How to Track My Wife’s iPhone Without Her Knowing

In today’s world of excellent technology, we all are seeing that regularly new technology is coming in an existence. The world is speedily approaching the digital age and each one is opting for the digital atmosphere easily. The smartphone is the best example of the latest technology and no one can see easily find a high school student using the Smartphone to make the daily compulsory tasks quite easier. People are mostly spending their time using the Smartphone and you will easily become addicted to those. There is one more thing with which we are addicted is social media sites. The social site like Facebook, Instagram, etc is the best example of social sites. These are made to allow one to get connected to his/her friends and others.

Children are simply wasting their time on social media sites instead of doing the studies and this thing is making parents become quite a concern. Also into the company the employees are using their social media accounts in between working and this is thus making the environment quite less productive. Even the partners are using those to keep secrets from their wife/husband or boyfriend/girlfriend and there are the chances that the partner is continually cheating one. Here it becomes quite essential for one to undergo cell phone tracking of anybody like wife also.

How can I track my Wife’s iPhone without letting her know

How can I track my Wife's iPhone without letting her know
How can I track my Wife’s iPhone without letting her know

Luckily there are many best ways available that are helping one to keep track of the spouse cell phone whether it is android or iPhone. The best way of tracking the phone is using TheTruthspy app. let us know about it here in this article.

TheTruthSpy is one of the most popular spy tools available over the internet and all that you need to do is getting into the app official website (https://thetruthspy.comand download the app. After the app is downloaded you have to allow it to get installed without letting your wife know. Once done with the installation successfully you need not have to do anything, just leave the app and it will work for you in a hidden mode. All the details of the activities you can see in the application online dashboard.

You can download TheTruthSpy on Android at

This application is the best due to the extensive spying features that it provides to the users. The first thing is that it keeps the track of the location by using the GPS system that in-built in every Smartphone. The use of this tool will let you know whether your wife is at home or in the workplace or at her parent’s home or friend’s home.

With the help of this, you will get the information of sent and received text messages from her device. The best thing is that one can also read out the deleted conversations. Same as that of the text messages you can also see the call history that will let you know with whom they are talking. You can easily listen to the live calls and also do the recording of those.

The TruthSpy app will give you access to various social media sites and you can easily check out all activities that they conduct on it. You can see with whom they are connected here and what posts and stories they are sharing.

Not only that but you will get access to the stored media files into the gallery section of the Smartphone. You can easily check all the photos and videos.  This app is quite advanced and it can easily break end to end encryptions that by many users are used for breaking into the high security enabled IM apps like WhatsApp etc.

Regardless of the distant, a user can easily do spying on target like wife remotely.

What is special in this app?

What is special in this app
What is special in this app

Many tracking featuresTheTruthSpy app is all in one app that is having many Smartphone tracking features that easily track all activities conducted by the target person. It is having a complete list of features like call tracking, text messages tracking, social media files viewing, GPS location tracking, IM apps conversation reading, SMS reading, internet history activities seeing, social media sites tracking, KeyLogger function, etc.

It works in hidden mode The application is designed very well using proper coding and programming that enables it to work in a hidden mode. The app works secretly at the background of the device and without making any noise or leaving any mark it is collecting the details and sharing on the app online dashboard.

Free of the virus- TheTruthSpy app is well tested and approved. It is encrypted well so that no viruses or third party is having access to it letting your phone functionality spoil when it is installed. So you can use it without any worries as your or target person’s phone won’t get damaged. The working of the device will remain effective as it was earlier to the installation of the spy tool.

The best support you will get- When coming to accessing TheTruthSpy app and if in case you face any troubles you will get the best support from the skilled qualified technical team. They are always having readily available answers for all type of queries that you may have.

You can read the contacts- The application is providing you with access to the saved contacts into the phonebook of the target person. Every contact details like the profile picture, name, number, email address, etc will easily be seen.

Compatible app- TheTruthSpy app is having greater compatibility with the android and iPhone latest versions. Thus one can easily do the tracking on any available operating system without facing any troubles.

Good reviews- It is obvious that one would become quite confused when coming to choosing the best spy tool. If you want to do so you can see the reviews that it has got. See the reviews there at the official site along with star rating that will help you in deciding how good and trustworthy it is.

The end

Now you came to know about the best spyware that you can use for tracking the wife’s cell phone.


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