Top 10 Free Tracking Apps for iPhone and Android

List of Top 10 Free Tracking Apps for your iPhone and Android

Seriously it is hilarious facing from the trouble of getting the expensive iPhone or Android device fell unknowingly or getting stolen.  The mobile phone for a person has become his or her best buddy that is supporting the user in the day to day activities. The device is containing all essential personal information, official information, videos, photos etc. doesn’t matter whether your device is stolen or is fallen you have left it somewhere, today with the help of many reliable and trustworthy tracking tool finding it has become quite easier. So here in the article, you are going to see few top raking tracking tools for iOS and Android OS.

List of Top 10 Free Tracking Apps for your iPhone and Android
List of Top 10 Free Tracking Apps for your iPhone and Android

Why is tracking essential

Tracking becomes essential for the worried parents in today’s unsecured environment to find out with whom are their kids talking and chatting. Also, they want to know what types of media are they sharing and receiving and what types of site they are visiting on the internet.

Apart from that, there could be more reason for using the tracking tool is to see the employees’ activities in the organization. The employer would like to know that are they not revealing any secrets of their organization.

Furthermore, for a loving spouse, it becomes mandate to know all the hidden secrets behind the strange behavior of the partner that why is he/she late to home. Also would like to know with whom he or she is engaged over the device for most of the time.

This is all possible by making effective use of good quality of reliable and trustworthy tracking tool like TheTruthSpy app.

Know about top 10 free tracking tool for tracking iPhone and Android phone

#1 TheTruthSpy

#1 TheTruthSpy
#1 TheTruthSpy

This tracking tool is providing a user-friendly and reliable way of tracking both iOS and Android device. While one can get the real-time location of the Android device and iOS version is providing device location history. It is having geo-fencing feature for one to get instant notifications for check in and check out. All these are making this tracking tool best tracking tool for tracking iOS and Android device location.


  • Track real-time location of the stolen/fallen or lost the device
  • It sets geo-fencing alerts
  • It obtains greater location history of the suspected device
  • There is no need for jailbreaking or rooting the device
  • Tracking the device location is possible through remotely
  • It is available with numbers of monitoring features
  • It is compatible with Android and iOS device
  • It is 100% undetectable


  1. GPS location tracking Through this feature of TheTruthSpy app a user using the app can trace the real-time or last location of the device, person and vehicle. The app is detecting and true location and is showing in on the map and all other details are shared on the control panel.
  2. Call and SMS spying The app is tracking down the send and reviewed the message and incoming, outgoing and missed calls. The calls and SMS are traced along with the details like duration, call time, date and contact name.
  3. Keylogger This feature helps the user of TheTruthSpy in tracing all the typed words or pressed keystrokes. With the help of this feature tracking the ID and password, bank details etc become possible.
  4. Read out contact details- With the help of this feature one can read out all the available contacts info available in the phone book. Also if a particular contact deleted, that can also be traced.
  5. View multimedia files One can view the multimedia files available in the phone including camera captured photos, videos, GIFs, screenshots, movies, documents, audio files etc.
  6. WhatsApp spying– A hacker can do the spy over the WhatsApp account and read out all the chats, see video and voice calls and status update of suspected and other contacts persons.

How to use the tool

To begin using this wizard, you have to jump into the official site of it using the link ( Download it on your and targeted person device. Create a user account and through control panel begin spy and get all the details you want.

Download TheTruthSpy Now

#2 FoneTracker

#2 FoneTracker
#2 FoneTracker

Today FoneTracker has become one of the best spying and monitoring tools for your iOS and Android device.  No doubt this is a powerful tool that is with the advanced algorithm is coded to make this tool much better than others. As a parent one would like to track the real-time location of the children and access the content of the device like call history, images, contacts, videos, and other mobile tools.


  • No special skill is needed to use this wizard
  • It functions effectively to the device background
  • Tracking real-time location is easier
  • It works on both iPhone and Android device

#3 FreePhoneSpy

#3 FreePhoneSpy
#3 FreePhoneSpy

This tracking tool is actually a free tracker app that allows one in locating the family members over the map. This tool can be used on iOS and Android device. As it is having various good features, it has become popular to use.


  • This tool lets a user in creating own family, teammates and friends circle for free into the app
  • The user of blackberry, iOS, and Android OS can use it
  • Locating a real-time location is easier

#4 Prey Anti-theft

This tool is all in one tool that is created from prey incorporation. The app is created for the purpose of tracking location. The lightweight allows it to function smoothly on any platform with getting hang.


  • A user can easily find and locate the device conveniently by getting involved using this tool
  • It is available for Mac, Linux, iPhone, android, and windows
  • It is silently capturing and sending all the extracted data to the user’s email

#5 Find My Phone from Google

Google Inc is the developer of this tracking tool that allows one in easily and effectively tracking fully on iOS and Android device. This tool is well equipped with many attractive features for finding out the device at a certain distance. Getting involved with the tracking tool helps a user in remotely locating the device location. It also does the activity like tracking device completely, erasing data or blocking app or site.


  • One can make the use of tracking tool for free of costs
  • No doubt the app is powered by their effective modes like the ring, lost and erase mode
  • If the device is switched off and is lost and also not connects to the internet, it shows the device last location

#6 Cerberus Anti-theft

By LSDroid, Cereberus Anti-Theft app is offered.  This is actually a location tracking app that can be used on iOS and Android platform for tracking. this tool with a single god works effectively and efficiently in tracking the location of the device. One can access the device through the official website of the app.


  • Similar to the other tracking tools, this tools will also notify you all about when the device is getting out of the specific area over the map.
  • Remote control through SMS from another device is possible

#7 Glympse

With this tracking tool, a user can easily share the real-time location through GPS location tracking. There is no need to do sign up for the tool, just install the app and do navigation location. One can create the group to stay fully connected with colleagues, friends and family members.


  • There isn’t needed to sign up for using the app
  • It is easy to use and the fast result is generated

#8 GPS tracker

This is an iPhone tracking tool that is allowing one to easily find out the lost device. A user can use this tracking tool for tracking the real-time location of one’s kid, spouse, family members, and friend.


  • One can locate gone 12 hours location history.
  • Finding the lost and stolen phone within one click
  • One can locate the kids, friends and family members

#9 GPS location tracker FollowMee

GPS location tracker is a free tracker app that is used for tracking the device of the user. This tracking tool is letting one in tracking the real-time location of the device when is connected to the web. It is always effectively functioning in the background of any device silently.


  • One can do the location monitoring
  • With the geofencing, a user will be getting the notification when the device is leaving the particular area on the map.

#10 LocaToWeb

This is iPhone location tracking tool that actually is powered by lots of innovative features. Getting involved using the app can help you in tracking the speed, distance, of the mobile device. A user can download the tracking tool from the official site at affordable rates.


  • You can track the device of anybody you want
  • A user can share the real-time location of the suspected device
  • No registration is needed to access the app


So, these are all popular tracking tool that can be used for spying on Android and iOS device completely. No matters whichever you use, all are effective on their part. But using TheTruthSpy app will be much beneficial it is having many excellent features that you won’t find in other app.


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