Do You Suspect Your Skype Account was Hacked

Know if Your Skype Account was hacked

Do you ever suspect your Skype account is hacked? If yes then you are at right place. Our article will guide you to secure your Skype account in case you suspect it is being accessed by a hacker. If you use social media sites like Skype for any reason or due to professional reasons then you must know that there are various hacking app is available in the online that hacker can use to breach your personal detail. This spy app works on the target device without knowing them and it can steal all personal detail of the victim’s device.

Know if Your Skype Account was hacked
Know if Your Skype Account was hacked

Microsoft provides many security features to a Skype account but hackers can hack this app by using TheTruthSpy. The hacking process is sometimes called phishing and it is attempted by the third party who wants to acquire sensitive information like username, password or credit card details etc by pretending to be a trusted website or company. In this article, we are discussing the spy app which is used to hack someone’s mobile device like an android or iPhone.

What is TheTruthSpy

What is TheTruthSpy
What is TheTruthSpy

It is the hidden spy app which can track or spy target mobile device. It has features like GPS tracking, live call recording, check multimedia files, monitor internet activities etc. This app is available in a premium version with the lowest cost. This app can be used by anyone and it does not require huge technical knowledge. TheTruthSpy let you view all the Skype chat conversations that take place in the target device. This application also works in the desktop system; this will enable you to read all Skype chat conversation with time and date stamps.

With the help of the TheTruthSpy app, you can access any photos, videos or audio files which are sent through Skype chat that is saved on the target phone. All your Skype data are uploaded in the hacker’s TheTruthSpy account they can access your personal detail from anywhere with an internet connection.

Benefits of this app

  • It is easy to install and use.
  • You can check its trial version
  • You can monitor social media activity
  • Not require the hacker to be more technically sound

These are some features of this spy app. You can download this app from its official website and monitor anyone personal activity without knowing them.

How to secure your Skype account from being hacked

Here we are discussing some essential steps, you must follow in order to keep you Skype account safe and secure and avoid hacker to be hacked your account.

Step1 Go to the Microsoft account page. If you are already logged in, you will need to log out and sign in again.

Step2 Enter your Skype username, not your Microsoft Account email address. Use the Skype password to login to the service

Step3 You will be prompted to sign-in and merge the two accounts and do not share the new password with anyone.

These are some steps you must follow in order to secure your Skype account.


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