3 tips to track text messages from another phone

Learn 3 tips to track text messages from another phone

A time comes in one’s life when people somehow would like to know what a person hides from them. On the internet, many tools are available that are mainly created for spying device. Such tools are secretly working at the background of the monitored phone and capture all activity. If you are having a question in mind that how text messages on phone can be tracked then this is the right article for you.

Learn 3 tips to track text messages from another phone
Learn 3 tips to track text messages from another phone

What is a spy tool

The mobile spy tool is the mobile-based software that is popularly known for copying the personal data of the device and transfer to a hacker. It is the application that spies all the mobile activities once complete access is provided to the device. The modern spy tools today have overcome all the shortcoming of the older ones. The app is user-friendly, easy to affordable, have many amazing features and occupy very less space. Also, the security level of the app is appreciable. These today have become popular among the users.

Here we are listing 3 tips that will help a user in tracking text messages from another device-

Tip 1: TheTruthSpy

Tip 1: TheTruthSpy
Tip 1: TheTruthSpy

Number of best tracking tools is available but TheTruthSpy is listed among those and is counted among top 3 best spyware and that is because of excellent features and customer support. This tool is having many positive reviews and large numbers of users using it. It is having several packages so that a user can choose the one as per own desires. It is designed in such a way that it can be used on various OS. The app downloading and installation process is a lot easier. To know how it can be used, read the steps listed below-

  • By downloading the software- The process of installation is easier and involves little bit of risks. So, get the device of the victim in hand and install the app and once done with that successfully, hide the app. Also, you need to download the same in your device as well to monitor the text messages and other mobile activities.
  • Installing the app- Once the app is downloaded, you need to create a user account on the app online portal (https://thetruthspy.com) and install it.
  • Begin to spy- After the app is installed and all essential setting is done, you will receive all information from victim phone and spying will easily be done.

Remember to take the help of the link for completing the downloading and installation process easily.

You can download TheTruthSpy for tracking text messages at:

For Android: https://app.thetruthspy.com

For iPhone: https://thetruthspy.com/installation-guide-idevice-iphone-ipad-ipod-touch-os/

Features this app offers

There are many amazing features the tracking tool is having and are highly important as they are effective in fulfilling the spying needs. Therefore, without knowing the features of the app you will not be having full information about the app. The feature that is offered by the app is really hardly available. Here we are listing the features that the app is having because of which it has become popular.

  • Text messages tracking It is an important feature of TheTruthSpy app. With the help of this tracking tool, you can easily read the conversations that are made over the IM apps or normally. A user can come to know about the date, time, content, and info of sender and receiver. With this, the hidden messages can be easily traced. The app instantly views and sends the conversations to the wizard control panel.
  • GPS location trackingThrough this feature, a hacker will come to know about the location of the victim in real time and it informs about the location changes through the notification.
  • Call tracking- The app tracks all the calls that are made from the phone or received with full info. The data like who is making the call and to whom the call is made and at what date and time in addition to duration are all tracked. The calls can also be recorded once the numbers are set on automatically call recording. So as the call is made or received the call recording will start immediately.
  • Internet tracker- This feature allows one in tracking the internet activities of the victim carried out. Also, a hacker can come to know the total data used by the hacker.
  • Accessing the multimedia files completely- The app will track the multimedia files saved on the device of the victim. It includes documents, videos, GIFs, images, audios etc. Those can also be downloaded and saved easily if a hacker wants.
  • Keylogger This allows one in knowing the keys pressed and all the passwords various accounts the suspect uses.

Tip 2: GuestSpy

Tip 2: GuestSpy
Tip 2: GuestSpy

Website: https://guestspy.com

This is another popular technique that helps a user in easily undergoing the text messages tracking without facing any troubles. The app is user-friendly and untraceable. Today the users after The TheTruthSpy app are trusting on this application for doing the spying on text messages. Similar to other tracking tools this is also having mobile tracking and monitoring features that help a user to have complete mobile spying experience. Few steps are listed on how this app can be used for text messages monitoring.

  • Create a user account on its homesite.
  • Fill the information of targeted person device and after you logs into the account, finish the process of setup. You can make a visit to the tutorial page for learning more about setting the app on do text message spying in Android and iPhone OS.
  • After done with that login to the user account and see the full list data types at the left side of the device control panel. Hit on message option and full content will be displayed on the control panel.

This is how with this technique you can spy on text messages easily.

Tip 3: AppSpy

Tip 3: AppSpy
Tip 3: AppSpy

Website: https://appspy.net

AppSpy is another mobile tracker tool that does the accessing of the mobile phone activities through remotely from suspected person device. A hacker from another phone can easily check the text messages in details regardless of deleted ones. A hacker no doubt can make the best use of this mobile tracking tool because of the amazing features it is having. Many things are there that this application does and this app will be a lot beneficial to one when uses it. Know how this app can be used for text messages tracking.

  • Do the downloading and installation of the app for the phone that is to be spied from its homesite.
  • Run the wizard for completing the process of setup by creating a user account so that tracking can be started easily.
  • On the device control panel, you will surely see several options; choose SMS spy, WhatsApp spy and IM spy to see all the text messages.
  • Hide the icon of the app so that the victim might not easily come to know about being tracked by you.


So these were the top 3 popular tips that will definitely fulfill the need of tracking text messages of the suspect from another phone. Whether you are a loving spouse or caring parent that is willing to know the text messages of respective ones, through those above-listed tips, implementing tracking task will be easier. It is really very much easier for one to use all those because of the user-friendly interface. Definitely, those tracking tools will be making your tracking experience a lot wonderful. Even a person without technical knowledge can use it for text messages spying. Just begin to use it make the life calmer and may the days be fully brighter in a simpler way.


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