An SMS (short message service) is the messaging system which is used in all of the mobile phones. It follows standard communication protocols to exchange short messages. However, only short text messages can be exchanged and not any other kind of media content like pictures or videos. SMS is installed in all the Smartphones as well as regular phones. However messaging on Android is very popular.

How to spy SMS hidden for Android phone
How to spy SMS hidden for Android phone

Text messages are widely used to exchange communication and are also used as evidence in court. If you suspect on someone or wish to monitor on your kids, boyfriends, husbands, girlfriends, wife’s messaging, you must know about the procedures to do so. Before discussing the detailed procedures, you could also use these following general procedures, first:

  • Spy personally- you could open the messages and spy on the suspect personally. You could also check the messages when your child is busy or distracted somewhere.
  • Passwords- you may ask for the passwords and locks and could keep an eye on the suspect’s phone personally.
  • Talk to their friends- you can talk to the friends or persons close to them.
  • Obtaining cell phone records- you may obtain the call and messaging records of your child and may read all the conversations, even of the back date.

Apart from these general methods, there is the best method to keep an eye on the SMS of Android phones, and that is by using spying applications.

Spying applications are the discrete programs that copy, transfer or forward all the messages from the suspect’s device to your device. However, these applications are needed to be downloaded by both the devices of suspects and your own. These applications allow you to save all the information of suspect’s device on your device. Most of these applications are free of cost. This kind of spy applications works on data connection and Wi-Fi. Most of them need access to the internet.

There are several spying applications available on the internet today through which you could spy hidden SMS, but the question here arises which among them are the most reliable ones. Here are some of the spying apps which are considered to be the best among all. This is TheTruthSpy App:

TheTruthSpy lets you monitor all the SMS being received and sent by the suspect. It lets you read every message of the content, get the numbers and names of all of the senders on your devise easily. You can get the time and date of the messages sent and received too. You can access this from anywhere anytime having an internet connection.

It is the user-friendly and inexpensive app which allows you to read the SMS of others phone without even touching it. Its installation and operation are much easier. With its help, you can spy on the SMS and MMS of other phones, call recording, track via GPS, read contracts, see browser history, take photos remotely, etc.

This is also one of the best spy apps. It is different from other spy apps as it provides a detail and in-depth information. Being a utility app, it can spy in depth and give better results.

With the help of above-mentioned techniques, you may very easily spy on the SMS of android mobiles and keep a check on the activities of your child or spouse or anyone suspected.


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