Three Methods to Spy Contact WhatsApp – A Complete Guide

Get the best Three Methods to Spy Contact WhatsApp

Why would one intend to spy somebody’s mobile? Simple, to know the truth person is hiding. These days spying someone’s mobile is not a difficult task; all you require is the best spy app of good company. If you get the best spyware WhatsApp will be the first thing you would like spy? Most people will spy WhatsApp contact. The reason why you will spy WhatsApp chats, contacts, etc. at first place is that it is the most used application for sending and receiving photos, messages, videos, audio, etc. thus, if you spy someone’s WhatsApp contact you can know much about that person.

Get the best Three Methods to Spy Contact WhatsApp
Get the best Three Methods to Spy Contact WhatsApp

If you want to spy your loved ones WhatsApp contact, then you can use some methods as well as tricks to spy his/her whatsapp. Although there are lots of methods available online to spy someone’s WhatsApp, here we have few effective as well as easy methods to spy someone’s mobile. Before we can jump on to the methods, let us see the reasons to spy whatsapp contact. Without reason, we don’t perform any task. You must know what you want to achieve through certain activity.

Reasons to spy Contact WhatsApp

Reasons to spy Contact WhatsApp
Reasons to spy Contact WhatsApp

Know if your child is being threatened by someone– youngster these days are careless and simply do the things without knowing its consequences. Most of the chat takes place on WhatsApp. They provide their number to some people. Sometimes the person with whom your children are talking turns out to be a bad person. They may threaten your child by sending some vulgar messages, photos, etc. and the children get scared of all these things. They may start behaving abnormally with you.

They may misbehave by getting angry when you touch their mobile, or they may get depressed and try to cut off from normal environment. All these indicate that something is wrong and they are hiding some truth from you. Thus, you need to take steps like spying their WhatsApp or their whole mobile.

Locate a criminal– cop’s use the spy app like TheTruthSpy to solve the cases. They can spy the WhatsApp contact and take out the contact number of the criminal who had been threatening another person. When they know the contact number of the criminal, they find the location of their mobile easily through the use of the spy app. This way cops / police can stop the criminal from harming the innocent person.

Cheating spouse– some people also spy WhatsApp contact to know the cheats, we are not talking about game cheats; we are talking about real life cheats. No matter how much you trust someone he or she may hide few things from you and if they hide they are not trustworthy. A person’s wife, girlfriend, boyfriends or husband whom you are trusting for a long time may be cheating on you. Cheating you means, being a decent person in front, of you, but at your back, they talk to another person, maybe to their extra martial life partner.

So, now did you understand the reasons why people spy WhatsApp? The above-given reasons for spying whatsapp are very few; there are lots many reasons. Each person has their own reason for spying someone’s mobile. All these reasons are linked to protection of themselves and their family. Other reasons are linked to safety and security.

Now, that you know the reason for spying mobile, you must be eager to know the methods of spying contact WhatsApp. To spy someone WhatsApp contact, you will need complete guidance. Knowing the proper procedure and knowing the best application for spy plays an important role here. The methods of spying iPhone, as well as Android mobile, are different, but here we have simple methods that work for both Android as well as iPhone. All the methods will let you spy- WhatsApp messages, chat, hidden chats, deleted chats, send and receive photos, videos, deleted photos and videos, audios, etc.

Three methods to spy WhatsApp contacts –

Method 1: Spy Contact WhatsApp Using TheTruthSpy

Method 2: Spy Contact WhatsApp Using Access iCloud

Method 3: Spy Contact WhatsApp Using Spoofing MAC address

Method 1- Spy Contact WhatsApp Using TheTruthSpy

Method 1- Spy Contact WhatsApp Using TheTruthSpy
Method 1- Spy Contact WhatsApp Using TheTruthSpy

Follow the steps given below to spy WhatsApp contact on the iPhone as well as smartphones using TheTruthSpy.

  • Visit the official website of TheTruthSpy and sign up by filling details asked, after you sign up then sign in to the website for the free version.
  • You will get all the advanced features of spying in this spy app.
  • After signing in you are asked to fill the details of the target phone which you want to spy.
  • Download TheTruthSpy monitoring app, then install it on your as well as target mobile.
  • You are needed to allow all the permission to the app.
  • Tap on the start monitoring option for monitoring the target mobile.
  • You will click on the social app option and then click on WhatsApp option.
  • You will get to spy WhatsApp messages, contacts, etc. of the target mobile.

Method 2- Spy Contact WhatsApp Using Access iCloud

Method 2- Spy Contact WhatsApp Using Access iCloud
Method 2- Spy Contact WhatsApp Using Access iCloud

Accessing iCloud you can read the WhatsApp messaged of the target mobile. The important thing you need to do is check the backup option on the iOS device you are using. To know the chat backup is enabled or not you can follow these steps-

For IOS 7users– turn on the WhatsApp setting, click on iCloud and then click on document &data.

For IOS 8 user– go to turn on an iCloud drive from the setting then the click on iCloud and then click on the iCloud drive.

After that you need to go to setting option from their click on chat setting option and then check the chat backup is enabled or not.

Now follow these steps-

  • Download and install the software, then open it.
  • You will get three options you need to select on-“extract from the iTunes backup file.”
  • Now select the iClould backup and click on scan option.
  • That’s it; now you can read WhatsApp messages, save or download them.

Access iCloud at

Method 3- Spy Contact WhatsApp Using Spoofing MAC address

Method 3- Spy Contact WhatsApp Using Spoofing MAC address
Method 3- Spy Contact WhatsApp Using Spoofing MAC address

This is the quickest as well as the easiest method to spy the contact WhatsApp. Using this method you can run same WhatsApp account on two smartphones at the same time both having same MAC address. You need to find MAC address of the target smartphone whether it is windows, android, iPhone, blackberry, windows phone. Then follow the steps-

  • For android- go to setting, about the phone, status, Wi-Fi MAC address
  • For iphone- go to settings, general, about, WI-FI address
  • For windows- go to setting, about, more information, MAC address
  • For blackberry- go to options, device, device status info, WLAN MAC

You will get the target MAC address by following the above steps, and you want to change the MAC address in target mobile you need to root the android device for getting access. After betraying the MAC address to the targets, install WhatsApp on your device as well as use the target contact info to log in. Enter the OTP and click on the chat screen. Thus, you get a copy of WhatsApp of the target phone.

For more details about Spoofing MAC address, view at

The above three methods are used to spy the WhatsApp contact. The simplest method to spy someones WhatsApp is to download and install TheTruthSpy software. Using the first methods is the easiest one, and it has so many benefits.

Some of the benefits of using TheTruthSpy for spying WhatsApp

Some of the benefits of using TheTruthSpy for spying WhatsApp
Some of the benefits of using TheTruthSpy for spying WhatsApp
  • Spy all the mobile application- applications installed in the target mobile like the WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. can easily be spied on when you use TheTruthSpy. You can thus, read the conversations of the target person on your mobile without much hassle. Within no time you will get full aces to his or her, mobile. You can see the deleted messages, photos videos, etc.
  • It is for free- you can use TheTruthSpy software for free on your mobile. You will not get into the hassle of buying the application for spying someone’s phone. Isn’t it so amazing! Of course, it is, and all the features you get in TheTruthSpy are advanced as well as easy to use. In another spy app you need to buy the features to spy, but here everything is free. You can spy Phonebook, track location, read events, block application.
  • Undetected– while other methods of spying may fail but using TheTruthSpy you will never fail to spy target phone. Also, target person will not come to know his or her mobile is being hacked. It will remain undetected that you are spying someone’s mobile through your device.
  • Spy multiple devices- with the use of TheTruthSpy one can easily spy two or more devices. Thus, if someone has more than two children and he or she wants to monitor their children mobile they can easily do it with the help of this spyware. You will do all the monitoring through your single device without any hassle.
  • Block application– you can not only spy through TheTruthSpy, but you can also control the target person’s activity. To block some application or URLs on target mobile which he or she visits more often than you can do it with the help of TheTruthSpy. The target person will not be able to access the blocked, URLs or blocked application. You can not only block application, but you can also block the WhatsApp contacts, phone contacts. If you find an inappropriate person or unknown people’s number on target cell phone, then you can block them. Then your children or family member will not be able to contact that person again.
  • Save the chats– another benefit of using the TheTruthSpy is that you can save and download the audio, video, texts, chat, etc. on your mobile, from the target mobile. You will not need to touch target phone, and you will be able to save all his or her chats. The reason to save chats is to use in future as evidence.
  • Easy to use- the TheTruthSpy software is very easy to use that is why many people use it for spying or for monitoring children, spouse, and employee. After you download the app and get started with it, you will not need to perform complex procedures to get access to another mobile. You will get all the information of target mobile on your device automatically without any efforts. You can thus, watch activity of another person, know his or her mindset and control their activity.

All these benefits are experienced when you start using this wonderful spy app known as TheTruthSpy. To get started spying with TheTruthSpy you will need to download it on your phone then, install it and sign up. Then once you sign in with your account, you will get the details of the target phone. Many people use this software to solve their relationship problems and, to control the employees in the business. If you are doing business, it will be tough to know each employee closely thus, using this app you can spy them and get to know them from inside.

When you access someone’s mobile, you not only get to read their chats or see photos but also you get to see their plans. You can know the next step of the person through spying their mobile. In the same manner, you can know the next step of your business partner if you spy their mobile. You can build trust in another person by knowing what is on their mobile. You need not hang out with the person whole day to get to know them. With advancement in technology, you can do all the things through mobile.

If you wish to get this awesome spy app, then visit its official website. It is a safer place to download this app. TheTruthSpy will not cause harm to person’s device, and it is virus free and tested application. You can get the whole guide on spying the WhatsApp contact and other application easily on its website. If you require any help, then help center of this spy app is open for you 24×7 which will help and sort out your entire problem.


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