How to Track Your Lost Android Phone

The market penetration of smart phones is happening at an alarming rate all over the world. People are using smart phones very extensively. Life without them is difficult to imagine. It is a very handy device as all the information of the world is within the palm of your hand. You can organize your life in a better manner because of it.

Now imagine if suddenly your phone gets lost? Then what you will do? You will be panicked. There will be several questions in your mind like who might be using the phone? Whether it is in safe hands? All these questions can get easily answered if you install the “TheTruthSpy” software in your device. TheTruthSpy is a leading company which provides spying software solutions. There are lots of features available in the software. Your android device can be easily tracked through this software.

This software uses advanced GPS technology to track down your android phone. Installing of this software in your device is very easy. It is just a few minutes of job. You just have to follow the instructions which are specified on the website – There is a step by step process of installation specified in the website.

The tracking information is available in the control panel of TruthSpy. This control panel is accessible from anywhere. Just for trial, you can keep your cell phone device at a particular place (post installation of the software in your device). You can then access the control panel to check the whereabouts of your phone. It normally takes 15 minutes to get the first data of the targeted phone. It will show you the exact location of the device with latitudes and longitudes data.

Apart from Android, TheTruthSpy works on iPhones, iPad, iPod etc. Uninstalling the device is also very easy. You can refer the same user manual which is available on the TheTruthSpy website to know about it. TheTruthSpy records all information of the target phone. You can check if any call has been made or any sms has been sent through your phone when it is lost. Even deleted call/sms records are visible on control panel. Any unauthorized usage of the phone will be traced down easily.

TheTruthSpy uses advanced GPS technology and Trace mode features to locate the lost or stolen phone. The entire GPS history of the phone will be seen in the control panel once the TheTruthSpy software gets installed in the device. You have the option of customizing things inside the GPS tracker tab.

TheTruthSpy has some customer friendly policies to attract more customers and it is what sets them apart from the competitor. The company provides 18 options through which you can make the payment. For renewal or extension, you can login into your TheTruthSpy account and do it. Suppose if you change the device, then you can transfer all the data and information to the new phone. Moreover, you can also TheTruthSpy in two phones through one account. So, there are lots of benefits offered by the company.


– Location Tracker
– SMS Tracker
– Call Spy
– Call Recording
– Ambient Voice Recording
– Social Chats Networking such as Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook, Skype and more



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