How To Spy My Children’s WhatsApp Messages on Android

Summary: If you are a mom concerned about the WhatsApp conversations made by your teenage children through their Android phone, you can spy on their phones.

The most talked about topic these days among parents of young and teenage children is about what is being shared and messaged by their children in WhatsApp. Many parents also ask their friends on how to keep a watch on the messages shared by their children over this application to take strict parental control. This concern of parents can be addressed by mobile monitoring software.

What is mobile monitoring software?

As the very descriptive name of such a software program denotes, this type of software program is a monitoring application to keep a watch on the phone calls made and received, SMSs sent and received through a mobile phone and also the exact location of the phone. Nowadays, with smartphones equipped with facility to load many applications, nowadays, most teenage kids download different messenger applications to their smartphone to get in touch with their friends without spending any money whatsoever.

What do kids do?

As against sending messages through their phone, which will reduce the balance in their mobile phone in the case of pre-paid phone or will increase the mobile phone bill in the case of post-paid phones, children choose free messaging services like WhatsApp. As this type of application need internet access, they just use the Wi-Fi connection in their home and in Wi-Fi hotspots to stay in touch with their friends. This is done by children because they do not get any question from their parents about increasing mobile phone bills. But, many moms have the question on how to spy my children’s WhatsApp Messages on Android phone as they have recently presented their child with an Android based smartphone. Here is the answer to this question:

TheTruthSpy can provide the answer:

Parents will be in a position to monitor the activities of their children on WhatsApp with this application. This application should be downloaded to the target phone. Before downloading, it is important to make sure that the target device has internet connection through GPRS, 3G and Wi-Fi. In addition, it is important that the target device should be set to permit the installation of non-market applications. To do the same, go to settings and then to security and the box corresponding to ‘unknown sources’ must be checked. Then, the ‘scan device for security threats’ should be turned off from Google Settings. Once these settings are done, TheTruthSpy should be downloaded directly to the target device. Once the download is done, the account should be registered. This can be done on the user control panel site and the login button should be clicked to join the device to your account.

Once the installation is done, TheTruthSpy, the device will prompt all the permissions that applications need to be installed. If you want to hide the icon of the application from the eyes of your children, you should tap on the button that shows “Hide icon TheTruthSpy”. That’s it; the application will continue to monitor Whatsapp messages and will upload the details to online control panel.


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