How a Mobile Phone Tracker Helped Me Saved My Son’s Life

Many times parents do not even bother to check their children’s mobile phone. With time almost everything is changed, but parenting is one such task that doesn’t change with time. As in our time, there were no such addiction to technology; there is much more distraction now that had changed the life of people totally. But I have seen changes in my son’s life, due to this technical advancement. I was very much excited about that, my son is learning new things and understanding these new technologies very fast.

But things are not that much simple as we think they are, same is in my case, my son was getting totally indulged in these technological devices that he didn’t even cared about what is going in his real life. But then few of my friends suggested, just keep an eye on the virtual activities of your son. This will help you in knowing that what all things your son is facing. And when I ponder about this, then I got down to a conclusion that it could really change things in my son’s life, and on the other hand it could also help me to get know what all things my son is indulging in.

How a Mobile Phone Tracker Helped Me Saved My Son’s Life

How a Mobile Phone Tracker Helped Me Saved My Son's Life
How a Mobile Phone Tracker Helped Me Saved My Son’s Life

TheTruthSpy helps me in tracking my son’s current locations, which can tell me where my son is. With this, I also got to know that my son is very much anti-social, and he does not indulge in social things and also not bothering about any family gathering. He was made fun in school, because of being shy, and clumsy. But as he went into high school they even started bullying him even through social media.

After understanding many things about my son, I made my mind to make changes in him, so that he could survive in such cruel society. The first thing that I worked on is his confidence, and I started pushing him to the hallway. A few days later changes are very much clear on my son’s face, changes in his attitudes, and in his behaving. But getting his current location, I found that he very frequently changed his route of his school. But with that made clear few things to him, that what is good and what is bad for his future. And that made changes in my son.

When my son started keeping few things away from my hands

Few instances are such where my son started hiding things away from my reach, as when I enter in his room his mobile screen frequently changes. But all thanks to TheTruthSpy app, this helped me in getting access to all those things that my son do on his mobile phone. When I searched his all stuff, then I got to know that it’s the matter of a girl, and with that I just felt proud that my son also has a girlfriend.

But when I got some information about that girl, I found that she is not at all good for my son. One day I even talked about this with my son, he behaved so rudely with me just because of that girl. A few weeks later when my boy got dumped by that girl, he directly came to me and apologized for his behavior.

When we talk about parenting, from ages, every parent is concerned about their children that what their child is doing and where he is moving. Due to the generation gap, almost every parent started putting a restriction on children, but few of them who could understand things; they choose to talk with their child. Every problem has a solution, but it only comes out to discuss things, and what best you can do for it.

I made a change in my self

At times, we as parents react according to our mind state, but most of us don’t even think before reacting to our children’s behavior. At times they may also face some or the other problem that might relate to their school, their friends, or any other thing. Until and unless they communicate things with us we can’t understand their situation.

With this spying app, I worked on findings things that my boy is facing some time, even if it is a pressure of marks in coming examination or any relation problem. It helped me in giving all the information about my son to me, and also I changed my mood in front of him. So that he may not get depressed with my scolding or from my talk.

Over all TheTruthSpy helped me a lot in saving my boy from many things that he needs to suffer alone, and also guided me, by techniques by which I can help him out with all the matter.


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