Find your phone with these helpful tracking tips

In today’s scenario when all payments are done using digital money if you lost your phone then it will turn bad dream for you. There are many ways from which you can find your lost phone.

In Android phones tracking, can be done without Apps or using apps installed in your phone.

  1. Trackback your previous locations where you were present before your phone lost.
  2. Call your phone number with other phones so that you can track if it is nearby or hidden behind anything.
  3. Text can be send to your phone so that if your phone is lost then person who found it can contact you easily.
  4. Complain to police station and give International Mobile Equipment Identity number (IMEI) it is a 15 digit long unique identification or serial number that all mobile phones and Smartphone’s have. It helps police in tracking the position of phone if it is switched ON mode.
  5. Mobile Tracking Apps:
  • If your phone is android, then you can track your phone by Google’s android device manager app using computer. As your phone is switched ON then by using device manager you can locate your phone on Google map as your phone is android it must be connected to Google’s account but along with it must be connected to internet and android device manager must be ON and if it is switched OFF then it can show last location on map when it was switched ON.
  • Airdroid is an app used not only to track your device but after that you lock, erase, take pictures backup and using front and rear camera can take pictures who is currently using that phone and where are they located.
  • Lookout is another theft catching app in which email will come if your phone is switched off or when SIM is changed and can take pictures. It is supported by android, windows and blackberry phone. It protects phone from viruses, backup phone data contacts, pictures and device location.
  • Prey is free app like ADM (Android device manager) in this app not only we can lock, clean data, locate but along with it we can install alarm feature and a message will be send.
  • TheTruthSpy App to find lost android phones but lost phone should have installed this app and then configured it by entering tracker ID number which is unique for every phone. Online a phone can be tracked only if this app is installed and working. By log into and choosing option tracking you can track easily where your phone is present currently?
  • Another important app for tracking lost phone is where My Droid is. It is available on Google play store for free. It is good app to track your lost phone. It provides your phone location only if your device is connected to internet. Using this app, you can lock your phone, erase important data and can start camera remotely.

F-secure anti theft is another good app to find lost phone then lock it and erase its important data. It sends a text message when your phone is lost that contains key which help in finding its geolocation.


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