How to Spy on iPhone from an Android Phone

How to Spy on iPhone from an Android Phone in easy way

If you want to spy on iPhone from your Android phone, then this article is very much helpful for you because here are providing the all details related spy. In this article, you can find many solutions like how to spy the phone? Which app is the best spy app? How to use a spy app? Etc.

How to Spy on iPhone from an Android Phone in easy way
How to Spy on iPhone from an Android Phone in easy way

Numbers of spying apps are present in the market that works in the field of spying phones without touching the target phone. This app has many features to spy things like text messages, call logs, emails, location tracking, recording of conversations, etc. Most of them are useless and time-consuming. You are busy in your own life you can’t waste your time to install all those apps.

We put all the effort to find the best spying app with excellent features. We have tested many apps that are present in the market for iPhone and Android Smartphone’s. Through all this testing, we have found one of the best spying apps with many features and easy to use this app. TheTruthSpy is the best option among other apps that is safe and easy to use. The main advantage of this spying app is it works in hidden mode.

Things to know about TheTruthSpy app

  • Free of cost
  • Jailbreaking or rooting is required
  • Location tracking and messages reading functions
  • Different features
  • Technical assistance

TheTruthSpy is the best spying app that works on iPhone, Android phone, Mac, iPod, etc. The spying cell phones are very common you just need to download spy software on the target phone. This app takes a few minutes for downloading and, the suspect never comes to know their phone is spied. This app provides all affordable spy solution that solves your entire problem related to spying. This spy app has many features like recording all the conversation as well as hacking messages.

To download this app, you just need to follow simple instructions. For spying, you just have to create an account and install this app on the suspect’s phone. Without wasting a second it starts working and spies all activities like call log, messages, social media, etc.

This app spies all things like live call and past call recording with time. When the suspect receives a call or makes a call you find a notification on your phone. The quality of voice recording is excellent you can listen to all recordings after finishing your work. A more interesting fact is that suspects never catch that their call is spying by someone nor the third person knows about it.

Features of the TheTruthSpy

  • Call log
  • Sms spying
  • Call recording
  • Web history accessing
  • Monitor social media activities


There are numbers of features in this app that help you to spy the iPhone. With the help of this feature, you can monitor all the activities of the suspect from your android phone. It provides all details like time duration, contact list, etc. for further detail you must visit their official website  On this website, you read many things about this app.


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