How to track Facebook Messages, Private Photos & Profile

Facebook Tracker: How to Track Facebook Messages, Private Photos & Profile

Facebook has recently been an edge over the market due to its outstanding services and features that help the individual to connect with friends, and family members. The user gets everything on Facebook starting from the news, celebrity gossips, and what’s going on the IT sector. You are also free to post recent pictures, videos and other files that contain useful information. What in case someone’s profile gets private and you wish to have access over it? It is a fact that once the privacy is been set on the profile whosoever tries to gather information from the account the account holder gets a notification immediately. But you can do it without getting caught using the Tracking tool.

Facebook Tracker: How to Track Facebook Messages, Private Photos & Profile
Facebook Tracker: How to Track Facebook Messages, Private Photos & Profile

This article briefly contains related to the question of how one can monitor Facebook messages, private photos & profile. If you are after someone’s account then this article is a must to be read. You don’t have to be a professional or amateur hacker in order to gather information from someone’s account. The software installed by the developers in the tracking applications makes spying easy and you are free from requirement criteria. No matter whether you are using the tool for bad or good intention you are able to get accurate and real time results.

Why you require Facebook tracking tool

Many of the social networking sites such as Facebook, today, are considered one of the trusted and reliable conversations app. The main reason why parents and spouse feel like spying on it is the behavior of the kid and partner. Parents often feel that their kid is hiding something from them. When they get to see him or her engaged with his or her cell phone 24×7 these doubts strengthen every time.

Monitoring your near or dear ones Facebook account could be advantageous in cases such as parents wish to know what their kids are doing. To whom your kid chats late night can be known using such tools. You can even see what kind of pictures and videos your kid post on Facebook and how many likes as well as comments he or she gets on that particular picture or videos. What if your kid gets bullied by a hacker or spammer? How would you come to know that? In this case, you require an Facebook monitoring app like TheTruthSpy.

It is known that Facebook is an important application used for spreading and marketing business; however, some of the people are using it for their purpose. Companies paste ads that excite individual and because of this, they get to click on the advertisement. They are directed to a page that contains awful and inappropriate content. What if your kid or spouse got to indulge in such activities? It would not only impact his mind but also the well being.

Now you are sure why it is essential to install and download tracking application on your android device. By doing so, you get an opportunity to peep into his or her cell phone without letting him know what’s goings between the parents.

How you can track Facebook private photos, profiles, and messages on android

Do you wish to get complete access over the suspect Facebook account? Then given below is a guide that would help you in doing so. For this, you don’t have to get skills of computer or become a hacker. Just follow all the steps and track the messages, pictures, videos, and documents too.

  • Step 1- visit to the official site of the TheTruthSpy and without any delay click the “sign up” button
  • Step 2- you will be facilitated with an email confirmation when you have successfully made the account. Just confirm account
  • Step 3- you now have to proceed for app installation on your Android device
  • Step 4- you need to read all the instructions carefully
  • Step 5- if you feel like start tracking then make use of the features present on the dashboard

Best Facebook tracking application

Best Facebook tracking application
Best Facebook tracking application

Undoubtedly, TheTruthSpy app is the popular and best Facebook monitoring application all over the globe. It is because of the features that not only make the spying task easier but also interesting. You will be able to hack on someone’s Facebook account. The virtual platform offers easy accessing when it comes to tracking children. You got a notification whenever the suspect makes a movement on the Facebook account. You can control your spouse Facebook activities. Jealous couples often have a feeling of doubt on their better half because they believe like being cheated.


Given below is a list that enables you to know all the features offered by the TheTruthSpy

GPS location tracking this feature allows you to track the live location of the suspect that is being shared by the suspect. It is possible that the suspect share location when he or she gets to travel from one place to another.

Text messages these features enable you to read and save all the text messages that are being conveyed between the suspect and unknown people. Text messages have been a great source when it comes to gathering evidence related to the suspect. You can view all the chats made by your spouse with the second or the third person.

Stream through videos, pictures, and documents– the multimedia feature enable you to stream through the pictures, videos, and documents that are being posted by the suspect in the past or posting in the present. Pictures and videos are also good sources when one wishes to know what’s in going in kid’s life.

Personal data- a special feature is offered so that the information that is kept hidden by the suspect can know using it. All the hidden information such as email id, date of birth, state, country, and language can be known using it.


Phone calls, videos calls, and browser history can be tracked using the TheTruthSpy app. Since calls, and search engine gets used on daily basis you get to collected recent activities of the suspect. Live feature allow you to see the suspect on the Google map.


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