How to track an iPhone location without them knowing

How to track an iPhone location without them knowing- use TheTruthSpy

Are you looking to track an iPhone? Then this article has been written for you. Tracking iPhone may contain several reasons behind it, but the search is compulsory if it is really worth. iPhone are the best devices that an individual can have so if it gets lost or something else happens then searching for it becomes a must.

How to track an iPhone location without them knowing- use TheTruthSpy
How to track an iPhone location without them knowing- use TheTruthSpy

Here are listed some reasons why an iPhone needs to be tracked:

  • Searching a lost iPhone: Maybe your phone is lost and so you want to search for it. So you have decided to track it. This could be one of the reasons to track an iPhone.
  • Tracking a friend’s location: Another reason that is possible could be that a friend is missing and you are searching for him, you’re not getting any clue. So you have decided to track his iPhone to make sure that he is safe.
  • Ensuring a child’s safety: One more reason to track an iPhone emerges to be a parent who is worried about his kid, Children are becoming very much used for smartphones and iPhones. So to check out whether at the time of school- they are at school and at the time of coaching- they are at coaching or not, iPhone needs to be tracked.
  • Cheating spouse: Maybe your relationship is not working or your spouse is behaving very indifferent due to which you want to know the hidden truth. So to know their day to day locations, tracking becomes necessary.

How to track an iPhone using TheTruthSpy

Tracking an iPhone only looks complicated but in reality, it is very simple. This can be done through an app called TheTruthSpy. This app is very powerful in not only tracking locations but also in tracking everything that is available in a phone or a device.

There are some steps to be followed to be able to track an iPhone. They are:

  • Step 1: Download the application from the application store. TheTruthSpy app will be available for download or you can also use the link to download the Same.
  • Step2: install it on your phone as well as the iPhone which you want to track. Hide it after the complete installation in your friends iPhone or the target iPhone. This ensures the safety so that you don’t get caught
  • Step3: next you have to create an account. Provide the asked information and register. Your account will be created.
  • Step 4: login using the credentials.
  • Step 5: a control panel will appear on the screen. On that, connect your device and the target device.
  • Step 6: after the devices are connected, check and uncheck the areas which you want to track.

So these are the basic steps by which you can track anything on TheTruthSpy. Here you want to track iPhone location so check the GPS location tracker and your work is done. All updates regarding the location will be notified in your device.


So in this way TheTruthSpy works. You can also make use of it after you download it. So if you want to track or spy, then use TheTruthSpy app.


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