How to spy Facebook conversations application for Android

Facebook is the most popular social media handle all over the world. There are millions of people connected through it. It is needless to explain the benefits of Facebook, but at the same time, the bitter truth is that most of the social crimes happen through it. In that case, it becomes necessary that people have the knowledge about how to spy facebook conversations application for Android.

How to spy Facebook conversations application for Android
How to spy Facebook conversations application for Android

The reason Android is mentioned because it is one of the biggest operating systems in the world. Facebook is run through android the most. You may upload anything you want, and that can be accessed by those you want.

In the case of social crimes, it is proven that in most of the cases the teens are involved, and therefore it becomes important for the parents to keep a check on their child’s social activity. Apart from this many people want to spy on their suspected partners. If you want to spy on someone’s facebook conversations here are some of the possible ways:

  • The spy software – there are many spy companies who are ready to cater your need. Using a spy software has turned out to be the easiest way to spy on someone’s messages.

One such spy software which has the top features and provides you the best services and high-quality standards is known as TheTruthSpy. With the help of TheTruthSpy, you can view all the conversation of the targeted phone.

With the help of the software like TheTruthSpy, spy Facebook messages you may get the following information:

  1. View All the conversations on Facebook you want
  2. You can also find the numbers as well as the names and other information about the person with whom the suspect has been chatting with.
  3. The date and time of the suspected conversation could also be recovered by using these software
  4. You may access all the media content shared between the suspect and the other party
  5. All the conversations on Facebook are uploaded online to the truth spy panel which could be accessed from anywhere with the help of the internet.

The Facebook conversations on Android mobile can be found in other ways:

  • Notification on Android– another way to keep a check on someone’s messages on Facebook is by writing an app, to check Facebook notifications (incoming messages only). This method is basically for Android developers. For this first, you will have to register to accessibility service and then make sure that the user enables this service. Besides Facebook, you may also catch Viber, Gmail, Whatsapp, etc.
  • Get facebook database on android– This method is useful for ROOT device by using ROOT explorer app to get database facebook.

By, using the above methods, you may get a replica of the facebook conversations of the target. Now also if you have doubts on how to spy facebook conversation applications for android, then you must definitely go for the truth spy as this is a lot simpler than all the other methods. It tracks all the activity of the suspected device in background and detects the location, images, videos, whatsapp, SMS, Skype and a lot more.

So if you are looking for how to spy Facebook conversation applications for android, these can be some real time solutions for you.


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