

#3 PhoneSpying
#3 PhoneSpying

Website: https://www.phonespying.com

This is an app which can easily spy in the iPhone and Androids; here you can spy on the cell phone without taking it into your possession. It’s a great technology that offers the easy working ability to the users and in fact, it is really strong in comparison to the other different application. The working features are so many of this app that’s why after TheTruthSpy app many people prefers to go with this app.

#4 Auto Forward

Website: https://auto-forward.com

People who are looking for an app that helps to get the information of the tablets and other android phones then this app work for them in a good way? This app is really good and easy to use there is no complicated process involved that increase your trouble. in this operation of this app, there are not hard steps, on its official site you will get some easy steps that you have to follow to get connect to the app. besides this, it is also loaded with many other features that make it better in comparison to another different app.

#5 AppSpy

Website: https://appspy.net

The fifth and the most interesting app is the AppSpy which is designed with best features, its working, features, and functioning are really easy, the site allows any of the users to make use of it and track out the text messages of the target phone. Here you don’t have to do much, here you simply have to download this app in the victim phone and control it through your phone after connecting it through the control panel. This app show all the time and date stamp of the text messages that the victim has to send or received on their phone. It even shows that messages which suspect have deleted after going through it.


After going through all the methods you might behave come to a conclusion that which app is best to use. TheTruthSpy is an app which is designed that can easily manage everything at a single platform and offers you easy working. Beside this, at the online platform, you will also get the reviews about this app, the users who have tried this app ever they know well about this app by going through it you can easily clear all your doubt in a minute.


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