4 Ways to See Someone’s Private Facebook Wall

Four Ways to See Someone’s Private Facebook Wall

Currently, One of the most leading and widely been exercised social media network is Facebook that has more than 2.2 Billion users all over the globe. What’s the main or key reason behind Facebook popularity? It is this; it enables the user to share videos and photos with family and friends.

Four Ways to See Someone's Private Facebook Wall
Four Ways to See Someone’s Private Facebook Wall

In addition to this, it permits the user to have a smooth and error-free chat. Most of the user who wishes to keep their profile secure put a privacy guard over it; however, there could be multiple reasons to break it. No matter if you are being a partner, parent or employer you can break the code and have access over the private chats and sharing as well. What’s the best solution in this regard? It is using a spying tool.

Part 1: use these two ways so as to view someone’s private Facebook wall without summing them

Part 1: use these two ways so as to view someone’s private Facebook wall without summing them
Part 1: use these two ways so as to view someone’s private Facebook wall without summing them

There are lots of Facebook loopholes currently that enable the active user to have full access over the private wall. We have provided detailed guidance so as to view the private Facebook wall.

Method 1: with Facebook loophole see kids or spouse private Facebook wall

  • Step 1– in order to see the Facebook wall you are supposed to type the target name on the tab available at the app
  • Step 2– now slowly scroll down to the target page and click on the button stating “Report/block the person”
  • Step 3- after the appearing of the report/block dialog box, you are supposed to tick “report this person” and hit the reporting button. Now click “hate/racist speech” from the dropdown list.
  • Step 4- choose “wall” on abuse location wait for completing the process, you now have to hit the “use the link to report” button to view profile

How to Report/Block the Person at: https://www.facebook.com/help/263149623790594/

Method 2: use TheTruthSpy to view the private profile of your kid, spouse or employee

Is it right to make use of a hacking tool? Yes, using a third-party application is beneficial in case you are supposed to view someone’s profile. In the market, a newly fashioned application comes with a boosting arrival. It is known as TheTruthSpy. This application is capable of tracking entire Facebook activities. The tool flourishes you to capture location details, messages, photos, videos, and other things as well. You can also perform lots of activities. The astounding features come under the advanced feature scheme. It is solely designed to hack activities of the Facebook account and have full access over the target device.

Why pick this Facebook hacking tool

It is because it offers various features that are easy to access and anyone makes use of it. Given below is a dropdown menu that let you know all of those-

  • Access call logs accessing call log feature help the user to engage in activities related to the call. The calls dropped or received by the target can be accessed easily. In addition to this, the deleted call logs can be hacked as well. You don’t have to worry as it will automatically save on the control panel.
  • Location tracking with the assistance of TheTruthSpy, you can easily hack the location of the suspect. The location, as well as the details related to it, is perfectly hacked. No matter whether you operate an android or iphone it will capture the information quickly.
  • Easily accessible Facebook account– This is one of the amazing features you might have ever used. It permits the user to have full control over the suspect Facebook account. It shows up conversations held and photos send through multimedia files.
  • 100% undetectable– yes, you heard it correct the application is 100% undetectable. You can easily collect information in easy clicks. You don’t have to acquire knowledge of computer so as to operate it.
What’s a need to be done

You are required to follow the procedure in order to view private Facebook profile-

  • Step 1– create TheTruthSpy account- you are required to make an account through “sing up” button. You then have to fill details and essential credentials related to the suspect.
  • Step 2– complete the setup- now you are supposed to link your iPhone or Android with suspect iPhone or Android.
  • Step 3– hit the start monitoring through hitting the start monitoring button.

You can take this tool for the Google play store or straightaway from the link.

Download TheTruthSpy at: https://app.thetruthspy.com

Part 2: use URL to view someone’s Facebook wall

Part 2: use URL to view someone's Facebook wall
Part 2: use URL to view someone’s Facebook wall
  • Step 1- you can make use of the URL so as to view the Facebook profile right in front of you
  • step 2- you are supposed to paste the URL to the notepad
  • step 3- past the URL on the browser after copying it and hit the “enter” button
  • step 4- now you are supposed to download the image

Part 3: use AppSpy to view the private Facebook albums and photos

Part 3: use AppSpy to view the private Facebook albums and photos
Part 3: use AppSpy to view the private Facebook albums and photos

Website: https://appspy.net

In order to access well this part, you are supposed to follow given below steps

  • Step 1- you need to land over the official link and create AppSpy account
  • Step 2– now enter crucial details after making the account and click the “sign up” option
  • Step 3– now the user is supposed to type age, owner name, and mobile operating system of the suspect or the person who is to be spied
  • Step 4– if you wish to hack FB photos and albums then install and download AppSpy account on to the device of the suspect. allow it to install it and open the app so as to start monitoring
  • Step 5- step five deals with connecting a suspect device with the user device. You are supposed to send a link or make a call to link it.

You are required to put the password and iCloud ID if you wish to make a move in monitoring the IOS device.

Part 4: make use of GuestSpy

Part 4: make use of GuestSpy
Part 4: make use of GuestSpy

Website: https://guestspy.com

Use the most famous and incredible tool to keep an eye over the suspect. Read the steps below to know how you can do it easily-

  • Step 1- visit the official link and sign up for the account. After registration, you are supposed to subscribe for it
  • Step 2– after choosing the free version package you are required to present the details of the suspect such as name, number and email ID
  • Step 3- now connect the two devices. This can be done easily through the calling or sending link option.
  • Step 4– now you are supposed to launch the browser and download it
  • Step 5- now hit the installation button so as to start monitoring

This simple and easy to follow the five-step process allows you to control the activities of your kid, spouse, and employees.


Hacking is proven to the most beneficial and easy to do activity when one needs to spy on someone. You can make use of the professional tool mentioned in this article such as the TheTruthSpy to view the Facebook profile. Whether it is to hack your kid, spouse or employer, you can do it easily and have access over their private photos as well as chats done between him or her and another person.

Today, any number of applications can be used to hack on someone. Out of which, I have presented something that can take you to a new level of spying. The features are something that will add value to your journey and you can easily have control over the suspect that could be kid, spouse or employee. Get about them in detail from the official link.


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