How to Monitor Kik Messenger on Your Child’s Smartphone

Before discussing the process of monitoring the Kik messenger on your child’s Smartphone, let us first understand what Kik messenger is and how it works.

Kik messenger also called as Kik is a messaging application which was developed by a Canadian company which runs on mobile. This app is available for free on android, iOs as well as on Windows operating system. Like all the other messaging applications this application too needs a data plan or a Wi-Fi connection to send or receive messages. Photos, videos, mobile WebPages and other content can also be transferred through Kik Messenger.

How to Monitor Kik Messenger on Your Child's Smartphone
How to Monitor Kik Messenger on Your Child’s Smartphone

The specialty of this app is that it provides user anonymity which means users are allowed to register themselves without the need of providing the phone number. However, they have to enter their first and last name, email id, birth date, etc.

After its release, this app reached to one million users just within 15 days. As per the surveys in May 2016 Kik Messenger was used by 300million people and among them, 40% were US teens.

Along with its popularity, Kik Messenger has faced some serious controversies related to child exploitation. This app was criticized for its very weak parental control system and was declared unsafe for the use of minors.

Thus, it becomes necessary for all the parents to monitor the use of their child messaging app and this monitoring becomes more necessary if your child is a minor. Therefore for the safety purpose of your child, you need to understand the surveillance of this app to avoid hazards. Here are the steps which will guide you:

  • Install TheTruthSpy – you will have to first install TheTruthSpy and choose a package plan and subscription. First, go through the checklist on this page and make sure your chosen plan comes along kick monitoring. With the purchase of this app, you get an email containing installation guide and details of the online account. After installation of this app put TheTruthSpy app on your child’s phone and you may use it.
  • Make online account- after this, you will have to set up your account online. For this, you have to just put the email credentials on the online page of your account. After this, you will have your The Truth Spy account online which is linked with the mobile app. This means all the data which is received on the mobile will be seen by The Truth Spy online account. So you will have all the information which will be received on your kid’s phone without touching it.
  • Enable kik monitoring- make sure kik monitoring is enabled on the online control panel. Also, make sure that the toggle feature is turned on so that you receive kik data correctly.
  • Set up watch list- watchlist is a feature wherein you can enter all the contacts on which you want to keep a closer eye. You will receive an instant notification every time.

After following the above steps you will feel that kik monitoring is really very simple. It’s not necessary that this messenger is always used for something bad but as a responsible parent it is important to monitor your kid’s activities.


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