Top 9 Free Spy Call Recorder Apps for Android and iPhone

The biggest resultant of the technical progress is the availability of cell phones, computers, and other devices and the extent of their usage. Cell phone is certainly the most prominent of those. There is no doubt that it has become a household affair. You can see even kids have their phones these days. There is a virtual life they live on that cell phone. In our routine, we do a lot of tasks with the aid of technology.

Technological growth has facilitated humans but comes with many potential threats. As an adult, you might be aware of that but are you sure whether your kids know it? This becomes a tricky situation for parents as their wards start hiding about their personal life in the growing years. So they always remain in a dilemma and they do not come to understand what they are up to. The same is the case with a spouse who fears that his husband is hiding something from her and she wants to find out. Or you know that you have a worried friend but he is not sharing anything with you.

One of the major threats is fake profiles on social media. And once the number is exchanged then people can start talking on the phone. You want to save your kids from this and similarly, you would want to save your husband or friends from any of the virtual potholes. But no one s going to reveal the person they are talking to. In this situation, it becomes not less than necessary to somehow know the hidden activities of your loved ones.

To counter this situation and to help either yourself or others you come down to your last resort. This is nothing but to track their voice and social media calls on cell phones to know what are their whereabouts which they are hiding. Now the first arises is how I am going to do it? Several sorts of questions would come across in your mind. This is why it becomes imperative that we come with an article that would elaborate on how a common man who is not a technology enthusiast can do it without any hassle. And we would further describe the methods through which one can spy on voice calls of the target device.

Steps to Spy Call Recorder For Android And iPhone

Steps to Spy Call Recorder For Android And iPhone
Steps to Spy Call Recorder For Android And iPhone

Several methods are there to perform this task but the most convenient would be to use a spying application. And with that, it becomes our responsibility to mention the best and most reliable alternatives for our readers. And that is TheTruthSpy ( It is not only wonderful but also one of the widely used across the globe. As a parent or a spouse, you can rely on it without a second thought. It will take care of your call recording needs. The cherry on the cake would be it will safeguard your identity as well. However, in this article, we are going to mention other alternatives as well.



This is one of the most sought after tracking applications in the market. There are many but its reliability is unparallel. This works equally fine with both Android & iPhone. This is a bunch of potent features which will make you potent to gratify your spying needs. It is known to track voice calls. Apart from this, it can spy on text messages, multimedia data, and social media profiles of the target device. The best part is one can track the real-time location of the target device as well. This is convenient software and it keeps your identity safe from the target device. So the target device would not come to know. This application has a soundtrack record of after-sales service. This makes it even more worthy to give a go. It is simple to use and even who does not know much about technology can make sufficient use of it.

Download TheTruthSpy for Android at:



This is also one of the leading applications you can choose for tracking call logs of the cell phone device. This application also safeguards your identity as a hacker as it can work o hidden mode. Some professional hackers make bad use of this feature but we urge our reader not to use this information for malicious intentions. It is a reliable application for both parents and spouses. It has the potential to track voice calls and text and multimedia data without any hassle. In no time you would have access to the call logs of the target phone, and as a parent, if you find anything suspicious then you can stop it there and then save your kid. It is even used to spy on ongoing live calls. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use and that is why it has gained a respectable position in the market.



This is worth the price you pay for the application. This gives you a dashboard wherein you can track all activities of the target devices particularly voice call data and text data. But the lacunae remain as its free version gives you limited access.


This application comes with powerful features. It is quite relevant in a situation wherein one needs to spy on voice calls of other devices. Without any issues, it can even track the live location of the device. One can enjoy access to not only voice call data but also the social media profiles with the help of this application. This makes it extremely useful for people who want to Spy on other devices.


This software has similar features to others. Traditionally it was one of the most relied on application. It is potent to spy on voice calls and text messages. To go with that one can enjoy free access to video, social media profiles. The biggest shortcoming of this application is its below-par after-sales service. This is why it has an inferior choice nowadays.


It is a convenient application for people who are not technology savvy. Its user interface is so simple that even a novice can use it without any issues. That is why it is also called as a beginner’s delight. It can spy on voice call of other devices in no time one it is installed on the target device. The target device would not come to know about it and you will get easy access to call and text data.


This application enables you to track the social media profile and real-time location of the device. People often use these for higher-order applications. But the after-sales support of this application is yet to be tested.


This application makes the task of spying call logs of a cell phone device a cakewalk. You need to install it on the target device and then you can fetch all important information from the target device. Now with this, you can track text and multimedia information on the target device. The only shortcoming is that it does not allow you to track the location of the device. This might not be an issue for some who only want to spy on calls. But if you are willing to use this feature then this application is not an intelligent choice.


This is a potent application to spy on the voice calls of the target device. It works with both Android and iPhone without any issues. This application comes with lots of features but with a hefty amount. This is why users shift on to other alternatives.


Moreover, our readers must have got a basic understanding of the applications available in the market to spy on voice and internet calls on a cell phone. In addition to that, you might have come to know the features these offers and the cost to use their services. We must admit that TheTruthSpy remains the best bet. It is a perfect blend of reliability, convenience, and cost-effectiveness.


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