How to Spy Screen Recorder for Android

How to Spy Screen Recorder for Android
How to Spy Screen Recorder for Android

Learn Way to Spy Screen Recorder for Android

Today all people use android all the time. Even they are traveling, shopping, studying, etc. they all time either scroll and chat on social media or talk to someone on their phone. Child also uses the mobile phone for maximum time and not gives proper time to their study. And if you have any doubt on your partner or your partner use social media all the time and not give you proper attention. If you have doubt like your partner chatting with someone else or keeping an affair with other people so you need to check what is going on in your partner’s life.

Learn Way to Spy Screen Recorder for Android
Learn Way to Spy Screen Recorder for Android

If your partner is cheating on you so spy their phone and make sure whether they are loyal or not before they break your trust or left you. Even if you have doubt on your child also that they are spending time on an illegal website or watching an adult video or chatting to strange person so you also need to spy your child’s phone.

In this article you will read how can you spy your child or partner’s screen recorder and how will you control their phone’s activity. Today many apps are available on the internet but in this article, you will read the best app.

TheTruthSpy app

TheTruthSpy app
TheTruthSpy app

TheTruthSpy app provides many features that will help you to spy your target phone. It has the best feature of recorder that provides you call recording, messages recording and also screen recording. A screen recorder, records all things that are open in your target phone and take screenshots and make a 1 or 2 minutes video and send you in your phone.

Download and install process

  1. The first thing you need to visit TheTruthSpy official website that is and register with email id and password.
  2. Go to your target phone and enable the unknown device option and download and install the TheTruthSpy app.
  3. After installation, log in the account and enter some information that is needed for login. Delete all history on your target phone related to the spy app.
  4. Log in the TheTruthSpy account on your phone and view all activity of your target device. You can see all the activity what is your target user doing on their phone.

Feature of TheTruthSpy app

TheTruthSpy app provides many features that help you spy call, messages, recording, contact list, and many more things.

Recorder: – The feature of recording is the best feature ever. Because it records all calls, messages and also records a screen. This feature also records the surrounded voice of the target phone.

Call spy:- This feature provides you all call recording, contact list, incoming and outgoing call with time and duration of calling.

GPS tracker: – GPS tracker, track live location of your target phone and also provide you past location. You can also see the exact time and place name.

Messages spy: – With the help of this feature you can read all text messages, social media messages. This feature makes a backup of messages.


TheTruthSpy app has many more features you can visit its website and read all feature. It is a reliable and user-friendly app.


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