Worried that how to get an android hack apps? The solution is here!

With the technological advancements, it is now possible to do hacking and pen testing via smartphones. There are numerous applications developed by software professionals which support ethical hacking like getting the Wi-Fi password, websites, username and password.

Android and hacking:

Android is the best innovation till date because it is the only operating system which has a wide variety of options and it is open to all. You can experiments a lot of things over the phone and that too, without losing extra pennies. Now the question arises that how to get an android hack apps?

Things you must have to get an app:

  • You must have a smartphone with high-speed internet connection.
  • A valid Gmail Account is a must, which shouldn’t be shared with anyone.
  • Little knowledge about programming will ease the operation of hacking.
  • Broadband or dangle with high-speed internet connections.

If the above requirements can be managed, then you do not have to worry at all, and there will be no need to get pressurized about how to get an android hack app.

How to get an android hack apps?

Getting an android hack app is as easy as playing snooker on the phone. What you need to do is just a few clicks. At first, you have to select or choose the application after comparing it with other apps on the basis of their respective ratings. Then you have to ask yourself that how is it going to be beneficial or functional if the answer is positive and justified then you can proceed. Click on install; then a dialogue box will appear asking for several permissions, go through it and then if you wish to proceed then go with accept otherwise decline.

Popular hacking applications by Android:

Below are the best hacking applications for hackers and researchers,

  • Hack code

A tool for penetration testing, mainly used by ethical hackers, IT administrator, and cyber security professionals. It can perform different tasks like scanning and reconnaissance.

  • Androrat –

A functional remote administration tool for both client and server. Java Android for the client side and Java swing for the server.

  • APKinspector –

One of the best tool in its segment of GUI, the main goal is to assist analyst and engineering reversal to witness compiled Android packages and their corresponding DEX code.

  • DroidBox –

It gives dynamic analysis on Android applications.

  • Zanti –

It is the most comprehensive tool that enables complex audits and deep test on a single touch. Networking is secure as it is based on cloud sharing.

  • Droid sheep –

Is yet another web checker which ensures the reliability of the web service.

  • DSploit –

Another network analysis and penetration suite which offers security assessments to he IT professionals or the geeks.

  • ARPspoof –

Has been exclusively designed for network auditing, redirecting traffic on the local network and sending them to specific targets or the other hosts of the network.

The best spy app, allow you monitor GPS, SMS, Call, Phone Call Recording and many more features.


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