How to See Someone’s Private Messages on Facebook

How to view any private messages of anyone on Facebook app

Today Facebook has become a popular social networking site across the globe. Today the advanced features are added to it mainly in the Facebook privacy setting. The setting allows a user to set the profile with many privacy settings that are harder to break. The security and privacy setting have allowed a user to keep the Facebook conversations also on privacy.  For all like spouse, parents, friends, and employee it has become a lot difficult to read out the text messages.

How to view any private messages of anyone on Facebook app
How to view any private messages of anyone on Facebook app

We know that in today’s time Smartphone has become a popular device without which one can’t survive. People carry all essential activities like calling, text messaging, storing media files, etc. Facebook app is also installed and used on it. That is the reason why using the mobile spy tool has become quite essential. To hack the phone of a target person one needs to have a safer to use spy tool. This is because a hacker doesn’t want its target to know all about this activity.

Talking about the best tracking solution, TheTruthSpy is the better option for one. It is the top spy tool that is well known for its appealing features and very good customer care services. If you are in search of the best spy tool then TheTruthSpy is the best answer. It is available with various plans so a user can make use of it as per the needs. Today this app has become a master in the spying world.

The silvery thing about the app is that it is not only used for spying on Facebook but for other social networking sites. This is a multitasking app that can control target device all activities remotely. After using the application, it is assured that one will not find a tool better than it.

Steps on spying Facebook messages without informing another person

Steps on spying Facebook messages without informing another person
Steps on spying Facebook messages without informing another person


To spy on someone’s Facebook messages without letting him get a sign of it is a difficult task as it involves risks somewhere. A person with the wrong intention can use it for spoiling the life of the target person. TheTruthSpy helps one in getting access to the target person device and their Facebook account.  Below are some of the easy steps you can follow-

  1. The first thing that you need to do is hit on the option “Try It Now”.
  2. You will be directly taken to the application homepage ( from there you can create a user account.
  3. To set up TheTruthSpy user account, a user has to use details like ID and password. Once signed up the account is created.
  4. The application will ask a user to submit the target person details that include name, operating system, number, etc.
  5. Now a user has to download and install the application in target person OS and in own as well.
  6. In case of the android operating system, he has to get the phone in hand and download the app and connect the device with the spy tool. Once the application is set up in target OS, conceal the app and clear the activities history that is related to it.
  7. To spy on iOS a user must essentially know the target icloud information correctly such as icloud ID and password. Fill those details and you will easily monitor everything you want.
  8. At the time of downloading and installing the app, a user must not forget doing the setting like enabling unknown source option. This will not create any problem while installing the application.
  9. Now log in using the sign-up details and from the online dashboard monitor all that you want. Now you can view all the activities information of the target person conducted on his or her phone.
  10. Simply hit on Facebook messenger to read the messages as Facebook conversation is carried out on it only and read out the messages.

Who is intended to do Facebook private messages spy

Parents- The parents are always worried about the safety of their children when the children are below 18 years or plus. Parents always want to know that with whom their children are talking so long in day and night and what is going on actually. This forces them to spy the Facebook messages secretly.

Spouse- The loving spouse when traces his or her partner doing something strange and when asked he/she are not ready to tell all. This creates a sense of doubt in one’s mind and thus let them undergo spying on Facebook messages. To find out whether a spouse is in a relationship with any other guy or not, spying is the choice left only with them.

Employers- The employers are also intended to do the spying on the private Facebook messages of their employees hired in the company. They just want to know with whom is a conversation going on secretly. Are they not sharing the company’s details outside? In the search for the correct answer to this question, the employer tends to spy forcefully.

Friend- A friend when suspected his/her friend doing something strange and found him/her to be in a trouble, spying is done secretly to trace what matter is there.  Also if a friend is in a relationship but the partner is not paying attention towards the relationship and has started avoiding and ignoring him/her. Spying becomes a necessity so to stay updated with the details of all activities done and see whether the partner is in a relationship or not.

Why use it

  • Provides many excellent spying features to use
  • It works on all leading mobile operating systems
  • 24/7 hours dedicated customer care team is available
  • The app is easy to install and setup
  • It works secretly and invisibly
  • Works on all networks

Spy features offered

The features of TheTruthSpy app offered are helpful in viewing all types of cellular actions. Features are-

  • Text messages/calls spy
  • Internet history spy
  • Multimedia files spy
  • Social networking sites spy
  • IM apps spy


Finally, you have learned how to undergo Facebook private messages spy. Use this method and read the messages of whosoever you want.


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