How To Monitor Employee’s Business Phone In My Phone

Summary: If you are an employer concerned about the usage of office mobile phone for personal purpose by your employees, you can use monitoring application.

Nowadays, many organizations supply their employees with mobile phones and even some organizations supply smartphones for business use to their employees. But, the problem faced by most employers issuing such types of phones to their staff is that they find their employees using the phone for personal purpose.

Besides using the phone for personal purpose, they do it during office hours, which increase the frustration of employers to a great extent. Even, when an employer catches any an employee red-handed messaging on the office phone, the employee states that he was sending business messages. So, most employers have the question whether it is possible to monitor the activities of employees on business phone. When this is the requirement of some employers, some of them want to do the monitoring right from their own mobile phone and so they have the question how to do the same?

The right solution from TheTruthSpy:

Yes, this is a mobile phone monitoring application that will be of great help to employers in keeping a watch of the activities of the employees on the business phone. All that is to be done by the employer is to upload this application to the phone before handing over the same to an employee. It can be the phone with any operating system like from Google or Apple and this application will do the work of monitoring for the employer by sending information about the calls made and received through the target phone, messages sent and received, whereabouts of the phone with the facility to listen to the live surroundings of the phone.

Is it possible to monitor through the mobile phone of employer?

Yes, the employer can access the above-mentioned and many other details about the activities taking place in the target phone through his own mobile phone, unless and until the phone has web access. If the phone has web access, the employer will have to login through the registered login details that he got when he downloaded the application to the target phone and can get complete details about the date and time of calls and messages.

Even, the employer can choose to record the calls received or made to a specific number. For instance, if a particular business client is handed over to a specific employee and the employer wants to know how the employee interacts with the client, he can just choose to record the conversations made by the employer with that particular client. In case, he finds that there should be some improvement in the conversation, he can just talk to the employee in this regard to suggest him ways to improve conversation with the client.

So, the answer to the question how to monitor employee’s business phone in my phone is that the employer can make use of the mobile monitoring application called TheTruthSpy, which has the most useful features that will be of great help to the users.


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