Top 5 WhatsApp Tracking apps and software

List of Top 5 Whatsapp Tracking apps and software

WhatsApp is one of the most trending Instant messaging applications nowadays. This helps one in calling, chatting and sharing the content with others. Mostly the people use this tool in the wrong way that makes it to be checked essentially by a hacker. But how can WhatsApp be tracked of the doubted individual is the important question. Well, it is now easier for one to check the chats with the help of a reliable monitoring tool and also preview the attached multimedia files.

List of Top 5 Whatsapp Tracking apps and software
List of Top 5 Whatsapp Tracking apps and software

Here are the top 5 WhatsApp tracking app and software

Top 1: TheTruthSpy app

Top 1: TheTruthSpy app
Top 1: TheTruthSpy app

TheTruthSpy is a leading spy tool that allows a person to hack the WhatsApp will full ease. It is a reliable and smart tool that easily captures all the data that is making it a lot easier for one to experience complete spying like that of professionals. The control panel where the data is uploaded, accessing the WhatsApp details fully becomes a lot easier. The app aside from WhatsApp hacking allows a user to experience many more things like GPS location, call logs, SMS, internet history etc. The app is available with the compatibility to iOS and Android device that is making it a perfect choice.

Why use the app

  • It is fully compatible with iOS and Android OS.
  • It effectively works on tracking social media tools like WhatsApp.
  • A hacker can easily do the spying on the text messages, contacts and call logs etc.
  • A user can check the current time location of the victim.
  • It offers the option of previewing the files including videos and images of the victim.

Compatible- Supports the latest version of iOS and Android

Hacking WhatsApp completely

If you are facing the problems like how the WhatsApp account of a user can be tracked easily then here is the answer to the question. Don’t worry as TheTruthSpy is the better choice for one to track the social media app that includes WhatsApp. It is offering one an amazing mobile spying and monitoring features. Thus users can easily everything that he or she wants.

The specialty of the app

  • The app monitors all the WhatsApp chats, voice and video calls and status updates.
  • It also tracks the WhatsApp contacts completely.
  • Shared multimedia files on WhatsApp can also be tracked easily.

Steps to follow to hack WhatsApp

Get signed up TheTruthSpy

A user needs to visit the official website ( of TheTruthSpy app for creating a user account. Fill in the valid email address and hit on Signup.  This will create a user account.

Fill in the details of victim device

Now you need to fill in the correct details of the victim device that is including name, age, and OS (iOS or Android).

Completing the process of setup

To track the Whatsapp installed on the Android OS a user need to install TheTruthSpy app. After the app is installed, launch it and sign up with the user account. But a user needs to enable the unknown sources option available at the setting of the phone in security part to allow the app to get installed.  Once the app is installed, begin to spy. But do not forget to hide the app icon to remain hidden.

Spy on WhatsApp completely

As TheTruthSpy app syncs the data of the device. Go to the wizard control panel and get to know all about those by selecting a social app and then select WhatsApp and discover everything you want.

Features the app provides

  • WhatsApp Spy TheTruthSpy app provides a user to completely spy WhatsApp account of the person completely. The app will detect all the WhatsApp conversations, voice/video calls, group chats, conference calls, status update, and contacts. All these will be available at the wizard control panel.
  • Calls and SMS Spy This feature of wizard helps a user in spying on all the calls and SMS available in the target device. The calls made/received and even deleted call logs are even spied with full details. The SMS send/received/deleted/edited will be extracted by the app and shared on the control panel.
  • Multimedia file access The app easily access to all the available multimedia files like photos, videos, GIFs, screenshots etc available at the targeted person phone.
  • Internet history Spy- The internet history or activities are completely spied by the tool that so that a hacker can come to know that what is the victim intention.

Top 2: FoneTracker

Top 2: FoneTracker
Top 2: FoneTracker


The queries of how to track the WhatsApp get easily solved with the help of this tracking tool. This monitoring tool is highly reliable and trustworthy. Every user easily can handle this application and it is providing bundles of excellent features that are making it easier for one to spy on victim device.  A user can easily do the monitoring of WhatsApp activities, cellular activities that includes text messages and calls.

Why use the app

  • This tool is really a reliable, trustworthy and easy to handle tracking tool.
  • The app provides user many features and monitoring choices.
  • A user can easily track the WhatsApp messages and all other contents that are associated with it.

Compatible- Supports iOS and Android devices

Top 3: FreePhoneSpy

Top 3: FreePhoneSpy
Top 3: FreePhoneSpy


This is another cellular monitoring app in the list of top 5 WhatsApp tracking tool. It will definitely assist you in tracking the activities of WhatsApp fully. Also, it tracks the social websites activities, internet browsing history, Facebook, GPS location tracking etc is possible with this tool.

Why to use this app

  • This tool provides a user user-friendly interface that makes mobile monitoring easier.
  • A user can easily track down WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook with the app on a victim device.
  • This tool is cheap relevantly when it is compared to the other tracking tools.

Compatible- Compatibility is provided on Android OS 6 marshmallow and 7

Top 4: Highster Mobile

This application is another leading mobile monitoring tracking tool that can easily spy on WhatsApp account of a person particularly android OS. This tool is having a user-responsiveness interface and it comes with the option of onetime payment.  After a user gets the tool installed on the victim device, the tool delivers the report on the online account. A user can easily do the spying on WhatsApp activities, check messages and call logs.

Key features of the app

  • The app is available with a user responsive interface and is simpler to install and through an online account, one can enjoy the reports.
  • To use the app only one-time payment is needed and the app is cheaper relatively.

Compatible- Supports iPhone 7, iOS 10.X and Android 2.1 and plus versions

Top 5: Surepoint Spy

This is another spying application that is available for the user of the Android operating system that can easily track down the WhatsApp activities. With this tracking tool, the user can easily check the messages of WhatsApp on the device of your spouse, employee, and children. This app is really very much easy for one to install and it provides easy installation and reliable services.

Key features of the app

  • This tracking tool allows a user to easily spying over the WhatsApp activities of the victim.
  • The app is having the user-friendly interface so it is easy to install for one.
  • It is providing credibility with respect to the clients’ reviews.

Compatible- Supports android 2.3 version and plus


These are the top 5 WhatsApp tracking apps and software that will definitely let you enjoy WhatsApp tracking completely. So get the app and enjoy WhatsApp spy like that a professional does.


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