How to Use monitoring software to find a Lost Phone

The penetration of smart phone usage in rural and urban areas is increasing at a very fast rate. Smartphones are slowly becoming an indispensable part of our life. People carry it in each and every place where they go. This increase the risk of the phone getting lost or stolen. Nobody would like to get into such kind of situation.

Here comes TheTruthSpy to your rescue. TheTruthSpy is the world’s number one spying software company. It is the company which offers monitoring solutions for company and home. This software enables you to spy any software within 5 minutes. Suppose you want to know what your teens are doing with their smartphones or you want to keep a tab on the activity of the employees, with TheTruthSpy anything is possible. You can supervise on the activities of employees or kids remotely and securely. Apart from monitoring you can also be able to track lost phone through TheTruthSpy software. For more information please visit

With monitoring software’s, tracking lost phones becomes very easy. You can remotely locate the phone on which the software is installed. The software enables you to monitor the current location. It gives exact details in terms of latitude, longitude on the map. This information becomes handy while tracing the lost phones.

But to trace the lost phone, you must install the TheTruthSpy software in the phone. Then you must register by entering some login details in the TheTruthSpy account. Just by doing these two simple steps of installing and registering login details, you will then be able to track the GPS location of your device by accessing the website

The TheTruthSpy works on advanced technology and locates the target devices through TheTruthSpy app. There are different functions which gives information relating to GPS History or real-time GPS. By clicking on GPS Now, you can do real time tracking of your phone. The GPS Tracker, lets you know the information about the whereabouts of your phone when it is lost. GPS Tracker is more useful when you want to track the movement of the person on whom you are spying.

The TheTruthSpy software is a complete spying software package as it offers holistic services like SMS tacking, call tracking, phone call and ambient voice recording, chat monitoring done through WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype etc., Log details of contact and pictures etc. It is not just real time tracking location software for locating lost phones.

Moreover, TheTruthSpy has customer centric approach. They have free trial offers for 48 hours. So, users can avail this offer and see how the software works. Once you decide to purchase, then there are various options from which one can choose. There is online payment possible through Visa, MasterCard, PayPal etc. You can choose from three different monthly plans which are available. Under each plan there are special features offered. These plans start from as low as $16.99 per month which is a reasonable price.

So now, with TheTruthSpy you can no longer worry about the phone getting lost!


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