How to Spy on Android Phone from iPhone

How to Spy on Android Phone from iPhone
How to Spy on Android Phone from iPhone

Spy on Android phone from iPhone- simple guide for hackers

Being a working parent, it is tough to raise the children. It becomes more challenging when you notice something suspicious like children unwanted behavior pattern that they are showing and giving various excuses. It’s maddening and you cannot install the hidden camera for figuring out all things is going on in their life. But undergoing spying will surely remove all the worries that you could have. In this article, we will tell you about the best way that will make you understand how to spy on an android device to iPhone in a productive way without putting greater efforts.

Today TheTruthSpy has become a leader of all spying tools and is ranking on the top. It allows a person to spy on any device. TheTruthSpy is the best spying solution that permits a hacker to use and get deeper into the suspect person device and within a few clicks see details of all activities. TheTruthSpy app allows a person to spy on android from iPhone. A user doesn’t have to worry more as remotely he or she can see the target-present location, call logs, messages, almost everything remotely. The application will remove all worries regarding the target activities and will let you to always stay updated.

Steps on spying on android using iPhone

  • Register for a TheTruthSpy account- To get registered for TheTruthSpy account, a user need to sign up from the app official site ( Ensure that you fill in all valid details like email address and password to get conformation.
  • Setup the app on targeted android phone- As TheTruthSpy is compatible, a user can install the app on target android OS. Before starting spy, do all essential setting appropriately and then select the plan accordingly. Once done with the setup, permit the app to work in a target device by hitting on grant and allow button for activating the tool on the target device.
  • Start monitoring Now hit on start monitoring option and then spy on all you want by logging into the created account. Be it from iPhone or PC, you can choose to view data amongst various spy options available on the online dashboard.

Spy features

  • Calls spy All call logs details such as made calls, received calls, ignored calls, deleted calls are easily available over the app online dashboard. It will easily tell a hacker with about the talks going as live calls are also recorded. The details like date, time, location and persons commuting on calls.
  • Text messages spyThe text messaging done on various IM apps are easily spied accurately. This clears all doubts that one could have. The content of every message with attached and sent-received multimedia files are seen at the control panel.
  • GPS location This feature is designed and added to let a hacker know all about the location movements. The target location details including previous location and present location details with the time/date will allow a hacker to figure whether the target was true to them or not.


We can easily say that TheTruthSpy is the best app that doesn’t let a hacker worry more about their target and permits him to stay notified always.


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