How to Spy on Viber Chats with TheTruthSpy

It is easy to spy on Viber chats with TheTruthSpy

Viber is a free, voice over IP and instant messaging app. This cross-platform app was initially developed by Viber Media which is an Israeli company. Its additional features allow the user to exchange images, videos and audio messages by transmission of files from one gadget to another. In December 2013, Viber launched a feature which allowed the users to call mobile and landline numbers, this feature was known as Viber out. The main aim of Viber out was just to allow the immediate victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines to connect with their relatives. Viber slowly gained popularity amongst all age group of people, and thus, in November 2016, Viber allowed public accounts and also led various brands to engage in the promotional services.

How to Spy on Viber Chats with TheTruthSpy
How to Spy on Viber Chats with TheTruthSpy

Why do you need a spy app to spy Viber Messages?

Viber is considered as one of the most user- friendly app which is compatible with your smart phones as well. Thus, the app is not only used by the adults but can be easily accessed by children and teenagers too. This makes their loved ones; especially their parents quite much concerned about the activities of their children over Viber. It’s easily accessible features; also allow a lot of negative practices to prevail over the site. There are times when your kid may experience spam messages or calls over Viber; they may even feel the fear of their information being stolen on such applications. A lot of times, they do not know the real identity of a person they are connected with. And due to many more such threats the parents always want an application which may play the role of a spy. One such application is TheTruthSpy which allows you to monitor your partner or children with the usage of a high-tech cell phone tracking technology.

How to use TheTruthSpy to spy Viber chats?

Parents and even the employers can easily install this software into the target compatible device. Once this software gets installed on your target’s gadget, it generates all the activities of the user over the phone such as text messages, voice calls, and even their periodic GPS locations. You don’t even need to care about being near to the device because all the information is saved and uploaded to the server of TheTruthSpy which can be generated through any web browser, with the help of internet.

Steps to install TheTruthSpy

Download the software- TheTruthSpy software is available for both the Android and iPhone users. The first step is to download and install the application over the target’s phone. You may also check out for the instructions which will direct you in the process. After downloading, run the installer file on the phone, once it is installed, you can now change the settings.

Log in to watch the activities- once the installation process is complete, you may monitor all the activities of the target phone on Viber from any place. Even if the phone is not in use or turned off, the data tracing is still active and will keep on updating the info time to time. You must create your account as well through which you can log in anytime. After you enter your username and the password, an online control; the panel will appear. Entries are logged into different categories through which you can select one and start viewing.

Legal requirements to purchase- TheTruthSpy software is very beneficial and easily available, and thus people can even use it for malpractices. So the developers do not allow anyone to make use of the software unless they register themselves and submit the legal documents after a trial of 48 hours. To use this software further, the person must acknowledge himself as an authorized user or a relative of the phone owner.

Apart from some special cases, the developers may also want you to notify the phone user that they are being tracked. After reading all the rules and policies of TheTruthSpy software, you may further go to the appropriate control panel or order page to complete all the legal requirements. You have to provide the customer billing information, and then only your order is complete.

Well monitoring someone is considered as a wrong practice because sneaking into someone’s privacy is never right. But due to the increasing cyber crimes and cyber bullies, it has become a need of every parent to keep a check over the movements of their kids. Thus, with the help of TheTruthSpy app, they can monitor their kids and can keep them safe.


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