Tips to spy on iPhone without jailbreak

There are many applications and methods to spy on mobile phones content. For an iPhone, same can be done through jailbreaking. But many people wish to do this without the jailbreaking feature. Before discussing the methods and procedures, it is necessary to understand its concept.

Tips to spy on iPhone without jailbreak
Tips to spy on iPhone without jailbreak

The word jailbreaking is mentioned a lot of times when it comes to phones. Many people do this to their iPhone but before you try to do this let us first ponder upon its meaning and other features.

Jailbreaking is the method which changes the operating system of an iPhone and gives you the advantage to remove apple restrictions to install an app or other contents. By this method, you get more control on the workings of your iPhone. You get the power to install anything from other app stores too rather than the apples official app store.

People often confuse jailbreaking with unlocking. Though they may seem similar, but they are not same. Where unlocking, on the one hand, is a legal right Jailbreaking, on the other hand, is a gray area. Though jailbreaking makes you capable of discovering the cool features of your iPhone there are a lot of arguments which stand against jailbreaking. Some of such arguments are discussed below:

  • Security concerns- since it allows installation of apps from anywhere, this may compromise your phone’s security and quality. It may allow many spams and viruses to your phone which may damage it
  • Lack of official support- if you jailbreak your iPhone it voids the warranty of your phone, and after that, if you face problems, you will not be served by apple services.
  • Unreliable operations- iPhone prevents its devices to adopt viruses and unreliable data by restricting its ability to customize but by using jailbreak the stability of the phone stands on stake resulting in unpredictable operations
  • Problems in upgrading- iPhones which are jailbroken face a lot of difficulty in upgrading their phones version of iOs as they may close the loop-holes used in jailbreaks.
  • Vulnerable to attack- iPhone is the most secure phone in the range of smartphones. But by using jailbreak, the security of your iPhone is compromised, and it becomes vulnerable to attack.

From the discussion, it can be concluded that though jailbreaking may seem exciting, but it has a lot of cons too. Therefore it becomes necessary to have an alternative. Many people use jailbreak to spy on their partners or children, but it too comes with the disadvantages of jailbreak.

Now a question which may be arising in your mind whether spying of iPhones is possible without using jailbreak? Well! It surely is.

One of the methods through which, you could keep an eye on the suspects iPhone is through recovering the Apple ID or icloud ID of that phone, and then you will be able to read all backed up data from server apple which includes

  • Viewing contacts, notes, and events
  • Read the call history and recorded calls
  • Viewing the media content like photos videos and songs
  • Data of other apps saved on icloud
  • Getting access to all the social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

If you are not able to get satisfying results from the above methods, you could use the cell phone spy software. One such software is the truth spy app. the reason this app is mentioned as it gives you many features at affordable prices. It can operate an array of websites. Some of the many features that the truth spy provides are as follows:

  • It helps you to keep track of the GPS location
  • Helps you to monitor all the calls and conversations of the suspect
  • It helps you to recover the number and name of the person with whom the suspect has been talking with
  • Keep track of all the text messages and re3ad the conversations
  • It provides access to all the call logs and other content anytime through PC
  • Helps you to check all the schedules, memos and meetings
  • It also enables you to read all the incoming and sent emails of the suspect
  • its best feature is that it cannot be detected easily
  • It helps in keeping the secrecy of your spying and cannot be traced
  • It also helps to read all the conversation of the suspect on whatsapp, viber and other such apps.

With the help of the apps like TheTruthSpy you could easily prevent the shortcomings of jailbreak and spy on iphone without jailbreak.


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