3 Ways to Hack Someone's Instagram without Their Phone
3 Ways to Hack Someone's Instagram without Their Phone

Instagram is the second most popular social media platform after Facebook. Most of the kids and young people use this app.

The best thing about Instagram is that you can follow any account your like. It is all about getting the most number of followers.

Teenage kids are constantly trying to increase their number of followers. In doing so, they violate all the online safety rules.

They become vulnerable to all types of cybercrimes. Anything can happen to your kids if you leave them on their own.

As a parent, you need to hack their Instagram so that you can keep a watch on all their account activities. It will help you to keep them safe.

Employers can also hack Instagram to monitor young employees. It will help them to manage them effectively.

Hacking Instagram

Hacking Instagram
Hacking Instagram

It is very important to hack Instagram. Most of the parents and employers do it.

By hacking Instagram, parents can keep an eye on their kids. They can monitor them to keep them safe and check what they are doing.

You will get lots of information when you hack Instagram. Moreover, you can check the entire profile.

You can read all the private Instagram messages and know who the kids are talking to.

As an employer, you can check if your employees are wasting their time on Instagram or focusing on work.

There are many benefits of hacking Instagram. You can collect a lot of data.

  • Chats/Messages: You will be able to read all the chats and messages on Instagram. You can open each and every message to read it.
  • Media: You can also check all the posts, including the photos and videos on Instagram. You can read all the comments as well.
  • Profile Information: You can check the profiles of all the people your kids are talking to. You can check the username and their pictures if their account is on the public.
  • Date: You will be able to check all the Instagram activities of your kids with date and time.


Three Ways to Hack Instagram

There are many ways to hack Instagram, but not all the ways are easy. Most of the methods are complicated. You need to use the easiest method of hacking. Here are some of the easiest methods.



It is one of the easiest methods of hacking. It is a password hacking tool. You can use this tool for hacking Instagram. It is specifically made to hack an Instagram password. It is a free method. You can use it for free without making any payment. To use this tool, you have to go to the website the tool. There is no need to download this tool to use it. You can use it directly from the web. Once you reach the website, you have to enter the person’s username in the box and click on continue. The tool will search for the password. Sometimes you get the password and sometimes you don’t. If you get the password, you can open the pop-up messages and copy them on a page. Now, you can use the password to hack Instagram.

You can use InstaHack to hack Instagram at https://github.com/evildevill/instahack



This is another popular method of hacking Instagram. It is very popular. To use this method, you need a Keylogger app. You will find plenty of such apps online. This app is compatible with android phones and the iPhone. You can use it on both phones. You need to install this app on the person’s phone to retrieve the password. This app will work on the phone by tracking all the keystrokes. You need to create an account to get information. To get the password, you have to log in to the account. You will be able to see all the keystrokes in the dashboard. Once you find the Instagram password, you can copy it and use it to login and hack Instagram. This method is very easy and safe.

You can use KeyLogger to hack Instagram at https://thetruthspy.com/hidden-keylogger/

Hack Instagram using TheTruthSpy App

Hack Instagram using TheTruthSpy App
Hack Instagram using TheTruthSpy App

TheTruthSpy is the best method to hack Instagram. In this method, you have the advantage of hacking Instagram using two methods. This app is compatible with android phones and the iPhone. You can use it to hack passwords on both the phone.

To use this app, you have to install the app on an android phone at android.thetruthspy.com. If it is an iPhone, you can use iTunes credentials to hack Instagram at iphone.thetruthspy.com.

After the setup is done, you have two choices. You can either use the Instagram Spy option to spy on Instagram directly or use the Keylogger option.

With the Keylogger option, you will get the Instagram password. You can use the password to hack Instagram. This method will give you complete control over Instagram. This app works in a way that no one will come to know about the hacking. It is simple and easy to use.

Steps to Hack Instagram Account

Steps to Hack Instagram Account
Steps to Hack Instagram Account

In order to use a spy app to hack Instagram, you need to follow certain steps.

Step 1: Download Instagram Hack APK File

If you want to hack Instagram on an android phone, follow this step. First, you need to prepare for the phone. Enable sources and disable play protect. After that download the file from the web at android.thetruthspy.com. Follow the process with the installation. After that open the app and register your account.

Step 2: Log in

Now, you need to access your account. To do this, you have to log in from the web at my.thetruthspy.com. Enter your credentials to log in.

Step 3: Monitor Instagram

After you log in, choose the Instagram Spy option to read all the chats and check all the activities.

These are the steps you need to follow if you want to hack Instagram secretly.


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