Are Parental Controls Important

Summary: Many parents have a doubt as to whether parental control on mobile phone is that much essential? Let us find the answer here:

Regardless of whether you have a teenager or a young child, you might have definitely got the idea of taking control over the information to which your son/daughter gets access to. Most parents would like to make sure that their child grows up without getting influenced by adult websites. Even though, it is true that it is not possible to completely take control of child’s access to different information in the present technologically developed world, at least parents should make sure that they can get complete control over the information accessed by the child from the devices like mobile phones and computers used in their home. This is what mobile monitoring applications can do to parents.

Crucial concern of parents:

Parents generally do not want their teenage or even children at lesser age to get access to pornography. When this is the concern of some parents, some parents do not want their child to get exposed to racism and a wide range of phobias. But, the thing to be remembered by parents is that they should not prohibit their child from gaining knowledge. Prohibition is something that will bring disastrous results as the child will crave for more information when they first get the chance to view some porn videos or photos from other sources.

What can be done by parents?

When it is stated that parents should not prohibit their child, they cannot readily provide access to porn related content to their child, isn’t? In such a circumstance, what can be done by parents? Let us find out:

Parents here have two options:

Talk to the child:

The first option is that they should follow the actual parenting. Yes, they can just sit with their child to explain him about the trust they have in their kid. Here, the kid should be explained about the threat the internet possess. Parents should remember that their child is growing faster and getting more intelligent and knowledgeable. So, when things are explained to him at the right time and in the right perspective, he will automatically understand his maturity and responsibility towards parents and the family. This will instill a sense of responsibility in the child to do only the right things in life. The child should be made to understand the consequences of wrong doings and this approach will automatically prevent child from accessing porn or unsuitable content, without the requirement of any parental control.

Mobile parental control will come handy:

The second option available for parents is to use a mobile parental control application called TheTruthSpy on the mobile phone and/or on the computer of the child. They should never forget to inform the child about the existence of such an application on this phone/computer. Parents should also instill a sense of trust in the child that such an installation is made not just because they do not trust the child, but for ensuring his safety and to know his whereabouts.


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