Surround Your Loved Ones with TheTruthSpy – Record & Listen to Surround Sounds of Android Phone

TheTruthSpy app is one of the most reliable spy software which has highly innovative features. This software is a complete family security package which comes with amazing characteristics to ensure your family’s protection. It is free of cost and lets you spy on any phone, remotely and virtually. The software has created a user-friendly and easy to install an application which can be downloaded on any Android or iPhone device and could track all the activities that happen over that phone. Apart from all these spying features, the application also provides an interesting option which allows you to Record & listens to Surround Sounds of your Phone.

Why do you need the live surrounding feature?

A lot of parents wish to discover that what their kids are doing at a particular time of the day. A lot of children, mainly the teenagers like to hang around with their friends. Most of them even like to go to late night parties and experience the fun therein. So In such situations, it’s not possible for the parents to say no to their child and spoil their mood. But, the fear of their kid’s security always prevails in the parent’s heart. Keeping in mind the increasing social crimes, in particular against the girls, the parents always wish to spy their children to about the people with whom they are hanging out. But it is not possible for the parents to follow them wherever they go. Thus, every guardian needs someone who can monitor the activities of their child. TheTruthSpy software is a perfect bodyguard who protects your child from all sorts of crimes. It allows you to pay attention to the target phone’s surroundings whenever they are taking a call. The surrounding sound of the phone gets captured with the help of TheTruthSpy app through which you can detect the location of the person.

How does the sound recording feature works?

The ambient voice recording feature is one of the best facilities which TheTruthSpy software provides you. This feature is rarely available in any other spy app. It spots a call, and you can pay attention to the surrounding sounds, no matter what’s going on within the phone’s location. It also allows you to make a fake call to the target phone and listen to the overall phone’s surroundings. With this feature, you can do the voice recording, spy call, voice call recording and ambient sound recording as well.

Surround Your Loved Ones with TheTruthSpy – Record & Listen to Surround Sounds of Android Phone
Surround Your Loved Ones with TheTruthSpy – Record & Listen to Surround Sounds of Android Phone

How to start recording the Surround Sounds and what are the benefits of doing this?

  • You can click Start or Type <*#1005> command in the SMS box and send it to start the Live Surroundings feature.
  • The target phone user would not get any hint that someone is listening to his surrounding sounds by tracking him.
  • The feature works overall phone networks. Thus, you don’t have to think about the network zone and the operators of the phone which you are targeting.
  • It will cost you less than your daily cup of tea.
  • This feature of TheTruthSpy app is one of the rarest features available in any spy software. It has been appraised by several media outlets worldwide.
  • The feature can be every easily installed and used as it provides a compatible site as per your device’s compatibility.
  • The application has a dedicated and professional customer support team which helps the users whenever they find any issue in using the software.

Apart from all these facilities, TheTruthSpy app gives you the power to record all incoming and outgoing calls of the target phone. If you have doubt on any particular number with whom the target phone owner is frequently interacting, you can also get all the records of the phone calls that are made from and made to that specific number only. All the call recordings along with the ambient sound clips are uploaded to a particular online control panel. The control panel is only accessible by your user ID and password. With the help of this feature, you can access these recordings from anywhere in the world by using an internet connection. You can even download these surrounding sound recordings on your PC or laptop and can directly listen to them, straight from TheTruthSpy control panel at whichever time you want.

[youtube video=”MREXbg90MFY” width=”710″ height=”426″]

Thus, TheTruthSpy software is truly an exceptional way of spying on someone. The first trial of this software is of 48 hours which is free of cost. After the trial period is complete, the user can purchase the application by providing all necessary and authorized details to TheTruthSpy Company.


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