Top 10 Facebook Private Profile Viewer

Top 10 Facebook Private Profile Viewer
Top 10 Facebook Private Profile Viewer

Top 10 best Facebook Private Profile Viewer (even experts don’t know)

Are you searching for a top Facebook profile viewer then you are at the right place. We all are aware of the fact that not able to see someone Facebook profile could be a frustrating thing. So, here you will get to see the top 10 Facebook Private Profile Viewer that perfectly eliminates this problem. You need the assistance of a tool if you wish to know what your dear ones are doing on the most popular social media site without being adding them. The comprehensive guide provided in this article will make things much simpler and easier for you, so stay tuned with it.

Top 10 best Facebook Private Profile Viewer (even experts don't know)
Top 10 best Facebook Private Profile Viewer (even experts don’t know)

Top 10 Facebook private Profile viewer apps

#1 TheTruthSpy

This spying app is considered undoubtedly a best private profile viewer app among the entire app available in the market. They are mostly used to track social networking sites activities such as the Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. A complete record of the keystrokes made by the suspect can be enabled using the keylogging feature. You can check their activities via TheTruthSpy dashboard made on the social platforms apart from just viewing the Facebook profile. The app has a number of pros but only the highlighted ones are mentioned below-

  • Easy to download, install and use
  • Provide users with a facility to have complete access over the Facebook account information
  • The user can track the suspect device on the real-time basis
  • The app can run on a stealth mode
  • Remotely monitoring of the web-based dashboard can be handled and accessed easily
  • The user can track other social networking platforms as well

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#2 FoneTracker

Another popular and famous Facebook private profile viewer app is FoneTracker that works similarly to that of TheTruthSpy. You will be able to have complete access over the several social media activities after installing the software correctly. The activities include all the recent post, friend list, likes, comments and sharing of a particular post. Some of the notable pros of the app are mentioned below-

  • The user can have real-time tracking using the GPS tracker
  • The software works in stealth mode without letting the suspect know about it
  • It is compatible just like other popular social media spying apps

#3 FreePhoneSpy

FreePhoneSpy is a top-notch spying app that is used by millions of people all over the world due to best services offerings. The installing of this amazing app is simple and can be installed on the desired device. It will let you fetch all the important details along with a viewing of the private Facebook profile only within few seconds. You can visit the official website just by clicking here and tap the download option for installation. Some of the pros of it are-

  • The user can view and read private messages
  • It provides users with GPS tracking facility
  • Provides complete information regarding the suspect Facebook account
  • Provides an excellent web-based dashboard that is user-friendly and works well
  • Provide utmost customer support
  • Work well on all devices such as Android, iPhone, etc
  • Works well with almost all popular and famous social media apps

#4 PictureMate

If you are not able to see someone’s private profile then using this PictureMate tool you can easily do that in a matter of a few minutes. The app is an extension of Google Chrome that not only helps the user to view photos of someone but also let them collect relevant information on the Facebook account. Just like another app it also contains some pros which are enlisted below-

  • Freely available to the users
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Provides a lightweight Google chrome extension
  • The user can see hidden photos
  • You need not have to be a friend of the targeted person

#5 FlexiSpy

Just like everyone if you too wish to have an easy spying app that let you spy on someone’s private Facebook profile then just try the FlexiSpy app. The tools are already being used by most of the individuals without being detected by the suspect. For complete accessing over the targeted profile activity and data, you can use a dedicated private Facebook profile viewer. Some of the pros of the spying app are listed below-

  • Not only with Facebook but also compatible with other popular social media apps
  • User-friendly web-based dashboard
  • The user can track the real-time location of the suspect using the special tool

#6 MSpy

The mSpy app can be used by the concerned parents who wish to track the activities of their child on the social media platforms. They too work on stealth mode like the spyzie app and track all key activities of the targeted person. This spying app has an inbuilt feature that let the user peep into someone private Facebook profile without letting them know about it. The advantages provided by it are as follows-

  • Supports and compatible with all type of devices
  • Provide the user with multi-lingual support
  • It can track not only Facebook activities but also other popular social media apps that are also being used by the suspect
  • Provide tracking activities along with device location

#7 iKeyMonitor

The app that is used ideally to check all the keystrokes made by the target is known as the iKeyMonitor application. Through it, the user can not only view someone’s private profile on Facebook but also have easy access to the social media activities. The application provides different tools such as the GPS logs, call logs, screenshot logs, app logs and many more. Some of the highlighting features of the application are-

  • It users with in-depth keystrokes records of the targeted person
  • Effective tracking of the location of the device
  • Details of browsing and chat logs as well

#8 PhoneSheriff

This application is specially designed for the parents to see all the activities on the social media performed by their kids. The parents can see the private profile of the kid without being added to him/her and filter the content that the kids access on their respective devices without letting them know about it. It provides a web-based control panel that can be easily accessed from anywhere. Notable features provided by this application are as follows-

  • Parents can filter contents that get accessed by their kids automatically using it
  • It provides a blocking feature that let the parent protect their kid from awful or inappropriate content on the social media and also provide a profanity alert
  • Provide with real-time device tracking system

#9 MobiStealth

This application is considered one of the most sophisticated and advanced spying apps at the present time due to the outstanding services it offers to their users. A lot of useful features that other spying app might skip is also provided by this app. The app is mostly being used by the parents and employers to see when they are indulging in something suspicious or not. The native web-based control panel let the user view private Facebook profile. The pros are as follows-

  • Provide video and picture logging feature
  • The app is very compatible with most popular and leading social media apps such as the Facebook
  • Offers a dedicated customer support to the users

#10 Spyera

If you are searching for an easy and undetectable application that let you view private profile on Facebook then Spyera is perfect for it. Besides viewing Facebook profile, you can have easy access over its dashboard to follow contact, messages, calls and more performed by the targeted person. Know about some of the pros of it from the points below-

  • Complete information and details related to target social media account will be provided
  • The application provides an integrated feature with other top social media apps also
  • Offer good and user-friendly web-based dashboard


Now you know about the top ten Facebook profile viewer applications so you can easily check not only the private profile of the loved ones or someone else but also keep an eye on the social media activities. The highly advanced apps provide a user-friendly interface so that the user can track the activities of the targeted person on a real-time basis without creating any hassle. The high-end feature can save the life of your kids from major social threats such as cyber-bullying and many more; moreover, they make user life lot simpler.

The comprehensive information provided in this article let you guide in a simple and easy way that let you get appropriate and desired application for spying. Apps such as TheTruthSpy app can be downloaded easily from the official website and user can make setup as per their need or choice easily. The modern-day technology has made possible reaping of the fruits in an easy and friendly way compared to the traditional apps which hold only a few features. You too can avail its benefits and spy on someone’s suspicious such as kids, spouse or employees.

Visit now the spying website and choose one that suits your need or requirement best also ensure that it provides some additional features that will help you know more about targeted person. You should make use of such applications as some of them also offer service such as downloading of free software.


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