How to Spy Cell Phone Without Accessing Phone

Get the Way to Spy Cell Phone Without Accessing Phone

If you are looking for methods how to spy someone’s cell phones without touching, then you are in the right way. I’m going to tell you about the tool which is the best spy without touching the phone . Yes you heard it right. TheTruthSpy app spy someone’s phones without letting him know or even without accessing it. The phone must be running on the Android and iOS platform. No wonder you are curious to know how this app works, read the article you know everything about this app.

Get the Way to Spy Cell Phone Without Accessing Phone
Get the Way to Spy Cell Phone Without Accessing Phone

Spy software is an integral part of the most actions and detectives movies. Does such software really exist in real life? No one knows the truth, but there are several technologies which do this job for you. Imagine you easily access any smart phones without any cables or magic. Just you have the little bit knowledge about the smart phones.

You have the common question searched in Google. Some are following

  1. Possible to access someone phone, without touching it.
  2. Can I spy multimedia files such as videos, photos and etc?
  3. How to control someone else phones?
  4. Is it safe to install spy software?
  5. How much any spy software is cost?

First, I want to answers this question. Yes all of these are possible- TheTruthSpy app is real able to do all of these things and also much more. These are some basic situations which make you to spy someone’s phone without touching it.

  • If you are parent – you are working like a clock busy with your daily life and no time to watch your children’s activities this app gives an opportunity to watch their daily activities. With this, you control them or guide to influence with wrong things.
  • If you are married or a couple– In the relationship trust is everything, but in some relationships you have reasons to suspect your partner getting in wrong actions, so, this software gives you opportunity to watch your partner activity and guide them.
  • If you are boss of company- you want know everything what your employees do if they are revealing secrets of your company or sharing important documents to others. There is no doubt you are curious but this software help you out.

Although spying may come as the negative term, but in some case it is also not. There are some times when you want to monitor someone’s activities. For, instance, if you want to know what your kids doing? Spy your husband’s phone and what your employees sharing all you have to find at your home just download TheTruthSpy app. You can’t follow any one constantly and watch them. With the help of this technology you monitor someone activities. First you have to know about this app.

What is TheTruthSpy App

TheTruthSpy is the app by which you target someone’s Smartphone without accessing it. Just you need to install this app in the concerned person’s phones. It defines the latest technologies Smartphone monitoring. Once this software installed in the device. It logs all the activities such as messages, multimedia files along with their current GPS locations. You need someone else Smartphone in your hand for 5 minute and install this app. It hides automatically. You can change controls and set it to your device where you get all the notifications of other phone. But main thing is that they don’t know that you are stealing information and data from phone.

This software allows you following features

You can monitor the current location. Target the device and give you periodic GPS locations. You can explore the locations where he goes.

  • You are able to check calls and can listen to the conversations with the call recording feature. You get all your answer that they are talking and when they call, etc. this feature only works on the android and iOS platforms.
  • You can monitor all the contact list and conversations.
  • By controlling features you can control the outgoing and incoming calls. Using this software you can create white and black list to prevent from inappropriate calls. These features are mostly used by the parents and Bosses
  • You are able check all the SMS, mails, social media messages, call logs and contacts.
  • Spying their browsing history. Not all the spying software’s allows you to read the webpage history. But TheTruthSpy gives you opportunity to access this feature. Social platforms like Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, Skype are open for you.
  • You have the full remote control of device; you can do whatever you want like your own phone.

So, know what this app does. Now you must know how to use it and bout the working of this software.

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How use TheTruthSpy for Spying Cell Phone Without Accessing Phone

How use TheTruthSpy for Spying Cell Phone Without Accessing Phone
How use TheTruthSpy for Spying Cell Phone Without Accessing Phone

TheTruthSpy software gives you the remote control of the target Smartphone. It gives you the direct notifications online to your login device. When it installed in the target phone it hides and no one find it. Just save their settings and setup your remote device in the app. Now it will send you all the data when you login your phone. This software has the amazing feature to spy the phone without access the phone. The main thing is that your suspect never knows you are accessing their data.

Your phone and your suspect phones must install TheTruthSpy both should be connected to internet. No matters how far you are, you can control every activity of your target device. To use this software follow the follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1. From your web browser from any device fool this link this link redirects you the download page. Download this paid app and installed it in your target phone. It hides automatically after installation. Log in there and setup your remote device.

Step 2. Here you can add your device on top option. Click on the add phone and select your device. You can choose their platform Android or iOS.

Step 3. In the next step you can set your device option. Go to your android device keep this browser running.

Step 4. Now connect to your remote phone to the internet. Next go to the settings, click on the on the security box set all your required details.

Step 5. Now you are all setup. Sign up in your device and here the entire spy is done for you.

What are benefits of using TheTruthSpy App

What are benefits of using TheTruthSpy App
What are benefits of using TheTruthSpy App

Track the locations

GPS tracking system are used for tracking the movements of the phones. This feature is mostly used by the logistic companies to track the locations of their shipments. This feature of spying software enables to track the movement of their kids, friends, spouses, and employees. You can spy without letting them know. This gives the dual advantage not only the trace phone as well as to spy the phone. You can get the details information what is happening in their phone. This technology of tracking will get you activities like call history, chats and etc through the phone.

TheTruthSpy gives the complete control of targeted person. This spy software needs to install in the suspect phones. and after 10 minutes , all the information , location activities are access by the remote device. This app not takes more than minutes for installation. This app is compatible in both android and iOS platforms.

Monitor the activities

There are several things you have eager to know about someone lives, but you can’t watch them 24 hours but from this software you can easily monitor the activities. Everyone use these phones and most of personal data are saving in their phones probably, many of important information are saved in their phones. For letting know about them spying on the phone is the best way. So, this app enables you to do this job without knowing them or without accessing his phone.

On the other hand this software record your target phones calls, SMS, chats etc . All this data transmit to your remote device through the internet server. This data can be access at any time and saved in your phone.

Access the social media

Nowadays everyone uses the social media platform where they hide their personal talks. With the help of this app you can easily access their social media accounts, chats and personal phones. Even they don’t know about this you don’t require their phone. From what’s app they share all the videos and files photos etc. all you can access into your device.

TheTruthSpy offers new customers free trial for 48 hours, which are acquitted with the app. The method of installation of this software is very simple. It also gives you the complete details of your phone if it gets lost along with location. With the software you can easily spy, someone phones without accessing it. It is the best spy app you can use it and grab its features.


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