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Text Message Tracker: How to track on Text Messages

Don’t you think spying on a person is the very interesting task? No, it is not interesting and not done for the purpose of interest. Spying is done for the purpose of safety of your loved ones. It is a very challenging task but this task can be done easily if you have spying app on your mobile. Mistrust or doubt on your spouse can also be cleared if you track their text messages. Tracking messages here holds the meaning that you are able to read each and every message of that person without having them acknowledged it.

Text Message Tracker How to track on Text Messages

Not only this you are able to see the time as well as the date stamp and other message details of the target mobile. This task can be done only with the spy app and no other method will work to track text messages of the others cell phone. If you also require spying on someone’s mobile not or the purpose of fun or interest but for their safety then you can do it by this amazing monitoring app- “TheTruthSpy“.

It is a monitoring and complete tracking system for the android mobiles that help you to remotely track the text messages, GPS location, calls and many more. TheTruthSpy is one of the most suitable cell phone tracking or monitoring app for all types of devices. To use this spy app you need to download and install it from Once you install this app on your mobile as well as target person’s mobile then you will be able to track their phone activity including text messages. To install this software on target phone you are not required to follow the complex process, all you need to do is send a link to their mobile. TheTruthSpy will automatically get installed on the target phone and it will remain hidden in their phone and you can continue spying.

TheTruthSpy is powerful software made for parents and employers. They can use it for the given below purpose-

Parents can control their naughty kids-

Kids of today are no less than adults; they like to do things which the elder does. They make their Facebook accounts, integral accounts, Whatsapp, etc. they connect with people, post their photos, videos, do chatting, etc. parents who go on work can’t control the activities of their child. Thus, kids become addicted to these gadgets and their performance at school become poor. If parents need to control their kid’s activities then they need to control their smartphones. And this can be done only with the help of TheTruthSpy.

Parents can monitor their kid and make a necessary decision so, that their kids remain away from any kind of danger. Parents who want their kid to have better future and success can make use of this spy app. You will be able to read their text messages, track location, block the unnecessary app, etc.

Employers can control their employees-

In the office, you surely cannot keep eyes on each and every person. Also, you cannot determine who is saying the truth and who is deceiving you. Thus, you can use TheTruthSpy and keep your eye on your employees. You can know what are your employees are doing. Are they doing their work or chatting with someone through text messages? Also, in case any clever employee tries to make use of your company data in wrong way then you can catch them and expel out.

Catch the cheating spouse-

In a relationship, this happens when anyone person hides the truth. The truth is mostly hidden in their mobile. Changing the lock patterns and shouting you when you are interfering in their work are the signs of a cheating spouse. They think they are clever and they will keep on fooling you, but they are wrong. TheTruthSpy will catch the cheating spouse for you. Spying on your spouse you can know the truth behind those hidden text messages. If your spouse is innocent and he/ she are being fooled by the other person then you will get to know it using this spy app.

Features provided to you by TheTruthSpy for tracking on Text Messages-

Features provided to you by TheTruthSpy for tracking on Text Messages

Spy the location- TheTruthSpy allows the consumer to trace the current location of the targeted mobile. The GPS tracker of the spy app works to provide information like-

  • The current location on the map
  • Time and date stamp
  • Name of the place where the mobile is present

These details when are known you can control any kind of situation. For example- you child says that he is going out for a movie with friends. At that time open TheTruthSpy control panel, check the location to where your child is going. Is he really going to a movie or he is going to a bar or other unsuitable places with his/her friends.

In case of employees, employers can check the pizza delivery boy has reached on time to the customer’s home. If you find that they are reaching late or delaying the product delivery then you can scold them. This is thus, a useful feature which will help you determine the location of target person’s mobile.

Track on SMS messages TheTruthSpy allows the consumer to track text messages as we told earlier. You will get to spy on details like-

  • Send and receive messages
  • Archived and deleted messages
  • Date and time stamp
  • Phone number and name of the sender

The conversation taking place on target phone will be visible to you in your control panel. Once you get to know that your child is talking to the wrong person then you can block that number. You can take care of your child in this way. In case of employers, they can see what all details of their office is shared out by employees. If you find that important data from your office is shared then you can scold your employees and warn them.

Call recording this feature of TheTruthSpy is meant to record conversation taking place through a call on the target phone. The details you are able to spy on are-

  • Contact details like name and phone number
  • Time and date of the outgoing and incoming call
  • Recording of the full conversation

In control panel, this information is uploaded and you are able to access them through our mobile. If you find that your kids are having unnecessary talks with their friends or your employees are wasting time talking about calls then stop them. Call recording also plays also of evidence at many times, thus, you can save them or download them.

Ambient listening TheTruthSpy allows the consumer to hear the surrounding sounds near to victim’s phone. In case the conversation is not taking place through calls at that time you can use this feature to know what is happening around the victim’s phone. For ambient listening, you have to make a hidden call on the phone of the target person.

Spy on social media apps- social media apps are Instagram, Facebook, twitter, etc. these apps are used by the people all around the world. And people around the world connect with each other, they chat, they share content like photos, videos, etc. using the truth spy you will get to spy on social media accounts of target person-

  • You will be able to spy on chats of victim
  • Track the content shared on social media
  • Track the hidden contents or saved media on the social media account

Social media is no safe for kids but still, they hide from you and use those platforms. They chat with unknown people, make friends and this is where the problem arises. If you chat with known people then it is no problem but when you share your information like address, location, phone number with unknown people, there is a problem. You must stop your child but how? Use TheTruthSpy and stop them. Restrict their app usage and avoid such danger.

Spy on app usage and block them- spy apps like TheTruthSpy record the app usage of the target phone. This means you can record which app is used most by the person and which is least used by them. Also, you will get to know about any inappropriate app present in your kids mobile. You can block such applications and avoid their usage by your child. This is the most useful feature offered by TheTruthSpy. Parents can have real control on target phone along with monitoring them.

Unpredictable the person who uses TheTruthSpy remains hidden and undetectable. That means TheTruthSpy software you are using and have installed in user phone remains hidden. Also, you can spy comfortably as another person never comes to know that someone’s is spying or monitoring their phone activity. This feature is important and protects the user’s privacy.

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Benefits of TheTruthSpy for tracking on Text Messages-

Benefits of TheTruthSpy for tracking on Text Messages

Easy to use- TheTruthSpy is monitoring app that is easy to handle. You are not needed to hold special skills to operate this app. The user guide is provided in this spy app and you can use this guide to easily operate it. In case you are unable to operate it or understand the guides then don’t worry, you can take help of customer care service. The customer care service will guide you and clear your doubt.

Reliable- TheTruthSpy is reliable spy app but other spy apps are not. Other apps can put your privacy at risk but this app will keep your privacy secure. This app functions in the background of the target mobile and extract their detail. Also, each and every feature of this spy app is functioning. So you need not to download any additional app or pay for the features.

Free trails- 48 free trail service of TheTruthSpy is amazing and allows the consumer to use and see the functionality of app before downloading it. This service is not provided by any other spy app but only TheTruthSpy provide you this feature.

Cheaper- this is another benefit offered by TheTruthSpy. This spy app not only offers good services but also it is available to buy at cheaper rates. You are not needed to pay a huge amount of money for spying. Also, you are not asked to buy packages for getting certain features. Only you are required to buy TheTruthSpy and rest features are available for use free of cost.

These are the benefits offered by TheTruthSpy. There are many more benefits of using this monitoring app but to acknowledge them you need to use it. When you will start spying your kids and spouse you will acknowledge the better offered by this app. Spying will make your life easy and happy. When there will be no lie or truths remain hidden from you, you will feel happy inside. You can solve the toughest situation your life using this spy app.

You can read reviews to know how this monitoring app has benefited other peoples. All the details discussed in this article are truth and if there is any doubt you can see the reviews and clear your doubts. TheTruthSpy is most used, high rated and well-functioning spy app. People prefer it and appreciate it; this is the reason why it is top-ranked in the market.

  • It is 100 % safe for your device
  • It is a virus free application
  • It is workable on all the devices

Other monitoring apps may not offer you this advantage. TheTruthSpy do not interfere with the functioning of your device. All the content is safe in your control panel and whenever you are connected to the internet you can access it. For spying, you and the target person device must be connected to the internet. Even if you are not connected to the internet then TheTruthSpy will record all details and upload it in your control panel. When you are connected to the internet then you can view it.

This is the amazing app; you need not to hire bodyguard for the safety or for monitoring of your child. All you need to do is downloading and install TheTruthSpy.