Spying On Text Messages with Cell Phone Spy

Nowadays, as against conversing over the phone, texting is turning out to be the important means of communication for many people, particularly youngsters. So, parents of teen kids and employers, who have given the company’s phone for use to the employees and also spouses concerned about the illegal relationship of their partners, can rely on a cell phone spying application to spy on the text messages.

How will these applications help?

With the best spying application on the target phone like the phone of the teenage kid, the employee and also cheating spouse, it will be possible for the individual, who wish to spy to gather details about all the text messages sent and received from and to the phone. Not just the phone numbers to and from which messages were sent, but also the names of the individuals can also be gathered. In addition, it will be possible to gather details about the time and date on which the message was sent and received, even after the message was deleted from the target phone either intentionally or unintentionally.

TheTruthSpy for rescue:

Regardless of whether you are a concerned spouse or parent or even if you are an employer concerned whether your employees will share crucial company details with their friends through texting, you are recommended rely on the spying application called as TheTruthSpy.

How will TheTruthSpy help in SMS Spying?

With this application on the target phone, you can get the following data handy:

  • You can get to see the SMS inbox and sent messages folder on the target phone, without having to get access to the phone.
  • You can read the contents of the sent and received messages
  • You can get the names and phone numbers to which texts were sent and also from which texts were received.
  • You can get the time and date stamps of each SMS on the target phone.
  • You can access these details through any phone or computer with internet access through the online control panel of theTruthSpy. You will need the target phone only for a few minutes for installing the application and thereafter you need not get hold of the phone, but can access the messages on the phone remotely.

Texts on chatting applications:

Not just the texts shared through the SMS service, you can also get access to the texts and photos shared through instant messenger applications on the target phone. For instance, you can get details of the texts shared through WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, BBM, Skype and many such applications. Besides all these things, it is important to know that this application will work silently for you without the knowledge of the owner of the target phone and will send details to a remote location. With this application on the target phone, you can also track phone calls, photos, and videos and internet browsing history.


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