Top 10 Free Cell Phone Tracking Apps for Android

Top 10 Free Cell Phone Tracking Apps for Android

Know about some Free Cell Phone Tracking Apps for Android

Today, the market is full of free and incredible phone tracking application on both offline as well as online sites. The phone tracking sites can be used both for social media spying and snatching the guilty red-handed. However, a question comes in mind that which tracking app is the best so as to face zero challenge while picking the right one. This article presents you the top 10 free cell phone tracking apps designed especially for Android devices. You will soon know why these applications are under the list of top 10. All the extensive customer reviews are entitled in the article, so go through it well.

Know about some Free Cell Phone Tracking Apps for Android
Know about some Free Cell Phone Tracking Apps for Android

Extraordinary developers in the field of it have developed and designed these tracking applications that are now known as best tracking apps. This article has done a critical analysis of tracking software features that shows the validity of spying tools along with a high rating from existing users and developers. The rating will enable you to know why the tracking applications are considered affordable and convenient. The article also mentions functioning and features of tracking application thus allow you to distinguish best and reliable software from the rest of the applications.

Both paid as well as free tracking apps along with a wide array of features are enclosed briefly in this article. The mobile tracking that is been picked up by you will assist you with full spying and tracking. This way you get to know the main functioning of the spying app.

The modern society has already embraced the upbringing of new technology, now is the time for you to make use of it. You might have acknowledged that parents and spouse raise issues of concerns regarding kids and spouse respectively. If you are among them then spying application is best because protection against harmful pitfalls is the primary focus of it.

Top 10 free cell phone tracking applications for android

#1 TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy application is the reliable and best-hidden tracking application for this year. It is flourished with incredible spying features that take care of all the activities happening around the suspect. The existing users consider it something that couldn’t be avoided and a must tracking application. You can get a free premium membership. The installation and downloading process are quite simple and easy, you just need to visit the official site ( and hit the ‘start downloading process’.

What all the tracking application is capable of doing? It enables you to manage call logs, read and save text messages, IM messages, get the current location of the suspect, emails, media files, and other things too. Some special features are

  • Real-time location monitoring of suspect device
  • It can monitor call logs and phone book history
  • Call and ambient recording is possible
  • Easy to operate and handle
  • All attachments regarding IM messages are tracked

#2 FreePhoneSpy

FreePhoneSpy is one among the basic and easy to operate spying application in the market. You will be able to hide as well as operate in stealth mode from your device. The simple and eye-catching features all you to monitor without having any technical knowledge of computer. You will thus able to browse the history of the suspect device, read all the social media updates from WhatsApp, Facebook, and viber too. Some special features are mentioned below-

  • You can track messages from suspect SMS app easily
  • You can track popular and famous social media applications
  • It allows you to go through entire browsing history and call logs

#3 PhoneTracking

PhoneTracking is another master tracking application that falls at the third position under hidden spying tools for android versions. The tracking application can be used when you wish to track information and data from someone’ cell phone. Phone tracker application has gained fame and popularity due to the outstanding features and it will continue to do the same. In order to track target cell phone activities, you need to create an online account on the official site of the phone tracker. Messages from Skype, WhatsApp, viber, and Facebook can be known using phone tracker. You can even browse through the entire browsing history using this app. Other features include-

  • You will be able to listen about the happening around the suspect android device
  • It works incredibly due to the high efficiency of the software compared to other tracking tools

#4 XySpy

Another best yet popular tracking application is XySpy under free cell phone tracking apps. This free tracking application permit user to monitor everything from a suspect cell phone. Starting from basic monitoring to advance monitoring, the application is capable of doing everything. Complex monitoring is also possible such as SMS and GPS location monitoring. You can remotely control it and it has features as-

  • Best features like IM messenger and SMS monitoring
  • Have complete access over the text messages and call logs through innovative techniques and tools
  • It works extremely fast and can work well in a hidden mode

#5 SpyZee

SpyZee spying app is easy to install and download the app. It is said by the existing users that, it is the best and ideal working application till date. So, SpyZee app could be your choice if you want a high level of credibility and reliability. Tracking of phone calls, SMS, monitoring of emails, and call logs is easy. You will be able to-

  • Access complete browsing history along with most visited URL or site
  • Monitor call details, call logs, text messages and emails from the suspect device in one hit
  • The subscription is absolutely free that implies you need not to have to spend a single penny on it

#6 mSpy

mSpy tracking app is known for its absolute and best working that permit it to hold a position of six under top ten free cell phone tracking application for Android. You won’t find a similar to this application that not only claims to offer reliable service but also fulfills it immensely. It is an undetectable spying app that cannot be detected by the suspect thus the risk of being caught is skipped. Suspect social media accounts can be hacked easily without any need for knowledge and computer skills. The software work really well and its operation is quite simple. You can-

  • make use of this application using any of your browser that got installed on your device
  • can track and save target location as well as other activities too
  • make use of world-class hacking tools with better experience

#7 Shadow spy

If you are seeking for best and reliable hidden spying app, then shadow SPY is the best and topmost priority. It seems to be another incredibly designed and developed tracking app that is becoming user’s first choice. The easy to operate interface is user-friendly and shows all the important information from the suspect device. All the features offered by the tracking applications works or operate in stealth mode. You must try using its free trial option.

  • Real-time location tracking is possible
  • You get full access over social media account, SMS, and other things too
  • The site offers interesting packages too

#8 FoneTracker

What’s the best part of free cell phone tracking apps such as FoneTracker app? The best part of the FoneTracker app is that it can work well on all series of the Android version. In addition to this, it is highly useful when comes to track android series. It has been ranked best tracking app this year due to the outstanding features and greater benefits.

  • It is an Android tracking application
  • It facilitates monitoring of kids, spouse as well as employees
  • It is one of the top class platform available till date

#9 MobiStealth

It is high-end monitoring software that is capable of monitoring call logs, phone book, sites, history of SMS, and monitoring of social media application like Facebook, Instagram, viber, etc. GPS location feature is the most admired and appreciated till date, you can make use of the feature just by downloading it. When this feature is turned on, you will be able to locate the specific as well as the current location of the suspect. In emergencies, this feature is highly useful so as to know the location of accident or event that sounds awful.

  • Comes with tamper proof mobistealth mode
  • It ensures continues gathering of information
  • It began absorbing information once got installed on the devices

#10 FoneSpy

Another free and reliable android spying application is a Fonespy application. It is at the tenth position under spying apps for 2018. It has got interesting features irrespective of its current ranking; this makes the hacking task easier. You can create a FoneSpy account just by landing on the official site of FoneSpy now to monitor your spouse, kid, and employees. It is compatible with both iOS and Android operating system. You need not have to think of getting caught. It works awesomely on android devices.

  • You will be able to sting all the important calls held from suspect device
  • You get the blessing of tracking messages and calls from suspect devices
  • Location tracking in real time is possible if you wish to know the current location of your kid, spouse or employees


These are the ten and most used free cell phone tracking application for Android this Christmas.


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