SMS Spy Without Having Target Phone

Each parent wants to accomplish a wide range of surveillance activities on their kids. There are times we think our kids are doing well and well-adjusted but that is not true in every case. Parenting is very tough in today’s world. Though kids seem doing pretty-well yet they have their own world and they never let parents know about this world. Their whole world is shared and over-shared over social media. The only way to peep into their world and know their truer self is to have access to their mobiles. Monitoring on kids is the necessity of this time. Thankfully technology has evolved that much that we can track our kid’s mobiles without even touching them.

SMS Spy Without Having Target Phone

SMS Spy Without Having Target Phone
SMS Spy Without Having Target Phone

Moreover, there are employees who ignore work to take selfies on snapchat or chatting over social media. SMS spying is a powerful tool for such employees. Employers use such apps for productive business.

There is a huge debate over the topic if it is okay to invade a kid’s privacy by spying? Different people have different viewpoints. On the whole, this is an innovative parenting in modern time. Kids can feel it like an invasion in their privacy but parents know how important it is to keep them safe. Parents should make sure that whatever they are doing should lie between legal boundaries and they should do it responsibly.

TheTruthSpy is a powerful monitoring tool which has truly great features. It is one of the easiest and simplest software to use. The customer service of this app is really helpful. This app enables you to track all the activities like call logs, browser history, contact details, live call recordings, GPS tracking and social media updates. Apart from all this it has some unique features:

  1. It reads the content of each and every message. (incoming or outgoing)
  2. Count and classify the total SMS senders and receivers.
  3. It provides the complete information of SMS including date, time and location.

This top listed app attributes much useful information about a user:

  1. Social Media Networking: Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Viber, BBM, Skype, instagram and email.
  2. Gps Tracking: It enables you to check real time GPS tracking. The place and position of mobile is shown in the map in control panel.
  3. Call tracking: call history, call duration and time and date of calls.
  4. Photographs and Videos: each and every photograph and video is within your reach.
  5. Browser History: shows all the websites target is checking on the phone.
  6. Ambient listening: you can listen what is happening around the device you are tracking.

How to use the App:

Step 1: Download TheTruthSpy app on your phone from its official website and install it.

Step 2: Enter the details of target phone and make a call. This call is auto-answerable and the target never comes to know about it.

Step 3: Let the app track all the data for you and enjoy the live streaming after that.

You can gather more information from Logging into this site is the key solution to all the tracking problems.


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