Takeaways About Google’s Android Location Tracking

Takeaways about Google Android Location Tracking- TheTruthSpy reliable app

Doubtlessly Google can easily do monitoring and register of all sites on android device and you even might not know it. However, the culprit is the feature that is ignored in the Google Android Location history. The exact location service isn’t uncommon. It is using information that WiFi router and mobile ID for locating and placing the device. Some reliable companies are using the similar type of services for their devices. Now the question comes that is Google keeps tabs where one goes in their mobile device. That is all depending upon whether you are giving permission for doing so. If you aren’t comfortable with all data location that is stored by Google, it is easier for you in opting out.

Takeaways about Google Android Location Tracking- TheTruthSpy reliable app
Takeaways about Google Android Location Tracking- TheTruthSpy reliable app

Method 1: Getting access to location service when is setting up new device

It is scary always in seeing application asking using the exact location, just keep in mind that in many cases, this is done for improvement of app or Smartphone experience. With information of location, Google map can correctly pin point location and then help in finding traffic details, look nearby places and navigation you from a location to the next. Apart from map, think about Facebook, Instagram, all that you use location for tagging pictures and check you in at the best restaurant. Without enabling location service, it will be hard if not impossible in doing so.

Learn more enable Location Service: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/3467281?hl=en


  • From home screen, get to settings option.
  • Scroll to personal section.
  • Hit on location access or location service your device shows.
  • Mostly device is including Google location service and standalone GPS service.

Know each service-

Google location service- It uses WiFi signal that helps in determining location of yours and do not turn these off.

Standalone GPS service- It is using GPS unit in device for determining the location.

Exact location services- When checked, it is using carrier cell tower to help one in pinpointing location. Numbers of people leave the option unchecked and some leave it checked.

Method 2: Using TheTruthSpy tool

Today the widely used app for tracking the internet browser history, GPS location, and call and text messages is TheTruthSpy Tool. If really think that at present where your children might be roaming or why your spouse hasn’t returned back to home after job hours, you can keep track of those whereabouts of the spouse or kid is through GPS tracking system. Also, one can with the help of this tool easily explore the internet browser history of victim. This is perfect for the spouse, parents who are willing to know all about the activities of those from internet inappropriate aspect.

TheTruthSpy tool is assuring flexibility, reliability, safety and reasonable payment structure. This makes the tool high in demand among the tracker for fulfilling tracking no matters what the actual reason is behind it.


One can use the tool for legal purpose only. To start your work you need to download the app and for more info refer to the link https://app.thetruthspy.com. If you need any kind of help 24X7 hours ready to serve team will help you in sorting all your issues effectively and easily.


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