10 Ways to Hack A Samsung Phone Lock Code

10 Ways to Hack A Samsung Phone Lock Code
10 Ways to Hack A Samsung Phone Lock Code

More Than 10 Ways to hack someone’s Samsung Phone Lock Code

Technology has given us different ways to communicate and all the methods have proven to be the best as they help us to communicate with our nearby as well as far away sitting loved ones without much effort. We all have heard about the company Samsung that is a well-known electronic device company. There are about billions of users available around the world that makes use of Samsung device for communication. However, the reason behind its huge demand and popularity is its powerful camera and high-end specifications. The device has various high tech features are not easily available in any other device.

More Than 10 Ways to hack someone's Samsung Phone Lock Code
More Than 10 Ways to hack someone’s Samsung Phone Lock Code

So, when you are getting such an advanced smartphone with all high-tech features and the powerful camera then it becomes necessary for you to protect the device with the correct pattern or passcode from the unauthorized users. There are different locking android device available but most of the times we forget the pattern or password we have used on our phone which in turn creates a problem as you cannot open your device without the correct password or lock code. Most people continuously try different patterns that would match the pattern that they have used but what happens is worse as their device stops working.

Best 10 Ways to hack someone’s Samsung Phone Lock Code

If you are also suffering from problems and seeking for the best ways to hack Samsung phone lock code, then you have come to the right place. The article will provide you all the details about the top 10 best hacking ways and a few other ways that you can use hack the phone lock code. We will assist you with all the best solutions for your problems.

1# using Google login– forgetting the lock code is just like a nightmare that no person wants to experience or face in their whole life. But, most of the times forgetting password is a common occurrence and if you have faced such problem and you do not how you can hack the lock code then Google login is the best way. Google login is considered as an official way of hacking android lock screen code. In this method, the user has to use the Google login detail that is registered on the users Samsung device.

Now you have to enter the password for 5 times then tap forget password so as to unlock the Google account. Now you can enter the backup PIN or enter Google PIN and password to sign in. Once it is done you can enter a new password.

2# Find My Mobile– it is a location tracking service offered by Samsung that is available on every Samsung phone. With the help of this service, you can remotely track another person’s device if it is misplaced, lost or stolen. It is a great way to find the location of the device. To use this app, you have to go to the official website and enter email id and password to sign in with Samsung account. Now you have to hit the “lock my screen” option. Now enter the unlock PIN of four digits and click the lock option.

3# android Screen Removal– this is the integrated module of the iSkysoft toolbox. The main aim of this module is to fully remove the lock from the Android device in a few simple steps. No matter, whether you have Google, Samsung, Xiaomi or any other device. Any lock code or password can be unlocked with the help of this iSkysoft toolbox.

4# by custom recovery– basically, it is system software that is mainly used for managing the system software. Every Samsung model has its own recovery image but it is available on the web, you can find a lot of custom recoveries which makes the phone management convenient and easier. To install the custom recovery, you have to unlock the device bootloader. This will cancel the device warranty that is not recommended by the experts. You must have special computer skills to install system software.

5# Android device manager (ADM) – android device manager is a kind of location tracking service developed by Google Inc. This service is mainly designed for the android devices and its working is same as Find My Mobile offered by Samsung. But, this is available for all devices that are running at the Android operating systems. The feature is considered helpful when your phone is stolen, misplaced or lost. The service is completely free of cost.

6# Using Forget Pattern– this method is the same as the first method of hacking the Samsung phone lock code with the help of forgetting pattern option. In this method, the user needs to enter the Google account so as to remove the lock screen code. The method only works when you are already signed in Google account. You just have to follow the steps available next by next.

7# Using Android SDK– Android SDK is a kind of software development kit that is mainly used in the android app development. Hacking as well as removing the lock code is possible with this method. There is a wide range of features and functions offered by this tool. The full package is developed by Google developers. There are no special skills required to use this app.

8# Using Factory Reset– this solution is not for those people who want to save the data including messages, apps, videos, and others. Factory resetting is the best way to easily bypass the lock code. Every phone has a factory reset code that allows users to remove or erase everything that is available on the mobile. It works in all scenarios and you can easily hack the Samsung lock code with it.

9# Using Safe Mode– mostly, people make use of third-party apps to lock the mobile phone. if you are also using one of these, then it is very easy to bypass the lock. Safe mode is a kind of special booting mode available in android that is mostly used to fix the hardware and software program. The main aim of safe mode is to block third-party apps from your device and offer you a clean and light mobile experience.

10# Crack lock screen UI– it is a critical bug for the Samsung devices that are mainly running on android 5.11 and 5.0. With this method, you can easily hack the lock screen code by crashing it with the help of asterisks. It is a lifesaving method that can help you unlock the Samsung lock code.

Another method of hacking Samsung phone lock code

TheTruthSpy– this is one of the popular method used for hacking and monitoring the device of another person. The app is used by millions of users around the world who wish to hack their loved one’s phone without them knowing. The application can even help you know everything that is available inside the phone and helps you hack the password used in the phone and other social media sites and apps using keylogger.

Yes, this application consists of a keylogger feature that enables users to keystroke all the keys that are typed by the user. Now, whether the user is using pattern type security password or numeric password you can easily hack those passwords with the help of this app.

To use this app, you just have to download and install the app from its official website (https://thetruthspy.com). You must have an account on this app as this will help you get access to its online dashboard or control panel where all the information is available. Here you can turn on keylogger feature which will help you keystroke all the keys that are used by the target person on his or her phone to lock the phone.


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