How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages Without Jailbreak

Spying on someone’s text messages may not be always bad because sometimes it is needed for fetching important information or to monitor the activities of our children, but the task of spying is quite challenging. Apple Store offers lots of interesting applications so, if you have a teenager at your home who you gifted an iPhone last year, you can be in a lot of dilemma about what all he or she is engaged in. Is it possible for How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages Without Jailbreak?

These days there are many methods to spy on iPhone messages that help parents to counter their concerns. To start with you can monitor your kid’s iPhone messages with an easy download of iCloud on your computer which will review your kid’s iCloud activities. All the Apple users have an iCloud account which is synced with their respective phones and it is considered to safe. The application will help you in reviewing the backed-up information on the iCloud. However, there is a limitation here that you can only see the backed-up data. If you are looking for the real-time messages from your kid’s phone.

Fortunately, there is an effective solution to this. Among many known spy software, there is an inexpensive and most effective software called The Truth Spy. It helps you and anyone who’s trying to access their kid’s or loved one’s iPhone messages by keeping the complete track of records from the user’s phone. Some of the key features offered by this application are:

  • Keep records of all the iMessages and text messages being sent and received
  • Key-logger: This feature helps you to go through everything the user taps into.
  • Records of Call Schedules for incoming and outgoing
  • Easy access to iPhone texts from your computer
  • It also keeps track of location to monitor the movement.
  • Allows you to all the outgoing and incoming text messages

For anyone who uses cellphone, particularly iPhone might feel secure with the level of security and safety that Apple products are known for, but there is a much infamous loophole named “Jailbreak” which aid in removing all the restriction and limitations imposed by the brand. However, the process of jailbreaking is time-consuming and will remove the Apple constraints and it is quite difficult to jailbreak an Apple product. The Truth Spy is compatible with an Apple iPhone which makes it easier to use. It operates smoothly and solves all the issues to check all the messages from the phone.

The software provides you with a secure control panel online to access the logs from the target iPhone. Parents want their kids to be responsible and accountable for the use of technology. You can access all the logs, see the status, locations of your children and this will be more of relief to you. Many people who have used this software have recommended it to their friends on the basis of the effectiveness this software offer.

Beside you can spy on Android phones:

– Location Tracking
– Text messages spy
– Call Tracker
– Spy Call Recording
– Ambient Voice Recording
– Track on Social chat such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype
– Contact Logs
– Video and Picture Logs

For more information on this magical software that offers you an easy way out you can go to


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