How to Spy on another Cell Phone

How to Spy on another person’s Cell Phone using TheTruthSpy app

With great boons of technology comes greater misuse also like cheating on partners, broken relationships and what not? If you also think that your partner is cheating on you with someone more beautiful/handsome than this article is for you. This is also for those parents who do not want their child to get involved in any wrong activities then we can help you with that also. This app will help you in saving your relationships and keeping your child in the right company as well. Keep reading this article and we will help you in spying on another cell phone.

How to Spy on another person's Cell Phone using TheTruthSpy app
How to Spy on another person’s Cell Phone using TheTruthSpy app

How to use TheTruthSpy for Spying on another Cell Phone

Before starting how you can spy on another call we would like to tell you what features and services you will be getting from TheTruthSpy. So, let us start with the services, following are the services that are provided by us-

  • Text monitoring you can see all the text messages sent and received from the target phone. You will be able to read even the deleted messages from their phone.
  • Checking calls this TruthSpy service will help you in listening to calls and see call logs and other contact services from the target phone. You can even check calls from social media apps.
  • GPS location you will be able to track the GPS location of the user and find out their location. This will help you in knowing the location in case of an emergency.
  • Social media monitoring- today people use social media more than any other services and if you want to spy in any place that it should be the social media apps. This service will help you in doing this also.
  • Remote blocking of a phone- you will be able to block the cell phone of that person using our spy app that too from a remote location.

Now, as you are aware of the services and facilities that you will be getting by using the TruthSpy app then let us move to how we can use them. Follow these steps and your work will be done in no time.

Step: 1 click on this website and download the phone spy app from there.

Step: 2 create your id to access the app and remember the password as you will need them to sign in the phone of the target user.

Step: 3 now you have to download this app in the target user as well. You can log in that phone and then hide the application from that phone.

Step: 4 now you are all set to spy on their phone. Come back to your phone and then you will be able to see their call records, listen to their calls, read messages, and track location.

So, next time you want to spy on someone’s phone or want to check if your partner is cheating on your not then you can use TheTruthSpy services from our official website. This will help you get a better upbringing of your child and your relationship intact. Remember that if you do things to save the relation then it is the right thing which you are doing.


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