How To Use GPS To Track A Mobile Phone

You might have heard about GPS previously. Yes, it is a technology and it stands for Global Positioning System. It is nothing, but a satellite-based navigation technology that is made out of a network of satellites placed into the orbit.

Generally, when you have this technology on your mobile phone, you will be in a position to identify the exact location of your phone, which will be of help to you in some cases. For instance, if you have misplaced your phone, you can identify its whereabouts when the GPS navigation in your phone is active. In some instances, you might be in need of knowing the exact GPS location of an individual. It can be your teenage son or daughter, to find whether he/she has rightly gone to the special class in the evening. Even, it can be your field employee, for whom you have assigned the work of visiting one of your clients. Even, it can be your spouse and if you find that your spouse is hiding something from you recently, you can identify whether he/she is presently in office or some other place.

Complete GPS location history:

With GPS system, you can just know the present location. But, will it be possible to find the complete location history of your employee or spouse or kid? Yes, this is possible with the GPS monitoring facility offered by the reliable spying application called theTruthSpy. Once this application is installed on the target phone and activated, it will continue to provide you the details of the present GPS location of the target phone, besides providing the complete history of the places to which the phone has traveled.

What will you get with this application?

When talking about the GPS tracking facility offered by TheTruthSpy, you can enjoy the following features once you have installed this application on the target phone of your spouse, teenage child or employee:

  • Can view the list of locations to which the target phone was taken
  • You can get location details inclusive of latitude and longitude
  • You can get time and date stamps at the different locations to which the phone has traveled.
  • All the location details will be uploaded by this application by working silently in the background of the target phone. You can get access to the uploaded details by logging in with the username and password that you get during the process of activating this application. The login should be done at the website of the application and you can see the details on the control panel.
  • Also, you can view the GPS tracking details from any phone or computer with web access from any location.


Now, you know how to use GPS to track a mobile phone. Yes, it is made easier by TheTruthSpy. Just get the target phone for a few minutes to install this application and you can activate the application from a different location online to continue to know the GPS location of the target phone.


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