How to track on Facebook

Facebook Tracker: How to track on Facebook

Enjoying the digital world, where everything goes on the internet platform. Today, human are living the comfortable life, no need to go out for any work, just open up your smartphone or laptop anything and get connected to the world in few clicks. Household shopping, official working everything is getting done on the internet platform. No this much, with that you can also get connected with your loved one with the applications which are designed for the smartphone or Android users. Technology simplifies everything that human use to do in their daily life.


Human adopted every new thing; they use it for saving their lots of time and money but at the same time many people do such things for disturbing people. Today, there are several different types of social media platforms were present that allow people to get connect with the people who are staying away from them.

Facebook Tracker How to track on Facebook

Facebook a leading platform

Talking about the best social media platform then it is Facebook. Currently, it’s playing a curial part in the human lives. It is one of the leading platforms in the world where not only you but business promotion, networking friend’s conversation take place. On this platform, you can connect with your old friends and other new people. There you can also share posts or thoughts. Besides this, today business industry is using the platform of Facebook for promoting their product or company. It has become an advertising platform because of this platform several people are connected they use it daily ad and see what’s going on in the world.

News now firstly gets on this social media platform and then on other different platforms. It is created just for the betterment of the human lives but now many folks use it for illegal activities. As the technology gives birth to the right things for the human, the human found the drawbacks of it and use it for creating difficulty in the other lives. There comes the need of hacking, today hacking is done on large scale through various methods.

This tracking creates the problem but at the same time, it proves beneficial for so many people. People are using it for proving security to their parents. Beside this, there are numerous reasons that show how this Facebook tracking proves beneficial. When you look at the past time there for doing tracking a person had to gain huge skills and knowledge a huge coding process took place. But now several methods gets develops because of which now normal people can also use this option of hacking. There is no need to spend lots of money just for taking the hacking services. To understand well about hacking let’s see the right definition of tracking.

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What is tracking

Basically, it is the process of exploit data from the system or other devices of anyone. By using it a person can peck into the private information which is present there on the system or on other devices like laptop, smartphone and all. Somehow the person who performs the hacking work is known as the hacker. They had been skilled in the coding and all other things that help in seeking the private information from someone’s smartphone. Now, this tracking work gets done within a few minutes now the longer procedure is required there. Here are several new methods developed that perform the hacking immediately without any technical issues.

let’s see the different types of the method which are used in the tracking and this method not only helps in tracking the Facebook method but by using some of them you can even track the whole phone or the victim. So, let start with the first introduction:

Track someone’s Facebook with software method

Track someone's Facebook with software method

This is one of the highly recommended methods by the experts; yes there are too many people who are using this method not only for tracking the Facebook but with that with this option anyone can hack full smartphone and all its activity in just one click. TheTruthSpy is one of the best examples of software or app. Today when you look at online there you will find that there too many software been developed for the hacking process. And this software provides unlimited features to the users but at the same, it is not necessary that all such sites are proved equally beneficial for the users.

Some software required a huge procedure that had to be followed for getting connected moreover, there even charge more for the services which they rendered. But if you try TheTruthSpy you will find that it is loaded with numerous features. Here have looks what all work they can do for you:

Call recording: this software or application allow you to record the victim calls that had done or received. Moreover, with this feature, you can also listen to the live call which is going on.

Record Text messages: it record all sent or received messages. This feature even records that message that has been deleted from the suspect phone. That means no stay hidden from you.

Track GPS location: by using this app you can also get to know about the location of the victim whose phone is on the control panel.

Peek into the victim browsing history: by using this app a user can easily get to know that what kind of websites they use to visit.

Peek into the smartphone multimedia: what all files are there in the victim phone also you can check through this software.

Alert notification: the next best thing you can do through this phone is that the software gives you the notification of alert if the phone has done some activity on their phone.

Facebook tracking or hack: the next thing is hacking the social media sites, yes for following some simple terms you can track out all social activities of the victim phone.

This is not the end; these are just a little glimpse of the features of the TheTruthSpy application. To know more you can visit on it an official site that is . Here you will see what else work this application can do for you.

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How to use TheTruthSpy for tracking the Facebook activities

How to use TheTruthSpy for tracking the Facebook activities

  • Access to the user phone, and download TheTruthSpy software or application in the victim phone. Do the registration by using victim phone.
  • When you complete the registration process nor don’t to hide the icon of this app otherwise victim get to know that someone is looking eyes on their daily activities. And they delete the file from their phone. So hide it.
  • Have your smartphone and open the official site of the application and enter the id and password that you have created on the victim phone.
  • Once you enter the required information in the right place the information and all details of the victim phone gets in front of your eyes.

These simple steps make you stay connected with your loved ones. Follow them and see what result comes in front of your eyes. No longer process, no need to access the phone of the victim.

You can download for tracking Facebook at:

For Android:

For iPhone/iPad:

Track someone’s Facebook with the online method

Track someone's Facebook with the online method

This method is also popular among the users because there you don’t need to access the victim phone. The online method means here you have to get in contact with a website; they do hacking work for you. When you provide them with the needed information, they let you able to get in touch with the activities which get done on the victim phone. Here for creating a bridge between your and victim phone the website use to send the text message or call on the victim phone.

  • Here are simple steps that you have to follow for placing the bridge:
  • Visit the online platform, search there for a reliable website that provides you a variety of features.
  • Do some inquiry about the site first and get clear with the terms and condition of the site then choose it. They ask you to provide them the id or the username of the victim phone.

Within in few of giving the id, they will place contact to you with the password of the victim phone. Isn’t it an easy and good method? When you got the password you can easily start looking into the user Facebook.

This method has few benefits like if the victim gets an idea of being hack or track then also they can’t track you back because they had no proof that you are the one who is tracking his or her phone. But at the same time, it’s also having few drawbacks. In this method there comes the involvement of the third party. There might be the chances of misuse of the information that you had provided them. Therefore at the time of choosing any of the sites for the tracking process make sure that they are reliable and trustworthy don’t believe on fake sites.

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Track someone’s Facebook with the manual method

If you are not satisfied with the above-given methods then look on this third method and this you can do by using the login page of the FB. There you can make use of the forget password option. However, for that, you must have the idea about the user id and with the email or phone of the users. The reason is that when you click on forget password option the Facebook ask you that on which platform you want to catch your Facebook password. If you know the email id or the user then you can select the email option or else for the other options you have to access the phone of the user for a minute.

Follow the steps for generating the victim Facebook password

Click on the login Facebook option, there enter the user id name whose phone you want to track.

  • After that click on the forget password option, just after your click there comes an option which asks you that where you want to get your recovery password.
  • Select the option message, call, or email, chooses the reliable option. They send you the recovery password on your chosen option. Now you are all set for using the password of the victim, easy and simple.

Now it is up to you whether you are going to change the password of the victim Facebook or carry on the working with that same. Somehow if you change the password there might be a chance that a user gets to know that someone is hacking their Facebook.

Which method to prefer

As we show you the three best and most popular methods of hacking, every option has its own benefits so it is up to you that which method you will pick the tracking option. When you use the TheTruthSpy the software or application method you will find that it is one of the best methods among all. Through this method, you can not only glimpse into the victim Facebook messages, posts and all but at the same time, you can keep your eyes on the other activities of the victim phone. As you see that in the online method you have to place contact with the third party that means the other party involved is compulsory.

There comes the risk of information leakage, that’s why many people use to avoid this method and look for the other alternate option. The next one is the forget password option, this is known as the loophole in the Facebook design. By making use of the forget password option anyone can hack the others Facebook account the thing that they should know is the user id that it. This might be also risky because if you do so, there may be in sometime the user get the information of hacking. But with the TheTruthSpy software method work gets done within few minutes and without letting know the victim.

So, what method you are going to choose for peeping into the account of the victim because a right method helps you a lot in saving your family from dangerous.

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